Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it as always :slight_smile:


Yes…good anime btw…and soundtrack


The battle is great! i enjoyed it :smiley:


Great! ^-^/

Also, now I’m currently contemplating between publishing the boss battle, or I first open the next round, because I can do both at the same time.


Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

As the next (main) round meant to celebrate the Chinese new year, I’ve been researching many kind of Chinese history and mythology for the next round.

Originally, I’m fixated on the Three Kingdom lore, considering it’s one of the most popular material for Chinese epic and already used in many fantasy stories including video games. However, there’s many more Chinese myth that I can use here, I can’t really decide which among which better to be used on the next round. I’m not very knowledgeable of Chinese legends (despite being Asian myself) and there’s lots of things that I’ve yet to learn.

So, which one among these material interest you the most?

  • Create a round that revolve heavily around the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (all about war, however really confusing with all the diplomacy)
  • Took inspiration from the legends regarding the tyrants of the Ancient Chinese Dynasty (a simpler plot focusing on a historical fiction villain)
  • Get many different Chinese mythologies and mash them together for something more fantastic (Easier for me and everyone, but there’s a lot to research)
  • Just create a fictional fantasy realm based on Chinese legends and the stuff (An even easier for me and everyone, but disposing the vast potential of the real historical fiction)

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If I couldn’t decide what to do with the next round yet, I can just continue our current mini round by posting the prologue to the boss battle immediately. How about that?

Although I prefer if I do BOTH our current mini round and the next main round together.


Chinese mythologies sure used the word “Heaven” a lot, even for mortals such as Emperors given their justification and all. I tried studying Chinese theology but I ended up getting hella confused, yet at the same time, intrigued by it furthermore.

Honestly with the whole deal of these theologies, I can just makes a whole new universe loosely based on their definition “Heaven” and supreme deities.

But right now, I’ll just sit and wait for the voting to fill up. People’s choice comes first.


I could even turn this into the “heavenly round” that I’ve been promising everyone to do last year, something that we never do yet, and what some might interest with.

The problem is, if I ended up with this round, the power level going to be crazy.

On the original plan on using the Romance of the Three Kingdom, I just want some more manageable power level, something about “Average High” (city busting) or something.

If we’re deviating to the super epic heavenly round, the power level would be at minimum “High” (nation busting) and preferably “Very High” (continent busting) with possibility of reaching “Super High” (moon busting) if we pushed this far enough.

However, I prefer to keep “Super High” for the joint round with Inked, as that round meant to be the very first time that EBG ever went into such high power level.


We could always go for a middle ground if you want, really. Like the players are assisting the gods because an evil force is trying to take over?

Kinda like the plot of Mortal Kombat X.


The problem is, who’s the gods of Chinese mythology? WHICH gods? Against WHO?

This is why it’s far easier to makes a whole new fantasy world, because the real mythology is hella convoluted and unclear, as it intertwine with many beliefs… xD


Fair enough. You could create one loosely based on the chinese mythology.


Well it’s just one among many possible ideas. I can’t decide it yet until I receive more response.


The only Chinese deities that I’m somewhat familiar with is the Jade emperor and the other Taoist immortals.

Could make it based on Journey to the West


There’s also the Three Sovereigns of Chinese mythology, Fu Xi, Nuwa, and Shennong


I kinda like the idea of having multiple Chinese myths and legends together in one round. XD


Anyway since I’m home imma read the battle scene sooon. :3


Yeah there’s a lot of potential characters to use. The whole Journey to the West by itself could create a whole new book if I wanna dig them up.

@ZacKember I’ll consider that. Anyway, enjoy! :3


I consulted with @ImperialSun and I’ll consider on using someone even more ancient than the tyrants of China, someone that exist before the Three Kingdoms even exist.

That, with mythological creatures added as the main theme.

However, nothing to decide yet. These are only ideas.


Hey Scythe what’s up? :wink: