So, writing this as I go down the messages. Didn’t have time to thoroughly read everything due to exams.

So, Damien will obviously be neutral. As I have stated, he’s not going to attack unless attacked, case in which he’ll just resort to his usual fighting style.

Now, for every mask, a different strategy. Safe to say Damien will have no difficulty in reading any of the monster’s attacks due to his Split Perspective. Given time to adjust, of course.

The Scums are easy prey for him. Fragile and weak, they’re one Dark Smash away from dying. Plus, with Shadow Crawl, Damien can outmaneuver any of them. Over and done with.

For the Bullies, Damien would opt out the physical damage route and instead go for the psychological path. Using Distortion and Infiltrate, he’d try to evade them and force them away from the field. Assuming they are small-minded beasts, he’d have a pretty easy job to do. Maybe one of them falls of a cliff, or in a pit. Or maybe they’re going to be pumelled by a Dark Smash or a Tendril Thrash. The former, rather than the latter.

Most of the Grievers’ effects are pretty much null on Damien, and if attacked, he could use all of his Oizys abilities to evade and counterattack. Straightforward task here.

Funnily enough, same for the Manipulator. He’s already schizophrenic, what is he going to do, add more?

As for the Vainglories. They might trigger the Nightmare…Then we’ll all just pray.

And, unfortunately, I don’t see anyone that would be sufficiently fucked up for Damien to empathize with and try to help. They’re all either on the positive side or Carnage. And Carnage would try to kill Damien, then Nox would take over, then Nightmare and then we’d have Carnage on one side, Nightmare on the other, both fucking shit up for everyone. So Damien starts alone. Or, you know, as alone as he can.

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Alright, seems like Damien wouldn’t have any problem with all the masks. As for the Vainglory, well, they’re like raid boss unless they’re just enemies. Basically, not meant to be taken alone. Don’t worry about them because there’s people to help.

Damien might spawn in the dark side, but with all the invasion coming, there’ll be help going in there, so Damien will undoubtedly find allies that could empathize and try to help.

Vermilion coming in a rush with everyone. Damien just need to hold back for a while. I can see that in the nick of time during battle with Carnage, help will coming fast.

Try to check those from the positive side, we’re all heading to the dark world to set the record with whoever in charge of the place.


I did, the closest would be Help.

But he’s not finished, though.

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o o f

Well then hopefully Ryan will be here soon.


Replying to the characters now :smiley:

The Scum: Except when in his base form, The Scum isn’t a threat at all to Leidenschaft. In fact, these are easy targets for him to devour in his Emberstorm form. He shouldn’t have too much trouble doing so at the beginning of the battle, and after devouring one or two of these, he’d be able to insta-kill any Scum (one at a time at this point, not yet many at once) xD The lions and the wolves would be great against these :smiley:

The Bully: The Bully is a great threat to Leidenschaft when he’s in his base form, however, they are ineffective against Leidenschaft in his non-base forms. I think after corroding through 3-6 Scum, the Bullies will also go down almost instantly when facing Emberstorm (note - that is one at a time, not yet multiple ones. He can also now insta-kill up to 3 scum at once at this point). I feel the lions would be very helpful here, and maybe the wolves too :smiley:

The Griefer: Leidenschaft cannot do much against the Grievers except to corrode the masks, nor are they useful for making his Emberstorm bigger. IF they can be covered by liquids, the Passion Ultimate would be very useful against them. As for the emotional sapping, since Leidenschaft’s form switching can counter this, it makes it kinda ineffective against him, but at the same time forces him to change form more often, making it harder for him to gain excess material but at the same time resulting in more spawned furry allies. The allies may be easy targets for the Grievers with their emotion sapping tho ;-; Maybe the hyenas, or even the otters, can try and tackle these, take on the sapping and so

