🔷 EBG Training Ground ~ A little game for fun! Anyone can join and play!

What’s this?

This is the mini version of Epic Battle Game (EBG for short), a fantasy community for competitive battle game between our characters in an epic crossover-like story!

Originally, our goal is not only to discuss our strategies, but to also write an amazing scene on our characters fighting each other. However on this mini version, this is a simplified version of the original, without plot or story to write. It’s like a computer that run in safe mode where only the basic function exist, but everything still works properly.

The mini EBG is unlike the real game. This little thread exist just for fun, to kill our boredom and spend some free time, without in need to put too much effort. It’s like a casual game, stress free, and very friendly!

Since the rules and the gameplay is simplified, then mini EBG is great place to introduce EBG to newcomer, a training ground to get used to the game. On the real game, a single round can last for months, with complex list of events. In here, rounds only last for days, sometimes perhaps only last for hours! So whenever anyone wanna jump in to have fun, we’re open for a game!





  1. Follow the official Fantasy club rules of Wattpad, which you can check on the link below:

Wattpad’s Official Fantasy Club Rules

  1. Respect each other, whether they be the players, moderators, or visitors of the community. The golden rule is to treat others the way you want you to get treated.

  2. No trolling! We do allow and welcome jokes, banter, memes, or any silly chat, but an actually harmful trolling will be reported!

  3. No roleplaying! It should be a common knowledge in Wattpad that our forum is not for roleplaying, and violating this rule might receive direct warning from the Ambassador. The EBG itself meant to be for friendly competition and discussion about our characters, which include getting into their personality and perspective, even creating dialogues and quotes, but not for an actual roleplay.

  4. Be friendly and respectful. This doesn’t meant that everyone must absolutely be cheerfully happy and bright, but the most important is to socialize here with manner. There have been times where drama, toxic behavior, and generally negative attitude upset the players. Some are even an outright attack to the community. We understand that everyone can do mistakes, even the moderator of the game, however those with malicious intent to us are not to be welcomed to our community. We will only gives a friendly warning to players if they misbehave, but for those that actually attacked our community, we will not hesitate to call the official Ambassadors of Wattpad!




NOTE: Because this is the simplified version of the game, we chop down the gameplay to makes a very simple gameplay, and so, most of the original rules are removed or altered for the sake of making this as simple as possible.

  1. We will do it on the old school style! A round will be opened by the moderator, then people submit a character that fits the requirement of the round. People then discuss how their characters will fight, their strategies and interaction in general.

  2. Character form will be provided few post below this post. Because this is simplified version of the game, please makes your character form as simple as possible. Don’t include anything complicated and convoluted. Keep your “real deal” submission for the main game. This one is just to have fun kicking each other in a very quick and lighthearted game. That mean, you can just make a simplified version of the characters that you already post previously on the main game.

  3. As the game is simplified, moderator’s duty too will be nearly nonexistent. We’re basically just referee of a sport game now, so we just need to open the game and let everyone fight, then call the result on the next day. No need to nerf the characters or buff anyone unless it’s necessary.

  4. A ruling / match analysis will be posted a day after the battle begin. The round will still be open to more people joining, but each battle only last for a day. Because there’s no plot and no writing involved, the arena are reusable setting, and you can submit your characters regardless of their personality or preference. This is just a game for fun, randomly beating everyone without the need to thinking too deep into the story.

  5. Basically, just have fun! :slight_smile:





Because the training ground made to be super duper simplified, even nerfing our characters down to the lowest possible power level is not enough. The training ground is basically like the first generation of EBG when our gameplays and guideline is still very simple. No one would make a Gdoc with 5 pages plus because back in the old days, everyone still submit their character on the forum. Abilities still explained and measured in really basic level.

