You’re welcome and no problem

@litericy Impossible, they’re too still too big

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okay so how big is the vainglory again?


Hundreds meters tall, varying between each other. So you can expect between 150 to 250 meters would be the standard size of these monsters.

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it might be possible though, during colossal form, for ammanza to eat only one vainglory, if ever it threatens to eat sharzahad, as snakes are known to eat something at are comparatively larger and thicker than them. it would be like ammanza having a bad stomach ache when eating it haha


But it would be depend on how large the snake, I guess?

Length doesn’t always equal size. A worm could have been several meters and their body only few centimeters large. I think that exist in the real world.

I mean, we know Ammanza is HUGE and we would assume that her colossal form is huge, but there’s only length mentioned, so her actual size is up to interpretation? I actually imagine her head to be as large as small cavern entrance, like a tunnel.

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oh i thought the picture give you a very good image of it lol

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Well then the Vainglory’s body would still be too large for the Ammanza because even their head is larger than the snake’s head. So at best, uhhh maybe he could go swallow their head or hand but not the whole body, I guess? XD

(I mean, I know that some snake like anaconda could have eaten a cattle but I’m not sure how much the proportion between their size difference would go for that to work)


basically this:


Yeah snake can do that because their size difference isn’t that much, but for the Vainglory and Ammanza, the size difference seems much more extreme. He could swallow their head because snake can swallow what’s larger than them, but unless if Ammanza can stretch really badly, then he wouldn’t be able to stomach their body.

…Or maybe… he could? :thinking: I mean, his body is super tough, so maybe he could stretch more than the proportion of snake’s anatomy.

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maybe i just really wanna see Ammanza eating something haha

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Ammanza could eat all the lesser monsters though xD

This is how I imagine it… as all the monsters run away, a single Vainglory comes to challenge the snake. Ammanza try to eat the Vainglory, both struggling, the Vainglory falls down and Ammanza go constrict on the creature. That’s how I imagine how they’ll fight. Good enough? XD

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surprise me with the battle scene uwu

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Alright :3


I’m PRETTY sure though not certain… that some snakes eat hippos when presented the chance lol.

@DragonFruit606 No worries bud the game is about teamwork after all :3 so don’t worry about having to fight everything at once. Some of us might say we can do this or that in regards to certain things, but tbh it more than likely isn’t nearly as easy as all that.

My advise? Don’t worry about it for now, you’ll get the hang of it in no time ^-^


@DragonFruit606 yeah, what babe said, also, if it helps, it took me how many rounds? 5??? To get the hang of it.


I think I need to rework the EBG introduction at the start of the thread, because I realize that I missed a lot of information that newbies would need.

(Also to chop down some of the unnecessary details)


Maybe make a separate section. Like “The Tutorial” or something


That would be helpful, but hard to be done because the section would be way too extensive, and even after that, doesn’t guarantee that people will get the hang of it.

I believe I should just explain better on how to do the game as a newbie, so they know what to expect when they’re joining their first game.


So these monsters I think are the only things that Ogichi would willingly fight. Still unsure about Carnage but the masked monsters will definitely have Ogichi’s attention.

The Scum don’t seem to be much of an issue unless they mob. And if they do I actually think Kol would be the best answer to these things with his army of shadow people.

Seems like Ogichi might be comparable to these things in raw strength at least since he has the strength of a bear within him as well. But that being said Ogichi’s arrows should be able to kill several of these things without much issue. And if it came to a close fight his Mountain Heart would be able to bring one down pretty quickly.

The Greivers… lol welp… I’m sure you already know how bad the match up is if they come face to face with Ogichi. And since they’re spiritual he’d no doubt use his Coup Stick right away. Ogichi could ensnare them in his dreamcatcher but could also could “physically” attack them with his own spiritual powers. So far I don’t think he’d call on the spirits to help but depending on their number he might summon his forest.

The Manipulators however would be one of the ones Ogichi would target the most because they are the most like a bad spirit. They try to lead others away from The Way so he’d make attempts to destroy as many as he could.

They could try to hide from him but his Spiritual Bond with Mani would make hiding from his sight an extremely difficult task to accomplish since he can seek out the badness of a bad spirit. Running from him would be incredibly hard to with his teleporting ability.

As for the Vainglories I think their monstrous size is actually their biggest weakness. I don’t think Ogichi would be able to kill more than one by himself at least not without exposing himself to getting really badly hurt. But I think the Thunderhawk would be terrible for these things. Getting a lightning bolt to the face would probably mess it up pretty badly.

Not only that but with Ogichi’s ability to walk on any surface and on the air itself he’ll be really hard for them to pin down. While running along it’s body I think his Mouse Touch will actually help a lot because he’d be able to feel the little shifts in their bodies telling him roughly which limb is coming his way.

It wouldn’t be easy and it’d be a process but i think Ogichi could definitely handle a Vainglory in a 1-v-1 scenario. Repeatedly? Not without summoning his spirits. But alone with his tools I think he’d be able to handle at least one with mid to high difficulty.


Hmmm yeah seems you’re right about Ogichi could deal them like this :3

Ogichi wiping the Grievers is just like my plan! He’s perfect against them as expected :+1:

I know that some characters could beat the Vainglory, not easily of course, but they could. Not like I need to makes him solo them, but at least I knew that he could.

Kol would be needed to constantly deal with the mob. He’s our main source on amassing army, since we can’t have everyone focused on the Scumbags all the time.

@DragonFruit606 You think you could try and makes constant supply of shadow army?

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