Okay let’s assume that Carnage cannot be killed even by beheading because the mask will resurrect him anyway, assuming the mask could reconnect the severed head to the body again, then we really need someone who could remove the mask, or completely destroy the body of Zhou Xing with something equivalent of disintegration.

That means, we either need someone with monstrous strength, or someone with power that can destroy something to point of disintegration. Vermilion can do the first one on his berserk mode, although doesn’t guarantee that he’s strong enough. He also can do the second task in his final form, although I can’t guarantee that it will really disintegrate him.

Either way, we don’t really need to kill him though. The source of evil is the mask. Once the mask get removed, Zhou Xing can be our ally. We could have someone try to convince him to remove the mask, have someone to restore his humanity again. I believe some characters here could do the job, especially those that knows how it felt like to be controlled by something else, by something malicious and it driven them to be violent.

Anyway, assuming IF we really could save him… Should we really save him?

I mean, not based on the preference/view/personality of your character, but asking everyone here as the players. Let’s see what the public say…


  • Save him
  • Kill him
  • Third option (Read below)

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And if you choose any of the option, please also post your reason. Did you wish save him because he could be a useful ally, or because you think he deserve forgiveness? Did you wish to kill him because he’s dangerous, or because you think he deserve it?

If you hesitate to share your opinion, I just need to let everyone know that I’m fine with both of the two option, and both works for me.

(There’s even the third option where we simply fight him to hold him on bay. Then, the boss could decide the fate of Carnage, by any means)


Save him because the more the merrier.


Can’t argue with that xD


I’d save him. Zhou Xing will be a valuable ally.


Save. The more against the boss, the merrier :3rd_place_medal:Besides, we want light to conquer all right? xD


@TheBiologist13 @Aero_Gottesbesitz I agree, he’ll be a great ally.


Maybe Emberstorm or Morph can help with the mask?
Although Morph might not work since it needs to be a projectile >.>


We’ll discuss the strategy later, let’s see the opinion of everyone first :wink:




Dang I just remember about that! xD

But, he need to touch his opponent for the effect to happen, right? So it’s almost like melee ability, which risk of him danger if he get close to Carnage. Unless if he incapacitate him first, then when Carnage is dead (while he resurrect) then Obliviondancing take its effect.


I’d personally say kill him.

The mask from what I’ve read isn’t actually controlling him which is also why I say it’s iffy to unlikely that Ogichi will fight him.

The form said that the mask can’t actually make him do thing he didn’t already want to do. It amps his bad features and whispers in his ear but from what I understood it no longer needs to whisper to him because those thoughts are his own now.

HOWEVER if we choose to save him Ogichi could theoretically rip the spirit of the mask out and trap it forever. But he’ll only do that to the mask not Zhou himself because he’s still a person amd Ogichi cannot interfere on that.

Or he could just kill the mask if the forest is summoned.


Hmmm interesting solution there :3

We’ll see how we handle the mask later. Some seems to have their own strategy too.


I wonder what you’d choose should it come to someone else’s character…


Well, depend on what’s possible on the story. Since I need to write this out.


Anyway, many already vote, but what about the preference/opinion/decision of our characters?

My own character would very likely going to kill him for what he committed, and forgiveness from Vermilion after he seen such sickening cruelty would be very unlikely.

However, he COULD forgive him if he discovered that Zhou Xing is just manipulated by his mask, and that Zhou Xing himself is not evil, simply was driven by his negative emotions. Still, to see Vermilion spare someone as bad as Carnage (the villain persona of Zhou Xing) it would be very unlikely to happen unless if he sees the human side of Zhou Xing.

Perhaps, one of the allies could convince Vermilion to spare him? Because otherwise, if he sees Carnage as universal threat, he’ll go into Crimson Dragon Incarnate, and there’s a chance for this one to disintegrate his target.

How about anyone else’s character?


Damien is neutral here. Should he be sufficiently scared by him, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill, though.


If Bio knows that the mask is the perpetrator, she will forgive Zhou Xing.

However, if killing Carnage/Zhou Xing is less risky than convincing him to be an ally, then she’ll prefer that he is dead. Bio is totally not a risk taker.


Curiosity will CONSUME Orlando…how does he look without the mask?

“How do you look without the mask?”

“Take off the mask, i wanna see how you look.”


if it gets removed “Oh, so that’s how you look.”


@TheMimikyu Okay, that’s something to keep in mind.

@TheBiologist13 So she’ll forgive him, but in the end, the best choice is the one that’s not risky.

@The_Mad_Fox This guy lmao :rofl:


Anyway I’ll consider what to do next after this, whether I should write these battles first before the boss battle, or should I reveal the boss and merge all these battle into one writing. That’s something that I’ll decide tomorrow, since I couldn’t focus right now because toothache.