To comply with this level, veteran need to put an extra effort on toning down their standard. Simply nerfing your characters is not enough. You need to chop down and remove any form of advanced abilities, haxes and absolutes, or other complex things that could spawned arguments. Do not divide your abilities into so many subsections. Makes it as basic as possible. The key points is that if your characters looks more advanced that the example characters that I provided for each rounds of training ground, you need to reconsider.

In summary, the three rules for veterans are:

  • No advanced character form! Don’t overwhelm newbies with the standard of real EBG, unless if you’re an EBG player who usually submit simple forms. This means, keep the form short, too.

  • No hax and absolutes! This is a very strict rules but only for veteran. Newbies don’t understand what are haxes and absolutes and they would discuss them like they’re just normal things, unaware of the risk that it might sparked endless arguments. I will only allow hax and absolutes when they’re really, really necessary.

  • Keep things at REALLY basic level! Even if you nerfed your characters to the setting of low power level, you still need to make it really basic. This is not only about having complex set of powers, not only about being OP or broken, but also because newbies are still learning on doing the basic. Don’t make it harder for them. Whatever power you have, simplify them, downgrade them to a really basic version of them. Keep in mind that this is different than nerfing and buffing.

When veteran does not align with the rules, I would ask them to simplify their form. If they still cannot do it, I can help them doing it. Please keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if the characters looks entirely different than in the canon, or if they lose their signature identity. This is just a training ground. This is nothing but tutorial. We’re not using the standard of actual EBG here.

Please keep in mind that this is done for the sake of maintaining civil discussion. In case newbies discussed wrongly, no need to get heated on them since they wouldn’t understand what’s wrong. Please instead inform me if there’s arguments sparked. If possible, please explain how it worked to the newbies, slowly. Always assume that they would need time to adjust to the game, unless if they’re veteran from another fantasy battle community.

Either way, I will always intervene when necessary, but if possible, try to be really nice to the newbies and to keep things easy on them.





The training ground is NOT the real EBG and should not be treated as one.

None that happen on the training ground should be taken seriously. This place meant to be a lighthearted mini games for fun, stress free, and no drama allowed. Please remember that I already worked hard with the real game so I don’t want to get worked here, since it’s not part of the real game.

For newcomer, keep in mind that this is not the real EBG and everything been simplified to makes it easy for you. And for veteran, please do not discuss this like in the real game. Just take it ease and don’t be too rough on the newbies.

After all, there’s no point in making a training ground, for training mode, if everyone taking this just like the real EBG discussions. The function of the training ground is only for training, and these are not the actual, official game.




In our game, there’s something called a power level. This is a measure on how powerful something are, and how much powerful can you go.

This is a very simplified version of the game, so to save our time for complication, basically, a power level is measurement of power. It’s a simple classification, a category on how powerful someone or something are.

That means, your basic stats, offense, defense, mobility, and many more things that makes them powerful are depend on the power level. If the power level is normal, then an average fantasy characters, may it be from novel, movie, anime, comic, video game, are set on average standard.

Since this is the simplified version of the game, there’s only three level available:

  • Simplified Low: Anything on level of ordinary human fighter/soldier/etc will be here. This including those that are borderline superhuman, or ordinary people with magic or with powerful weapons. Basically, something that can break some walls, maybe cut a tree, maybe someone with a gun, maybe a basic elemental spells, things like that. (This mode is the simplified version, it includes “Very Low” and “Average Low” according to the classification of the normal game)

  • Simplified Average: By means average, it’s the average of fictional characters that already pretty powerful in normal standard. This means, blowing buildings, smashing cars, breaking boulders, shoot missiles, moving at speed of sound, and many more unique abilities can be included in here, with maximum destruction level up to a single large city, or several small villages. (This mode is the simplified version, it includes “Average Low” and “Average High” according to the classification of the normal game)

  • Simplified High: When things get pretty dang high, when the threat level went into national or possibly international level. Possible things to happens including blowing mountains, sinking islands, nuking cities with magic, summon meteors, and many more crazy stuff. (This mode is the simplified version, it includes “Average High” and slightly bit into the “Very High” according to the classification of the normal game)




Anyway, hello everyone! I am Crimson, or just usually called Crim! :blush:

In this simple mode, the game is easy to play for everyone, without the hassle of moderating, so this is a stress-free game for everyone!

