well @Crimson_Scythe if Kol doesn’t have a limit to his shadows then I think he’ll do really well to defeating all the levels of monsters…


Props that Carnage can deal with them better than what I expected. When I thought I got him overwhelmed, he got the Wraith, then he could play dead.

He got several cheats for instant killing, such as instant disintegration by merging the saved person and the real life, the play dead then turn his target inside out. That’s two instant kill scene, and he still could beat several more people without even using the instant kill tricks. Seems like many will go down in this. The minimum three will be fulfilled.

Before I do counter strategy, I’ll ask whether beheading him will kill him or not. I don’t think he’ll die, but Vermilion will definitely try that anyway.


Wait… how could?

His shadows are like, normal human soldiers, right?


Yes but Kol can take negative emotion (I’m not talking about his soldiers)


I just read Carnage’s form and realized Saitchi would take him on instantly.



Yes, and…?

You don’t think that you could drain all the negative emotions from the negative world, right?


Umm I think he could…


And that’s why you put a limit on that.


I’m trying…


@DragonFruit606 Since it’s not on the form, then it’s impossible.

You said that he could absorb other’s suffering. There’s no detail on how powerful it is, so by default it would be considered something average, not global, not absolute, not godlike.


ok so I think that he’d just be able to do all(?) of those monsters and not the negative world


The monsters still contain huge amount of negativity. The Scumbags, Bullies, and Manipulators are not much above ordinary human, but still above ordinary human because they’re embodiment of negativity. Meanwhile, the Grievers are comparable to Dementor, even if he could absorb their negativity, it would be hard to take too many of them. As for the Vainglory, considering that their power level are like thousand times above ordinary human level, then the best that Kol could do is to weaken them just a little bit.

And, absorbing the negativity of any of these creatures, would not kill them, because what he could do right now, based on his form, is only a basic absorption of negative emotions.

If he could just absorb the suffering to global scale in godlike level, then that would be OP as heck and there’s no way that would be acceptable on the round.


Well… I think that Kol will be okay with the Scumbags, Bullies, Griefers and Manipulators with just himself (daggers, armor) and his mental abilities. Then for The Manipulator and Vainglory he would probably use his other abilities (like shards and soldiers) with his mental abilities with outside help… I think…


Scumbags, well yes that’s possible.

Manipulators, yes they’re easy to kill, if you could ever land a hit.

Bullies and Grievers, no, Kol doesn’t have any physical capability. An ordinary dagger would do nothing on something as tough as them. Even if he could do shadow weapons, there’s no damage measurement on them, so we consider the damage to be ordinary weapons. And there’s no combat stats of Kol either on how skilled he is, so we assume his skill is of ordinary human fighter.

As for the Vainglory… you think an ordinary human soldiers, even thousands or millions, could really do a good dent on them? Against being that can outright ignore the manipulation of the Manipulators, which, on their character form, seems to have higher mental power than Kol?

Sorry that you’re having it rough on your first time here, but either you underestimate your opponents, or you overestimate your characters, or it’s we that didn’t understand your characters because there’s lack of information on his character form.


Put my Carnage strat above earlier just in case u missed it (10hr ago, don’t know the post #)


Honestly… I still need to get the hang of this… ok so Kol will definitely need help if he encounters anything above Manipulators (this is hard…)


well Kol can help with the shadow soldiers if ever a distraction for the vainglories are needed.


@The_Mad_Fox Yeah I noticed, don’t worry.

@DragonFruit606 It’s only natural that everyone would need help against the Vainglory, they’re rare in number and meant to be very, very strong. They never designed for solo battle, they designed to take on multiple players at once. Only very few people can kill them, and even so, teamwork would still be encouraged. We got 15 peoples here. If a single player could kill the strongest enemy easily, then the enemy is too weak. If the enemies of the game are too weak, then would the game would be fun and challenging?

@litericy Yeah sure that would help.


Ok thank you


oh wait crim can ammanza eat a vainglory whole?