The Manipulator: Once again Leidenschaft’s form switching helps to counter mind control and hypnotism, so they won’t very easily get their way with him, not if he changes forms, or is forced to do so. Thankfully he has no eyes in his forms, so he’d need to be in his base form for hypnotism/brain control to happen. Whilst their assassination is very deadly against Leidenschaft, I doubt he’d be in his base form except for at the start of the match and during his Passion Ultimate, which is very effective against these beasts. I don’t know much on their physical durability so I cannot say how strong Emberstorm needs to be to do major damage to them. I think the spawned hyenas may be a good distraction for these :smiley:

The Vainglory: OP plz nerf xD juist kidding
They are super powerful, and except fo the Passion Ultimate, Leidenschaft won’t be able to do much against these unless he is able to grow and maintain his excess material, which would take almost the entire battle - afterwards they’ll be super easy. Maybe you can use a tornado on one of these if Leidenschaft gets interrupted and loses excess material at some point. the tornado should deal quite a lot of damage, but not quite enough to kiil them - an ally is needed here.

I’ll post some strategy later :3


Alright time to craft my strategy for these monsters. I know Saitchi is defo gonna be fighting them since they’ll be trying to fight him. His priority list would be: Vainglories, Manipulators, Griefers, Bullies, Scum. In that order.

But if he encounters a Vainglory he most likely wouldn’t take it on- just start binding it and let his allies weaken it or destroy it for him. He isn’t too picky on how justice is served so long as it is. He’d make sure they’re prioritized though.

But the Manipulators? Oh yeah. He’d defo take them on himself. On another plus, his blindfold would protect him from the eye hypnotism of the Manipulators! Although they wouldn’t be that easy, even if he does tether them, since they can disappear into the darkness. Saitchi would still be instrumental in defeating the Manipulators though.

For the Griefer, these seem to be relatively easy to Saitchi. Thanks to Chains of the Eternal, he can fight their incorporeal body like a normal foe. How strong are their bodies Crim? It isnt specified so I wanted to ask. @Crimson_Scythe

Bullies…now these will be much more problematic. Saitchi would definitely need to keep out of close quarters from these guys. There’s also the problem that the Bully might just straight up grab his chain whips but that would cause extreme physical pain to them so i dunno if that would factor into anything or not. Anyways, Saitchi will need to watch out for these guys. Besides the Vainglories, these are ones he’d focus on binding with chains and leaving them to his allies.

Scum…again dont seem like an issue. They’re pretty low on his list of priorities so he’d just ignore them unless they become a nuisance.


Transendence of this Mortal Coil would render him immune to the changes to the world >:D

Saitchi would fight for Oliver. For the positive side. But once they win Saitchi would have to tell him to accept the negative emotions rather than bottle them up and let them manifest again. That he has to take the lemons life has given them and make lemonade. That this can and will repeat again if he doesnt come to terms with it.

But this would be endgame stuff. Like, end of the mini-round endgame.

I hope this is good enough

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What about Saitchi? I think Saitchi would seem fucked up enough to Damien for him to want to help him

Then again it’s your character idk


I was thinking about that, but he seemed to be primarily concerned about the balance of good and bad.

Damien isn’t very big on that being pretty dual-minded and all that.

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Dual minded? Nah. Saitchi’s more about fucking people up who have done wrong. He isnt too concerned with balancing the good and the bad, more just about punishing the bad.

But I see what you mean. Maybe Saitchi could emphathize with Damien and help him out


Damien being dual minded.

Yeah, see Damien doesn’t like this sense of morality. He isn’t big on the Talion.

He’s driven by fear and he only reacts rather than acts. He’d fear Saitchi more than he’d trust him. Simply because, he’d know he had done many a bad thing.

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Ah. I see. Well then…rip i guess.

I highly doubt Saitchi would target him though, he seems tame in comparison to all the other monsters going on.



But as I do with myself, Damien plays victim a lot. But he’s also basically possesed, so…


Yeeeees gimme some of that A9 fluff plz. ;u; I’d love to see them be allies and be cute and adorable together like ahhh I need this.