Normally, we work together as a team to take care of the game, but just for this one, there’s no need to worry about that. However in case where I need some little helping hand, I want to list a possible veteran member that could help.

@ZacKember Introducing Zac, one of our very first player!

@blue_jay Introducing Jay, he’s a pro on managing OP characters!

@litericy Introducing Ricy, the maker of cosmic deities!

@TheTrueTerrydactyl Introducing Terry, our local memelord!

@MistickMage Introducing Mistick, the nature lover!

@Sandcat Introducing Liliana, the dark fantasy enthusiast!

@BookRyt Introducing Ryan, the reality rewriter!

@Shadowdrakon99 Introducing Drakon, he got his own battle thread too!

@FutureStories123 Refers simply as Future, he’s one of our most senior mod!

@ImperialSun As a honorable mention, this is Sun, one of the most earliest player, one of the old moderator, and the first winner of EBG round!

We’re also going to tag the rest of EBG member here, for anyone else that have yet to be introduced above. Many of the tags originate from the old forum, but even if those accounts no longer exist on the new forum, we keeps on tagging them in case they’re going to make an accouunt one day.

@Royal_Rebel @mxdnightstar @Tim_the_Enchanter @Bronze-Metal @BookRight @Yasinthus @R15K3R @Makewarnotpeace @brizingr1 @alternative520 @Knight_AdamThe2nd @Kyle1029 @TheDonnster @iamnotasmartguy @MadHatterAddy @Canislupus54 @Zythe @LifeAsTheMoon @TheFantasyIncentive @Nightgraydawg @princesscamillia13 @GarrettJoe @HisHighnessRicmar @some_aspiring_writer @Sandcat- @Redhairedsniper @9GhostWriter9 @Capitandelasnubes @galaxi- @Nightfright136 @timewinder_ @describethesunset @thegreatcycle @crimson_mystery_cake @HadianClarke @WyvernShadow @FayfayAhmadi @suanlt @Ramenraged @Chaaruzu_Corner @bloodyrogue17 @emberkitty @Lord_Killen_King @DarkLordSpada @Leon_desmelenado @Lucky_Lightning @RealBiWizardGavilan @CMGrey @-Leyza- @user26423447 @Takira_The_Only_One @IJustWannaChange @LxOxGxIxA @superlegend1 @AAJamesOFFICIAL @The_Twi1ight_Prince @Spider-Hawk @Oblivionyx @Eternal_Foxglove

Please note me if I missed anyone, or tags your username incorrectly.

And don’t shy around! If you’re still not here, feel free to ask to be added! We’ll be happy to welcome you to the community anytime! :smiley:




This is our basic character form. Use this as a guide to do your form. You can modify them as your liking, adding and removing things as you please. As long as your characters are well explained enough, that’ll be good.

Since this mini mode of EBG does NOT includes any official battle scene and not plot required, then don’t need to spend too much time with your character forms. We’re just here to kick everyone on a basic level, no need to get too deep, we’re here for some stress-free fun!

(Anyway it’s still recommended to use a Google Doc here, but it’s no longer required because you can literally just shoves in some random characters to the game without any story being involved)



Name: (Including alternate names, alias, titles, what story they’re from, etc)

Age: (Optional)

Gender: (Optional)

Species: (Optional)

Origin: (Where they’ve come from? Such as city, name of nation, name of universe, etc)

Introduction: (Who they are, general description of character)



Like/Dislike: (Optional)

Backstory: (Story behind the character, their motivation, etc)

Base Stats: (Natural stats of your characters without their power, which mean, their durability without their protective spells, their base strength and speed. In general, unless stated in here, we’ll assume the physique of your character is normal human being, not superhuman)

Weaponry: (All armament that they use, different than equipment and ability)

Abilities: (Please explain the capability of your characters, what they could do, an ability may it be offensive, defensive, passive utilities, and any form of their powers)

Fighting Style: (Please describe how they fight)

Quote: (Optional)



The setting is an underground cavern! There’s tunnels going deep, large cavities, corridors and halls await in twist and turn.

