No one. He will side with no one. He may get close to Help, should Help be friendly in return, but depending on their personality, he may choose to help Help or to leave them be. And the latter is the most probable.


Looking at Leidenschaft, he’d definitely be at the side of the colorful guys, but it would be good for him to battle within the dark side, especially since his Passion Ultimate can add permanent color to the place. Who knows what effect this will have on Oliver xD
If you want a unique situation, you can have Leiden spawn at the border between the two worlds :wink:

Leidenschaft’s backstory when he enters the battle would be that he’s somehow separated from his wife and longs to get back to her - this would be painful for him, although he’d be distracted by the fighting and stuff. This is a very effective tool you can use to trigger his passion ultimate - and maybe even something that can be used for that one ability of Damien - I am not sure if it works like that xD (Not gonna lie, I like the idea of Damien and Leidenschaft working together s]at some point - hence, maybe they can both trigger one another’s ultimate abilities at the same time xD Double the trouble xD)

At the battle start, Leidenschft would immediately shift into Emberstorm, unless there is a projectile he can use his Morph form on. From there he’d switch to his Unbroken form when he’s forced to or when an ally needs some protection. Or even when he’s in a situation where there is extreme physical damage to be dealt - since he’s immune to damage from physical stuff in this form, only non-physical magic and disintegration can damage him then. I think having him start with a lion when he shifts from his base form at the start of the battle would be a good combo - the faster he can get some Scum to corrode, the faster he’ll be able to get effective in the battle.

I don’t know yet the area everyone will battle in - will there be treas or enemy in water? I ask because of the otters - if they can’t effectively battle against some enemy, then they can act to take on damage or effects from the enemy, kinda like body shields xD

carnage now (I wasn’t aware this was even here xD)
I can’t find anything on the carnage ;-;

ANyways, other things I just remembered is the Passion Ultimate - this is one deadly ability since it inflicts extreme internal damage and damage sensations - maybe this can be combined with some stuff from Damien to make a target insane or psycho or break them to the point where they are too afraid of Damien and Leidenschaft xD This ability is also useful against all enemy - unless they have a non-physical body ;-; I think this is the reason why Leidenschaft should battle for the lightside within the dark side - since his ability can help make some of the dark side colorful :3

Also, maybe you can even bring in Leidenschaft’s wife later into the main boss battle as a hostage or so - idk, idek what your plans is with the next battle xD


Weeell technically some of Sharzahad’s Greater Dancing Forms will take some time to activate, but Earthdancing and Skydancing doesn’t require that.


@MistickMage Alright, now her role and placement is all clear :slight_smile:

@TheMimikyu I see, I see… well then, everything depend on Ryan now. The sooner he finish his character form, the better it would be.

@litericy Oh yeah you’re right, but he still need to be on a safe place so he can dance safely

@Aero_Gottesbesitz I’ll reply your full strategy later. As for his wife… he doesn’t even have a real story on the character form, we know nothing about his wife, and in fact, you said that the appearance of Leidenschaft will be decided by his wife that still didn’t exist yet


My wife xD I meant my wife at that part of the form
I apologize for not putting the story on his form


Considering the power of Carnage, Orlando will have to unveil one of his abilities to fight him: Extension of Inner Hype

The higher the hype, the bigger the extensions of his projected limbs! Imagine sort of what Bayonetta does when she just summons a giant demon fist, except Orlando uses his portals to punch/kick/grab powerfully through!

Giant uppercuts, punches, side-kicks, etc. He can grab Carnage and toss him high, then a portal comes near him at the peak of the toss and of it a giant fist punches him back down to earth!

He can shoot his Blast of Hype through a portal to come out the other and hit. He can powerful toss a partner to have them to do a hurting lunge attack to Carnage and if it comes down to it, unleash the HYPER GEYSER!

Oh, and also use the HYPER FOCUS PUNCH through a portal is possible


Carnage is @iamnotasmartguy character for this round, he’s on the negative side


Oooh, I see xD
I’ll take a loot at Carnage later :3


…But you don’t have a wife yet. Your form says, it would be your future wife. Something that we don’t even know will happen or not.

Anyway I’ll reply to anyone else later. I need to go offline now.


I don’t have a wife yet, but I though we could have Leidenschaft have one for storyline purposes :smiley:


I mean… You remember the rules, right? What isn’t included on the character form, cannot be applied to the battle. We have no idea who is his wife or what she looks like. This character does not exist yet, only mentioned that Leiden have a wife, that’s all.

Beside, I don’t think we need to include his wife here. Unless if she (or Leidenschaft) going to be some kind of plot device of the round.


