I hope you feel better soon! :smiley:


Thanks! ^-^/


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: not the ones that you had problems with?


Just a side effect from that one :slight_smile:

Remember the x-ray photo? There’s 3 broken tooth. The one that’s very badly damaged and went into infection already removed, however the other two are still there.

Don’t worry it’s just a normal toothache. My doctor already gave me painkiller because she said that it’s natural to have some aching after the removal.




Yes I definitely think so, though Kol will probably need a constant supply of negative emotions


That’s actually a good idea on how to neutralise the mask, just take out the god inside it.


I think the boss should do it cause unless the boss chooses to use Carnage on his side then our side would be ok


That’s where Ammanza gets to do his thing

But obliviondancing takes too long to perform though. Sharzahad would need some borrowed time.


Saitchi can help with that.


Yeah no problem, Kol got the whole negative world as his supply. He wouldn’t ever run out of negative emotions as long as the monsters exist.

Also I’ll try to think what the boss would do to Carnage… :thinking:

@litericy Carnage can attack Sharzahad even if Ammanza block the way, I think? But anyway, with help of everyone, he should be able to perform obliviondancing


Okay, time for Carnage.
@crimson_scythe I realize now that, after reading all he’s done and whatnot, Saitchi would not spare him. He’d most likely kill him if given the chance. However, thanks to Hindsight of the Folly, he knows that if they could get him to remove the mask that he may be freed of his influence. However, until such an opportunity presents itself, Saitchi will be aiming to kill. Perhaps Saitchi could use Alicia as emotional leverage if a easy chance to convince him does arise. Most likely he’d use it to try and snap him out of a rage.

Alternatively, if anyone here is strong enough Saitchi could try and bind him to hold him still so someone could rip off the mask. However, you’d only have a 10 second window if he touches a Foe Bind chain. So it would take someone pretty strong. (Calling on everyone here to see if that might be viable.)

Any way you slice it, Saitchi will be instrumental in fighting and defeating Carnage. Especially thanks to Transcendence of this Mortal Coil. Simply put, Transcendence of this Mortal Coil renders Saitchi immune to Carnage’s gravity and time manipulation (manipulating him or his chains directly, I should add. For example, Zhou could not use Gravity Artillery on him but he could on another object, if that makes sense).


* The same space-time distortion can be used to redirect attacks. A sword swinging at it can be redirected to land elsewhere. This does not cancel an attack, rather, it just moves somewhere else in the vicinity.
I'm wondering whether or not this would be bypassed Chains of the Eternal or not, since it is something that prevents him from being hit? I dunno. I'll let you decide @Crimson_Scythe Or maybe even Transcendence of this Mortal Coil since it would be by manipulating the space of the chain which Saitchi would certainly be immune to. Again I'll leave it up to you.
*reads form even more closely*

Wow…Saitchi is like built to fight Carnage. Jeeze.
Like…in the space manipulation stuff, Saitchi is immune to just about all of it. Manipulate weight? Immune. Created gravitational fields? Immune. Gravity field changed? Immune. Distorting perception of space? Immune (Sight of the Eternally Chained). Gravitational Forcefield? Immune! Gravity Blade? Surprisingly, immune, because its the gravity creating a blade effect rather than gravity creating a blade. Zero Gravity Area? IMMUNE! Gravity Artillery? Well…only if Zhou tries to directly manipulate the weight of Saitchi or his chains (including the Foe Bind chains).

Time Stop? Well…I’d say immune but I’ll leave that up to you there Crim. Same for acceleration. However I do have a bone of contention with Event Storage:

People who are produced from the events captured in the phone will disintegrate along with their real-life counterparts if they meet each other

So…this is an insta-kill. Just flat out an insta kill. Store someone, play them on themselves, boom they die. This is…allowed?

Moving on…The Wraith seems troublesome but could be dealt with using Foe Bind. Still, this Wraith seems like a bitch.

His Qi…hmm. What exactly would refer to as minor wounds? And how fast? Because Saitchi would be inflicting a lot of cuts using his Chain Whips and I’d like to know @iamnotasmartguy

The Bloodhound…nani? I’m not sure how this pug would be able to be dealt with. And full size? It grows?! At what rate?! How? Why?

