I’m positive that I can finish this today. I should have finished this few days ago, but many kind of sickness keep bothering me. Now that I can finally concentrate, I can finish this battle scene then I’ll continue to the boss fight! (While I also open the new round)


My inner LoL player makes me want to scream “PENTAKILL” as Carnage taken down five opponent in one go, especially in a very League-esque manner.

  1. An ambush, taking down three.

  2. Counter attack against someone that desperately try to save his team

  3. Then he do an ultimate against the last survivor.

Luckily, no real death, but still wow :clap:


Being a lone wolf surely makes me glad.

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Twisted luck that you don’t need to face Carnage

Or should I said… what a twisted fate.

I’ll stop with my League puns now



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Hello, welcome to EBG! ^-^/

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oh that response must mean that you don’t remember me o-o

*feels welcomed anyway uwu*

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Noooo I remember youuuuu~ XD (There’s only few person that I knew in Wattpad with variation of “Aster” something on the name lmao)

I mean, still, welcome to the brand new EBG on the brand new forum! ^-^/

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ooh yayy cx I was half expecting to be forgotten(it wasn’t meant to be a variation though >~<)

yus~ are the games still ongoing?

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Fortunately I remember, even if I’m unsure xD

Yes but the new round did not open yet. Though you can read our current round intro here

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thats very big text :o

have you looked at it on mobile?

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My phone suck ass, there’s no way it can access the forum… xD

It looks fine on my laptop, but I’m considering on toning it down on the next round, because perhaps the text do looks a bit too big.

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I like to make text smaller with some letter spacing, but that’s just my aesthetic though…

Did you edit those just now?

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Ahh I see, I see~

I didn’t edit anything but fixing the “it looks fine with my phone” with “my laptop”

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Oh I thought the link was to the first handful of posts so…

Its fine though, as long as its readable, really.

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The link that I just shared? It’s to the current round.

Anyway I’ll experiment on the next round. I need to find the balance, where they’re not too small that they looks like wall of text, with visually appealing size, not too big that they become obnoxious but still big enough to be pleasing to read.

(Btw this is our chat thread)


The battle scene is 98% finished, but it’s still need editing. My time runs out, my roommate need to borrow the laptop, so I’ll rest for two hours before I publish this. Thank you for your patience.


Sorry, I said it will be done “two hours later” but I was feeling sick at that time. Now that I’m feeling better, I can finish this for good at last. :slight_smile:


    The battle scene is ready!

Sorry for all the delay. I know that I often missed my deadline, but this time it’s different. This should have been finished many days ago, but I was having toothache and fever at that time, followed by some other complication such as tonsil pain. Then when I can continue writing this yesterday, I plagued by horrible nausea, that still persist until today.

Anyway, the battle scene goes really nicely, in my opinion. You know that sometimes my writing can get really poetic? This one add that by a ton, because it’s rare for me to get really flowery on almost every single paragraph, yet it happens.

This battle is enjoyable to write from the start to the end, like what I said here five days ago, this is one of the smoothest battle scene that I ever done, perhaps in history of EBG, because I don’t need to focus on the action from the start. I took my time developing the characters and how hey interact to each other and I love how the characters introductions intertwined.

Special exception for Damien/Nox and Help because of their natural tendency, they never joined any major battle and I’m sorry about that, but they’ll be very important to the story later, I promise that their role will be bigger than ever.

'm satisfied with the result, although there’s a lot of struggle for me because I’m not feeling well recently. Still, I hope that the quality shine through. So here, enjoy! :blush:

EBG OC Round - Initial Battle Scene


Tagging all players:

Sharzahad, the Desert Lily by @litericy

Doctor Bio by @TheBiologist13

Damien/Nox by @TheMimikyu

Leidenschaft Uralte, Her AD Fox by @Aero_Gottesbesitz

Orlando Ortiz (Hype-Man) by @The_Mad_Fox

Saitchi, the Eternally Chained by @TheTrueTerrydactyl

Free Bird, Daughter of the Forest by @MistickMage

Ogichi by @blue_jay

Kol, God of New Beginnings by @DragonFruit606

Vermilion a.k.a Little Red, the Red Reaper by @Crimson_Scythe

Lonely But Free by @Lord_Killen_King

A9 by @ZacKember

Help by @BookRyt

Zhou Xing (Carnage) by @iamnotasmartguy

Kameko Hatanaka by @shadowsettle


Also, as usual…


Protip: Right click on the video and choose “Loop” to keep the song playing, so you don’t need to press replay. This way, even if the video is short, you can keep reading because the song will automatically replay once it ends, until you stop it manually and switch to another song.

Most Epic Dramatic Music: Colorful by Cristian Onofreiciuc (One of MANY music that could be played for the intro, especially if you prefer something really dramatic and epic)

Kingdom Hearts II - Dearly Beloved (A better song to be played for the intro, considering that there’s no dramatic battle on the start, so you can keep playing this until the battle start)

Most Epic Music Ever: Illusion by Thomas Bergersen (A really fitting music to be played immediately as the Negative World revealed, suggested that you start playing the video right from page 6, right where the mask monsters first seen)

Dark Souls III - Soul of Cinder (With or without you playing the previous song, you can use this one for the introduction of Carnage at page 11, right from the start of the page, and you could keep this song played even after the scene switched to the other team)

Soul Eater - Papermoon (English cover) by Jonathan Young
(Alternative music if you liked anime music in English cover instead, can be played when things gets badass and intense. There’s many points on the story where things song fitting to be played, an example, you can start playing this at the bottom of page 12, or the bottom of page 14, or the middle of page 16… I suggest playing this right at the bottom of page 19)


NOTE: You can replay “Illusion” and “Colorful” to fill the gap between page 12 to 19


Lord of the Castle - Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories (FINAL BATTLE MUSIC! A really epic music, probably is too epic for our current battle, but anyway I really enjoyed listening to this song for nearly the whole time writing this. I suggest to play this from page 23 where there’s a mountain blown, and the battle resume. HOWEVER if you’re a fast reader (or reading pretty quickly) then you can start playing this song right from page 19)

(All the song above are only recommendation! Feel free to use your own music if you found better song that could fit with the battles)

EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!


Consider this an alternate scenario on what happened if Damien didn’t run and was there fighting Carnage, and if our heroes failed to stop Carnage. The Nightmare then born.

Originally, I want to see Carnage fight the Nightmare back then before the battle written, but things changed for sake of everyone, so this scenario must be abandoned. However I still really liked the idea of Carnage fighting Nightmare, so here you go!

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