Lol ok


Note that he can also fight with his weapons while Earthdancing.

But yeah, the, basically “heavier” Greater Dancing Forms such as Souldancing, Healdancing, and Obliviondancing will make Sharzahad flee to the back for preparation


Carnage isn’t going to take on everyone on their own terms, he will have done his homework before he decides he can take all of them on. His main strategy will be to store the most powerful attacks he can see in his phone so that he can use them when the situation gets dire enough. He has a limited number of events he can store and limited time, so if he doesn’t get the most powerful attacks, he would just store someone and release them for an insta-kill.

He wouldn’t attack them once he sees them, but his homicidal tendencies will make him do that sooner or later. He’s known for cheating a lot, so he’ll spam the time acceleration a lot to the point of killing himself with repeated activations. The more destructive and reality-bending attacks will only appear when he can completely focus on one person, so he would be at a disadvantage when his attention is divided among multiple foes. However, that’s where the Wraith excels.

Carnage would probably go for the weaker people first like Free Bird and Doctor Bio as a form of procrastination, unless they prove too hard to kill. He has two cheats: the instant disintegration when a saved person from his phone meets their real-life counterpart, and playing dead for someone to get close and one-shot them by turning them inside out. Those two would probably only be used once in the fight. Whatever damage he can deal, he will deal.

Ultimately the only way to kill Carnage is complete disintegration. However, if you can tear off his mask, you might gain a useful ally (although heavily nerfed because he suffers from so many complications without the mask).


Yep, Bio’s strategy will be focused on buffing who and who instead of dealing direct damage.

Bio’s Strength Stimulant is best used on physical attackers/frontliners in combination with Painkillers. While Bio has nothing to buff the tanks’ innate toughness, Painkillers and Vitamin Pills can help them last longer. Unfortunately, there isn’t much Bio can do for magical attackers other than taking care of their wounds and curing possible status ailments.

If the targeted ally’s distance is still within Bio’s sight, she can send the pills and drug-filled syringes via Telekinesis. Let’s just hope that nobody’s afraid of needles lol. But if the ally is out of sight, then Bio has to wait until the ally comes closer.

Panacea is best saved for the strongest physical fighter; currently, I’m thinking that Vermilion is the best target for this ultimate buff considering his role and already high base stats. Also, Panacea’s effect can give Vermilion a second wind after he gets exhausted by his “forms” (but not an extra use on the forms).


Uh… * Raises hand *


Ya he’ll probably stay neutral for most of it though he will be helping the good side eventually


I have another question @Crimson_Scythe cause Kol takes all the negative emotions and turns them into his shadows… but I never put a limit to how much “darkness” he can take on… should I make a limit? Also if he takes all those emotions would the monsters turn back?


Sorry I’ll give a reply to the masks soon.

But why would Ogichi need to stay far? He has the strength of a bear added to his own, the endurance of a humming bird so even in a hard fought physical fight he can trade blows with very strong opponents.

Lynx Agility and Fox Cunning along with Owl Wisdom would also make him incredibly hard to hit.

Anyways I read over Carnage @iamnotasmartguy I’m not sure how involved Ogichi would be involved with the fight.

He can’t get involved in the conflicts of men. His involvement would depend solely on whether or not that mask is alive and if it is controlling him. From what I read about Carnage that doesn’t seem to be the case. The mask isn’t controlling him or making him do anything he doesn’t want to do.

The only thing that would prompt a confrontation between the two is if Carnage goes out of his way to ruin nature. But even then I don’t see a fight breaking out between them. Merely Ogichi restoring the world to it’s rightful state.

Tbh though… A fight between the two doesn’t seem like it’d last very long at all. Either Ogichi gets ripped apart or Carnage and the spirit of the Mask get ripped out of their bodies and snared in his net.

They both have solid counters for the other but again it doesn’t seem like a fight between them would last very long for all counters to be used.


@litericy No problem, we got you all covered :wink:

@TheBiologist13 Yeah, Bio can help a lot on buffing her allies. It’s great that you plan to use Panacea on Vermilion, and I’ll be sure that he’ll do his best! ^-^/

@DragonFruit606 I don’t think you need to put a limit there, because doesn’t matter how much shadow that he got, they’ll still be acceptable on this power level. (Although I’m not sure about whether him taking those emotions would makes the monsters turn back)

@blue_jay Ohhhh yeah sorry I forgot about his stats xD

As for him and Carnage, well that’s up to you and the other player. I’ll go write them based on how the two players agreed anyway.