I don’t mind, it’s cute. owo

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The Grievers can be classified as supernatural because they manifest as wraith xD

Anyway yes to all the cuddles and nicknames! ouo

Also I’ll sleep now bye bye

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Hello everyone, I’m on home and still on constant fever that happen once in a while because of the tonsillitis, so I need to rest under my warm blanked whenever the fever returned. But anyway, the battle scene still progressing, even if it’s much slower than my plan.

I hope to finish it tonight, in less than ten hours from this point. I’m not sure whether I could do that or not, because as far as what happened, my body still not feeling so well. Sometimes I felt better, sometimes I couldn’t even eat properly because of the pain.

I’m still able to work on the battle scene though, don’t worry. :slight_smile:


Awww, just focus on gettung better, that’s more important. ^^


Thank you, I’ll be sure to rest well. ^^


Okay my sleep schedule last night is completely skewed, ruined beyond measure. I know that my sleeping schedule is never reliable, but holy cow, I keep falling asleep for more than 12 hours! There’s few moments where I can stay awake for a while, but I ended up falling asleep again sooner or later, so there’s barely any progress to the writing.

Either way, I’m feeling much better now, and I can eat normally again. :blush:

Also for those who eager to read the battle scene already, here’s a preview of scene that I written yesterday, featuring Oliver, Doctor Bio, Kameko and Orlando. This is the first scene where the negative world first seen for real.



Then, rainbow of colors pierced the chaotic storm, bringing tranquility to the calamity, overriding the negativity with positivity as if a worn out wall get painted with vibrant blend of colors. With a swing of his art brush, the master of this realm cut open the darkness, and the path is now safe.

“You sure it’s safe!?” Doctor Bio asked.

“You don’t need to go if you don’t want.” Another girl said; blonde, wielding a Japanese sword.

“Let’s go already! I’m HYPED!!” Someone with curly hair wearing neon-blue skull mask screamed out.

“Alright, here we go!” Oliver throw open his hand, sending the two warriors onto the lightning storm, to the centre where the colorful paint still persist to live its short moment, before the dark clouds begin to devour it.

The two shield their face, they’re skydiving into the nowhere, surrounding by intense tornado where eerie masks laughed over the unwanted visitor. Soon, when the clouds breached, they reached the other side…

A whole new land presented. Another broken world, shattered, floating amidst the nothingness, however this one is barren, lifeless, a massive wasteland as far as eyes can see, with black rivers pouring onto the world’s end like tiny waterfall in comparison to the vast, empty world, where distant shadows of dystopian empire towering the horizon, lightning strikes down from the sky.

They arrived at the opposite end… If the world where they was represent positivity, then this clearly represent negativity. The air, the land, everything reeks the haunting aroma of depression, hatred, anger, sorrow, and many more twisted, twirling, screeching painful memories, delusion and emotions.

The telekinetic power of Oliver can no longer reach for them, and the two freely fall down, gliding toward the nearby island. Many monsters await down there, and even from the sky, their revolting sight is nasty to behold. They’re the lowest of the lowest, the bottom feeders, symbolizing the most pathetic side of mankind, and they known as the Scums, the Scumbags. Taking shape of undefined shapes, they’re bloated monsters in all kind of shapes and size, some are nearly amorphous, some looks like horribly mutated creatures, but all share the similarity of oozing black slime, and the same distorted ugly mask.

The sight of the heroine averted from the monsters, trying to find a safe spot to land, something to cushion the fall. There, she find it. A little mound of rocky bed begin to distort in her command. She focus her everything on it, and the earth bend to her will, reaching onto her as a gigantic balloon made of clay-like material. She landed without a wound, and she exhaled in relieve.

Her blonde hair untied, so she took her time tying it back in a ponytail. Now she’s ready, in her all-black apparel, leather jacket and combat boots, and her ōdachi called Seita. She, Kameko Hatanaka, has come to slain the monsters!

Unlike her however, the afro-like masked man didn’t bother to cushion himself. The skydiving only pump his hype further, and he draws his power from it, because he’s the Hype-Man, Orlando Ortiz! With his skull mask and shade, blue hoodie and shoes between the black jeans, he go straight to his enemies energetic proclamation of his existence! Everything must be awesome and amazing, that’s how he do it!




He shouted from his deepest lungs, bringing out his energy into one of his hand, then downward he punched the monsters along with the land where they are! Burst of blue energy break open the land, blaze expand and wipes the Scumbags into dust where they belong, leaving merely smokes where they was, and a little crater that damaged the terrain, as if a missile just dropped there.

“Boy, that was hype! How hyped I was? I say, pretty high!!” He extend his hands to the sky and laughed, with more monsters awaiting around him and he can’t wait to bash them all.


time to add the pieces that were forgotten…


Hey DD, I forgot to reply to your post
The Emberstorm isn’t acidic, it’s just that the tony embers burn away a piece of a physical object when it comes into contact with it - that is why having more intensity makes it deal more a damage and corrode through objects faster. I know corrode is probably not the right word to use, but oh well xD

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Oh look!

Oliver point his right hand, index finger pointing against his enemies, and from his back comes his phantom image; his persona, the brave hero, the shining knight in gem-like opalescent armour and sword, Arthur!


Okay don’t mind me, I’ll go back to my writing again :rofl:


Okay this is not nice, I keep on falling asleep randomly, and for a long time. Ever since I get sick, I sleep for like, twelve hours daily? Idk but anyway I need to hurry up with my writing already, because it’s almost the ultimate deadline. I must finish this today.


Don’t push yourself too hard Crim :smiley:


It’s okay, I’m already feeling better now. :slight_smile:


That is great! I am glad! :smiley:


Just a little update~

I’m already feeling much better, I can say I’m okay now. I can be productive again now, but I was busy since yesterday, so there’s only little progress to the writing. Nevertheless I aim to finish this battle scene today, and we’re nearly on the climax!

Also, here’s a preview of the Vainglory’s first appearance.


…He suddenly felt an immense malice coming from the distant, something awakened beyond the mountains…

The war stopped for a moment, and everyone look up to the grey sky. The Grievers fasten their pace, seemingly escaping from something. The stormy clouds worsen, lightning strikes, dried leaves passed their eyesight, before a dark colossus arise from its slumber. A hand grip the mountain’s edge, a featureless vantablack body, and an empty face adorned with demonic, pale mask, however unlike the rest of its kind… the jaw snapped, countless array of jagged teeth bared, and beyond is an abyss, the graveyard for the living, for the poor and whoever else dare to approach this abomination…

Vainglory, the apex predator, the highest food chain, and the only one that doesn’t bound to the law, as they did what they wished, whatever their heart desire, only following their inflated ego that never satisfied. For them, the world is too small for two. For them, everything created for theirs. For them, they’re the reason why the world revolve. And for them, there’s no one allowed to oppose them, as only they has the privilege to reign on the top. Saves for the master of this universe, but that’s out of the equation.

The visitors of the world witness their awakening, and now, a single Vainglory comes closer, several hundreds meters in height.


This is so awesome! :smiley:

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GG WP Carnage just rekt Vermilion

It’s okay he will be okay

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Didn’t Carnage just destroy everyone?


Fortunately, not literally everyone.

But yes he do gives everyone a pretty bad day.

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Err…Lonely is mine dude…:sweat_smile:

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Oh my bad I tagged the wrong person there! xD