There’s chasm and such depth beneath the cliff, with some areas connected through old wooden bridges that’s fragile and risky to pass through.

To makes the round simple, there will be no monsters or fantasy creatures here, however there’s quite much of minerals, many are glowing. Natural luminescence also comes from some mold and mushrooms.

Each players will be placed on a random area without a map, unaware of their enemies and what kind of danger that might exist in the cavern.

Power level is AVERAGE! This level allows you to blow rocks and the likes, up to size of a medium boulder, perhaps would be comparable to some explosives that could do severe damage to vehicles and buildings.

NO LIMIT OF CHARACTERS SUBMISSION! Submit one character first, then if you died, you can submit another one immediately. The battle will be open after we got enough characters. Another battle might happen after the first battle, in the same round, if there’s more characters coming.

That’s all and have fun!

(Click here if you want to check the previous round)

BONUS: More pics below to visualize the stage!



This round opened at 1st June and closed at 19th July, with the new round opened below. Please click to the new round to play the game!


Will do my submission tomorrow. Got a night shift here.

Seems like it’s time for Volans. :slight_smile:

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Alright! ^-^/

I’ll also gonna nap for now, gotta be prepared for the pre-dawn breakfast.

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Ooh, sounds like fun! watch me spam my pirate OC’s down there :rofl: I dunno if I’ll join this round cause my weekend is busy. We’ll see.

Name: Tain Bell(Can’t remember his real name)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Earth, can’t remember where exactly
Introduction: Just a guy
Appearance: Common
Personality: Common
Like/dislike: Chilling/Working
Backstory: He is someone that lost the hope for the humanity countless time because of betrayls. He even commited suicide twice, that is brought him in an insane mission, that to save the whole existance …
Base stats: Lower than averange
Weapons: A common spear, 4 knives, a knife tied with a very resistant rope that can stun if spinned.
Abilities: None, if not the survive instinct
Fighting style: Aim for the weak point
Quote: Just finishing a puzzle

Note: He is still a lot underpowered to the end I thought :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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OwO Ahhh so the mini thread is finally coming back! It’s great that that and the chat thread are separate now too.

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Name: Kevin Trak

Age: late 40s

Gender: male

Species: Souvra (similar to humans, but have some lizardy traits)

Origin: City of Eugenia in the great Kingdom(from The Lightning Tyrant)

Introduction: General in the royal army. Great strategist. Can conjure Fire.

Appearance: Athletic, black hair with a little grey in it, orange irises with a vertical slit in the middle.

Personality: Calculating

Like/Dislike: Dislikes cold.

Backstory: 16 years back, Eugenia was burned to the ground and his mother died. He helped the new allmage to get back on the throne, and tries everything to keep the peace so that nobody has to feel the loss he had.

Base Stats: Well trained

Weaponry: Sword and three hidden daggers.

Abilities: can set himself on fire and control the flames, but only for a short time as it is exhausting.

Fighting Style: He makes no unnecessary moves. He rather waits for his opponent to strike and then counters very effectively. This is because he has the traits of a lizard and he doesn’t want to waste energy, especially not when it’s cold. But when he ignites himself, he moves quite flowingly, creates and opening and uses it.

Here, I’m submitting Kendra. Also for y’all new players, this is a good example of how our forms usually look like for main rounds.