Anyway I imagine that A9 would mostly have problems woth the Grievers if he were to face them in battle (cause he does experience things like loneliness and anxiety a lot), but he has the Vampire Killer which does a lot of damage to spiritual beings, so maybe he’d still be able to fight back? XD

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Quick question could Kol use his mental abilities on these beings? Or can he only use his physical ones
Edit: @Crimson_Scythe please answer… :disappointed_relieved:

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At Normal Hype, Hypeman can take out hordes of scumbags with Blast of Hype and a toss them into others. HYPER FOCUS PUNCH will be good as well

At High, he can take on the Bullies with raw strength and using his HYPER FOCUS PUNCH do more damage to the population of enemies. If being flanked, he’ll use the portals to mess with Manipulators and Grievers and crush their masks with his bare hands/fists.

At OMFG high, he’ll be able to handle Bullies with ease and be able to toss them around like the Scumbags. He’d be able to take on Vainglories in one-on-one combat while handling smaller enemies as well.

Portal uses:

Portal Drop: puts a portal underneath an enemy and have them drop from high the sky to their doom or puts one below himself to drop feet first onto an enemy to crush them.

Portal kick: he’ll kick through a portal to kick an enemy from any direction

Portal Punch: same, but with punching

Portal Grab: He reach through a portal to grab a random enemy and use them as projectile, simply toss them, crush them into the earth, toss them into a portal that throws them directly in front of himself or partners to attack, or grab a partner and pull them out of trouble.


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Hello everyone! Sorry for the inactivity, I was sick yesterday, so I need extra rest. Then when I woke up, my internet is not working, so I couldn’t go online until just recently.

Anyway, answering to the discussions…


@Aero_Gottesbesitz Nice strategies! It seems like the furry guy wouldn’t have any problem unless with some of them in certain specific times. Your counter against the Grievers and Manipulators are especially effective.

As for the Vainglory, well, they’re not someone that should be taken down easily anyway. It’s already great that you can deal tons of damage to them.


@TheTrueTerrydactyl Hmmm I didn’t expect the Vainglories to be his priority, but it would be nice to have him bind them down. The Manipulators, sure no problem. As for the Grievers, let’s just assume that their bodies are like average wraith, so, physically very weak but supernaturally strong. Hard for me to explain it…

As for him trying to makes Oliver accept his dark side, that’s something that we can consider later after you see what kind of dark side that he have.



Anyway, you brought a nice point! A9 is vulnerable to Grievers, which is unexpected for me. However because he got the Vampire Killer, then he’ll be fine. The anti-evil power should work well against all these malevolent monsters.


@DragonFruit606 Sorry for the late reply! :tired_face:

Indeed, mental abilities will work, but the effectiveness depends on your target. For example, the mindless monsters such as the Scumbags and Bullies would be the easier to control. The Grievers would be much harder because of their overwhelming negative emotions. The Mastermind would be the hardest because they got their own mind control ability. The Vainglory is impossible to be mentally controlled because of how dominant they are.


@The_Mad_Fox Ohhhhh yeah! The power of HYPE!! xD

But anyway, your dood is great here because of how strong he is. Even without any advanced strategies, he’ll be fine. Now that there’s also portal usage, he’ll likely going to be one of the biggest heavy hitter against the dark side!


I’ll discuss his strategy now, sorry for forgetting xD

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No worries, I also didn’t reply until just an hour ago :wink:

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Alright, because nobody discussed anything about Carnage yet, I will do it.

In case no one notice it, Carnage is hazard for everyone, so I’ll go discuss how Vermilion (and his allies) would deal with him, assuming that Vermilion can ally with the characters that I’ll mention below…

Alone, Vermilion by himself cannot do anything to Carnage. He’s really tanky, he ignores pain, his stamina is unlimited, he can regenerate, he can mess any and all physical fighers in both long and short range, and that he’s geared to fight multiple powerful opponents. This didn’t count by the fact that Carnage can manipulate weight. Vermilion that rely on strength and speed would get fukked really hard. Even if any of his bullets or melee attack would hit, Carnage can redirect damage. And even if he could score a fatal hit, Carnage can wouldn’t go down easily.

In summary, solo-ing Carnage is a bad idea. You’re going to have a bad time.