Zhou Xing may start out cold and calculating, reading his opponent’s moves if he doesn’t already have information on him, and avoiding battle until he knows enough or he cannot contain his homicidal tendencies any more.

Even Saitchi’s fighting style counteracts Carnage’s

Saitchi prefers to start attacking right from the get go, littering the battlefield with Foe Bind chains while dodging his enemies attacks and harassing them at a distance, or pulling them close to him if they are more range-based.


If Leidenschaft is given enough time to grow his Emberstorm, it would be super easy for him to corrode the mask off


Hm. True. But he’d only have a 10 second timeframe to unleash it so he’d have to be growing it beforehand.


Hmmmm this is a lot of strategies, I’ll address them one by one later.

@Aero_Gottesbesitz Corrode… the mask… you know this thing is almost indestructible, right? There’s no way you can corrode, especially NOT “super easily”




This is something great! Saitchi might be the one who could figure out what happened behind the masked man, so this could be a crucial information for his allies!


Ten seconds is definitely not enough to rip a mask that require hella strong force, but ten second is enough for many of us to do a combined move on him.


Yeaaaaah this is kinda true, the reason why I said before that we need Saitchi to fight against Carnage instead of Saitchi fighting the mobs monsters


Definitely not Chains of the Eternal. If your definition of “something that prevents him from being hit” includes this, then your definition is not right. Meanwhile, Transcendence of this Mortal Coil says that “Saitchi is unaffected by any and all changes to the world around him” and not negating changes to the world anywhere his chain goes. If Saitchi can nullify the gravity defense of Carnage, then you deviate from the purpose of your ability.

Transcendence of this Mortal Coil is to protect Saitchi, not “whatever change to the world that my chains touched will be negated”


You’re wrong about some of them. Saitchi can’t be immune to gravity blade. You really deviate from concept of Transcendence of this Mortal Coil and it’s like what you did on the previous round with Juxi, when you overestimate his spells.


I understand your concern, but it’s not like this can be abused. He need to capture the image of his target and to release it. There’s a limit on how much events can be stored.

And yes this is still instant kill but it would only ever happen if you meet yourself.

Remember, Carnage designed to deal with multiple opponent on this round, he’s basically a pseudo wild card because the concept of wild card cannot be applied to a mini round.


I’m not sure if you overestimate the Foe Bind or I underestimate this? You sure you really can abuse this for both Carnage and his Wraith?

…Wait… how often can he use this again?


Terry… you really think that these chains can deal significant damage to Carnage? Because I really don’t think that they could even hinder him.

Vermilion got a far crazier offense than Saitchi and I don’t even claim that I could deal significant damage to Carnage, because, unless if you can disintegrate him, then whatever wounds that we gave him doesn’t matter.


Fair enough. Okay. I wasnt too sure of it anyway.

Hm. I presumed Gravity blade created an anomaly that made gravity so strong it sliced through stuff. Thats my bad then. Ignore that part then.

Well he can throw the chain links all he wants but they have to be touched and if they do become bound there’s a cooldown of 20 seconds for when they can be bound again. I didnt mean the wraith could easily be handled. Just kept at bay for a little if they become troublesome. Y’know?
Sorry I probably worded myself poorly. Like I said, The Wraith would be a supreme bitch and could only temporarily be handled with Foe Bind.

To be truthful no, in all honesty I was actually curious because then he’d be spilling blood if they didnt heal which he needs to revive himself.


I’m not sure how anything’s acidity, therefore corrosion factor can grow with size. If you can’t corrode it in the beginning, you can’t corrode it even if you had a pound or a tonne of acid.


This what Gravity Blade do:

By forming his hand into a karate chop and swiping it at something, Zhou Xing can create a blade-like effect from gravity to slice open objects. The more strength he exerts, the more powerful the blade. The greatest damage it has done is to level an entire city block.

The way I see it, this is basically super intense gravity impact.


The reason why I allow ONLY 20 seconds cooldown for an ability that disable someone and it’s freaking indestructible, which could ruin the pace of the writing, is because that this would only hit what Saitchi can hit.

If Vermilion could dodge this easily, Carnage would probably be able too.


Carnage will intentionally shed a lot of blood by himself anyway. There’s a lot of attackers here that could damage him. Why you even need to concern yourself with your chains?