Yeah it’s finally coming back! ^-^/

Anyway now checking the submissions… hmmmm…

@Mietis Oh boy oh boy… This is more than being underpowered. This is like, just a normal guy with normal weapons, nothing else. :rofl: This guy isn’t appropriate for “average” power level, he’s more like on the “low” power level. Also, if you’re joining the main round later, you should have added more information on each section there, not just adding “common” like that. Sorry to say this, but even for a mini EBG, this is way below the standard. It’s okay though since this is only your first time, you’ll get better sooner or later.

@SymonPude Okay this is much better. Still really underpowered but at least he stand a chance, and at least that the explanations of each sections are better. There’s an effort and you did good enough for your first try. Anyway, welcome to EBG! :slight_smile: You might want to buff your flame just a little bit or add something else, but it’s optional.

@MistickMage Thank you Mistick, this is indeed a good example on how a character form on the main round would looks like. Also she’s accepted since she’s already used once on similar power level like this one, so I know that she’ll be fine.

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Example Character

Name: Grayson

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Origin: He live in the cavern that used as our stage for the round. He’s just a random guy that I made for sake of the round, so there’s nothing much to speak here.

Introduction: Grayson used to be a monster hunter like those fantasy RPG adventurer, but switched job to a bounty hunter after monster population dwindled. Now, Grayson is just a gritty old hunter that enjoy his game in another style, that is hunting the intelligence, to compete against his own kind, for a test of skills among men, and of course for money.

Appearance: Typical western gunslinger/cowboy guy with standard wild west fashion. His hair is black, long, and tied to his back. He got a medium lean build complete with a roughly trimmed beard. His eye is dark blue and shines bright blue when he use his power.

Personality: Grayson is like a war veteran, unless in term of monster hunting. He’s quiet and reserved, grim and gloomy. Perhaps there’s no other words to summarize him but to simply call him an edgy cowboy seeking for thrill between gunfight, caring not for death and then he’ll say that there’s nothing personal, since this is just a survival game for money.

Base Stats: Normal human body, however his skill is above average, allowing him to draw his gun in less than a second, and could aim precisely to shoot an apple from several dozens of meters/feet distance, even with poor vision condition of the environment. He’s also quite fast, nimble and agile, however still within a realistically achievable level on what real world human can achieve. That being said, with such sharp senses, he can dodge a lot of dangers. Not like he can dodge bullets (that move way too fast for human eyes) but he’s smart enough to know the cue, predicting when people are going to shot, or when there’s a danger to evade.

Weaponry: An old revolver, shotgun and sniper rifle for animal hunting. He also brought bear traps, crossbow, and ropes for many purposes. Ever wonder why he can survive against monsters with such common tool? Soon you’ll understand…

Abilities: His real power comes from his magical ability that lies within his eyes. When his eyes glows blue, allowing him to channel his energy to his weapons and fire blue energy bullets instead of normal bullets. Damage is roughly twice of his normal bullets, respectively for each guns type. Since Grayson is not attuned with magical stuff, he only know to use his power in manner such a simple application. This power is something that he got during is journey as he slayed a certain magical creature. He can only activate this power for ten seconds at maximum, usually usable few times in a single battle, but he only use it whenever needed.

Fighting Style: Just your average gunslinger. He use revolver for the default because he’s a cowboy at heart and loves a duel, but will switch to shotgun or sniper depend on whether he need to get up close and personal or he need to assassinate from afar.

Quote: “Life are like leaves. One day, they will dried out and became dust.”

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In compared to the previous round, seems like I’m putting much more effort on the example character and perhaps the standard is getting too high. Maybe I’ll try to lower it down.

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Can I throw Destrius in here cuz I’m lazy

Oh wait he’ll shred everyone maybe not

Hmmm who could be good here… who do you wanna see Crim?

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This is just a training ground for EBG (and to spend some free time whenever we’re bored or just want a random beat up) so that means people can submit whatever the heck they want as long as it’s within the acceptable power level of the round :rofl:

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Dis be where the nubs r? Fite me

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Lol, seems like Volans’ form is so detailed compared to this.

Also, he prolly needs a nerfhammer since his power level turns out above average.

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