Even with teamwork, Carnage can distort time-space while also messing our perception. Let’s also remember that he can manipulate gravity, which mean weighing us down to slow us, pin us around. He can also manipulate weight to reduce damage from physical impact, which further makes Vermilion ineffective against him.

Not to mentioned manipulating the general effect of gravity for a huge radius…

We’ll need to attack at same time, and not just by using physical attack. It would be better to stay at safe range. Perhaps, we’ll need some close-ranged fighters while someone else stay at long range to snipe him down with destructive non-physical attack. We’ll also need support role to keep the vanguard alive.

So far, what I think the role of everyone will be…

  • @Crimson_Scythe Vermilion will be the main fighter, since he got high defense, offense, mobility and speed, he can retreat when in danger then switch to using his guns instead of his scythe. The reason for him being the main fighter is that he’s very tough and resilient, so he could survive a lot of things. Even when he get damaged, he got his berserk mode.

  • @ZacKember A9 will stay at mid-range, switching between the vanguard and the backup, depend on the weapons that he used. A9 would be our main tank because of his superior durability over anyone. However when he get damaged enough, he’ll shut down, so we need someone who could evacuate him, such as Vermilion. In case both are unavailable, others jump in.

  • @litericy Sharzahad will be our support but can also be offensive. He need to stay behind the line because his dancing require time to have its effect applies. He could also be our tank by summoning the giant snake, and when we really need him, we could have his snake enter the gigantic mode, which makes him our backup tank for emergency.

  • @MistickMage Free Bird will definitely stay at safe distance because she’ll not fight anyone. Her role is to focus on preventing the negativity from spreading on the world, and to heal the good guys.

  • @blue_jay Ogichi will stay at safe distance too, delivering spiritual attack against the mask monsters, especially the Grievers because their wraith-like body could be countered by Ogichi alone. When time calls, Ogichi could provide additional heavy hits by summoning his spirits or do his special moves. However, at all time, Ogichi must stay at safe distance.

  • @TheBiologist13 Doctor Bio would obviously stay at safe distance too. She’s our medic, she’ll be taking the wounded, and to buff up the warriors. She’ll not fight, so she’ll stay at our HQ to take care of everyone that retreat back there.

  • @shadowsettle Kameko would be near the vanguard, but she need to be careful because she could be killed easily by Carnage, and that she wouldn’t be able to deal much damage to him. So, I suggest Kameko to fight the mask monsters instead. She’ll be one of the leading captain on invading the negative world.

  • @Aero_Gottesbesitz Leiden will also deal with the monsters, however he’s very versatile, so he could deal with a lot of things, including on helping us against Carnage if needed.

  • @The_Mad_Fox Orlando will be the main vanguard, whether he’ll deal with the mask monsters or Carnage, because he’s very strong and could deal with both. So, he’ll be jumping between the two place. He’ll probably deal with the monsters first, then he’ll help us with Carnage when the climax coming!

  • @DragonFruit606 Kol seems like someone who would stay neutral, but he’s a good person, so I believe he’ll help us against the monsters.

  • @TheTrueTerrydactyl Saitchi, you’re an important players on dealing with Carnage. I think that Saitchi would be required to defeat Carnage, so instead on dealing with the monsters, he’ll need to be there to bring down the supervillain that is Carnage

  • @Lord_Killen_King Lonely… I’m not sure on who he’ll side with? o.o

  • @BookRyt Also you, please finish your character form… xD

  • @TheMimikyu Damien will spawn on the dark world, but stated to be neutral, so he’ll likely not going to attack unless provoked. If my prophecy is true, then he’ll help “Help” which would likely going to spawn on the dark world as well.

  • @iamnotasmartguy Finally, if you could makes Carnage defeat at least 3 characters (even if it’s not killing) then I’ll going to gives Carnage a medal

…Did I miss anyone?

I think I include everyone there. I’ll go discuss more strategy later.

NOTE: In case I go offline for ten more hours, then it means my internet connection is still not working. At worst case scenario, I’ll be offline for the whole day.


Yeah, I think your assessment was pretty accurate.

Free Bird will Summon some forested terrain so she can hide in the woods and heal allies when they get injured or when they go crazy.

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