Not if ammanza can consume him first haha lol

But yeah, obliviondancing is risky, as it is supposed to be the “ultimate” move of Sharzahad, but, given that it is a Greater Dancing Form, it would seriously drain his life energy. So, if ever Sharzahad feel selfless (which he does, but not always) then he can do the dance and risk losing his life in return.


Ahh. That makes more sense.

That is true. I never said it’d be undodgable or that Carnage would be easy to hit.

I dunno. Curiosity. It’s a factor and I wanted to know how much of a factor it may be.


it is xD Sorry xD
hmmmm… I’ll have to ttake a look at the form eventually xD



The joint round will be delayed as @Inked_Insane been having a rough month.

We’ll proceed with another round to celebrate the Chinese new year, which will be opened as soon as possible, before or after the battle scene of our current mini round.



Firstly, Carnage would go apeshit if Saitchi started telling everyone about his past.

Secondly, I think Saitchi is the perfect counter to Carnage, but the main problem is that Carnage can close the distance between them incredibly quickly. By then he wouldn’t need gravity powers to inflict damage. The biggest problem for him would probably be that Carnage will intentionally kill himself to get out of a difficult situation, and Saitchi can’t see through that because he really is dead for a while.


I wonder what will happen if Carnage get hit by the Cursed Bullet?

These bullets colored dark purple and created by mixing them in dark magic and various of dark essence of monsters. They’re hazardous to touch, which is why they got a special black-colored jacket made by infusing normal metal with the organic matter of the monsters to suppress the curse. However once fired and the jacket released, the bullet will deliver its curse like a death sentence, causing rapid decay in organic matter, decomposing flesh and alike into black charred matter before crumbling into ashes. The curse is strong enough to kill human, bear, and elephant even without hitting a fatal organ, however not strong enough to kill huge target such as whale (unless if hit a fatal organ) and not strong enough to pierce the hide of armored monster such as a dragon, although if it can hi their flesh, it will still be lethal. The damage of this bullet heavily rely on its curse, so if the target is immune (or resilient) to dark magic or death curse, then this is just a normal bullet. Vermilion only got 10 of these for the whole round.

I mean, assuming it would hit him. I know that Carnage can just avert the bullet somewhere else by manipulating gravity. Just wondering what this will do to his body.


As we speak here, I’ve been writing the battle scene and plan to finish it tonight. However considering my habit of being late beyond the deadline, I consider on opening the MAIN ROUND before publishing the mini round’s battle scene.

Both works, and I’m fine with both. If everyone still in the mood for the mini round, I can focus on the mini round. If everyone rather excited for a new round (not a mini round) that also celebrate the current Chinese new year for the day, then I can open that first.

Which do you prefer?

  • The battle scene of the current mini round comes first
  • Open the new round immediately while it’s still relevant

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@litericy @ZacKember Also, Vermilion gives nickname for everyone. He called Sharzahad as Shara or Sharry, meanwhile A9 get called as Nine or even Anny. Hopefully no one minds it. xD


don’t worry, it’s okay


Writing was going good until I realize that my throat inflammation is actually tonsillitis and now I need to rest on the bed for a while because my body start to get warm. I’ll be fine anyway, I get used on having some kind of mouth/throat inflammation for once in a while. My concern is whether I can recover in few hours and finish the writing on time or not. I’ll do my best anyway.


I hope you’ll be ok :smiley:Take as much time as you need! :smiley:


Cover up don’t take off the blankets regardless of how hot it gets. And drink lots of water.


Thanks! ^-^/

@blue_jay Yeah that’s what I usually do on fever :3


Do what jay said. I know some things that would help as well, but most of them you probably wouldn’t have.


I’m all better now! :slight_smile:

Wrapping myself under the blanket always help during fever (and I always drink lots of water by default everyday anyway)


I knew it, I wouldn’t finish this on time, but it’s okay~ xD

Anyway here’s a preview of Vermilion and Sharzahad on their first meeting:


Vermilion stand back, taking a marathon stance, gathering strength, and release them from his foot, propelling into the sky in an inhuman acrobatic skill, spinning downward toward his destination with heavy landing.

The dance stop as the dancer startled. Instinctively, he step back, preparing his blade from behind his body.

Vermilion stands up slowly, observing the… boy? Hard to tell from this range. He could make it due to his vision, though. He got golden hair and eyes, that enrich his authentic brown skin, veiled by a scantily-designed outfit that mostly cover his arms and legs, while it expose his well-defined body, of the curve and the muscle that built his chest. But what Vermilion notice immediately is the feline ears and tail of the person.

“Hey there, I’m Vermilion! You can call me Little Red or even Vermy if you want.” He smiled and extend his hands, taking few steps onward. The other boy seems to remain cautious.

“Aww, don’t be afraid! I won’t bite~ I mean, not in a bad way, hehe~” The boy keep on advancing, but his friendly demeanor didn’t couldn’t penetrate the doubtful mind of the dancer yet.

“I… I’m Sharzahad.” He said with a reluctant smile. He knew better not to trust someone so easily after all the traumatic events that befall his unfortunate life. However he couldn’t bring down the bright smile of the other boy either.

“Shar… Shar… I guess I’ll go with Shara or Sharry then!” Vermilion giggled, to which broken the bitter smile of the other boy. He blinked twice, bewildered.

From there, their friendship grows, however it’s still far from blooming. For now, Sharzahad joined the party, and their journey continues.


Clearly I can’t finish this right now, but I reached an unexpected distance. The writing been going so smoothly, perhaps the smoothest battle scene that I ever do, because it’s the ONLY scene in the whole history of EBG that’s not written in focus of its action, but more toward the character interaction and how we talk about all the characters. I’m not someone who writes a character-oriented story, but I just love how every single characters here introduced in an intertwined scenes one to another. It’s even better than the previous mini round!

Here, this is my fave moments so far:

  • A9 do the cuddles

  • Sharzahad receive his nickname

  • Vermilion did a Gurren Lagann reference

  • Bio is concerned (and no one else does because the rest are like, superhuman)

  • Leiden and Ogichi do the storm

  • Free Bird is just being… well, bird

  • Kameko and Orlando is an unexpectedly awesome duo

  • Kol smiled with sadness

  • Damien’s introduction makes me sad

  • “Help” makes me even more sad

  • Lonely do the Gilgamesh thing

  • Carnage score a new record in “how much crime can you have in one paragraph?”

  • Saitchi is like a (dark) hero of justice


Yep, all characters have appeared! ^-^/

Alright I can’t wait to continue this tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Sounds good. ^^ Like I said, with the Vampire Killer he coild surely do a lot of damage against certain enemies as well due to the effects it has on supernatural beings (I assume they’d be classified as that? :thinking:)


Also yes A9 should give A L L the cuddles. ;u;