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Somewhere in the ruins of Elgin

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a great goat named Lothuac. The goat was so great that it decided to spread its greatness – by starting a religion around itself. Thus, the goat created a cult in its name and named Nick its the leader.

Time passed, and as the cult of the goat gained followers, two other paths appeared. The cult of Rshurtagl and Yath’anhotep, machine and void. For a time all was well until the cultists grew dissatisfied with the state of the world. War, conflict, and hatred bloomed around them. Thus, they decided it was time to bring unity to the city of Elgin by calling upon the ancient gods.

After getting the police fired and some shenanigans with a key, Yath’anhotep rose and ended all reality. From the dust, the ECPU remained to tell the tale of the paths.

And all was well.

The end.

Some explanation

This is the aftermath of the ARG Nick had been making from around January up until April. To your left is an abridged version of what went down, but if you’re looking for more details, click here and here . We are here to carry on its legacy. The ECPU is now a chat thread: come join us!


@Arkotract @astrophile @Azanthiel @BaguetteLauncher @Bobbi_McAllister @Calmwolf @color_me_gone @Cricketreadsfanfic @dayworlds @ea_paperbits @FireAlwaysReturns @GreekMyth @IntoTheTempest @JesskyaBradbury @JJJ000YYY @KalesReclaim @LigerCat @LuthienSeregon @matzeztam @Nablai @Nonfictionism @noirdaisies @Oblivionyx @ReyenaScarr @rosebrown1k @Sam_le_fou @Spider-Hawk @The_Twi1ight_Prince @TheTrueTerrydactyl @NerdiAuthorGirl @Xenoclea @tusd14005144 @wildnature777 @wildwolf708


Taglist 2: Tag yourself

@Arkotract @astrophile @Azanthiel @BaguetteLauncher @Bobbi_McAllister @Calmwolf @color_me_gone @dayworlds @MellDia1 @ea_paperbits @Ellen_Reese @FireAlwaysReturns @GreekMyth @IntoTheTempest @JesskyaBradbury @JJJ000YYY @KalesReclaim @LigerCat @LittleMinx94 @LuthienSeregon @matzeztam @Nablai @NerdiAuthorGirl @Nonfictionism @noirdaisies @Oblivionyx @ReyenaScarr @rosebrown1k @Sam_le_fou @Spider-Hawk @The_Twi1ight_Prince @Theora @TheTrueTerrydactyl @tusd14005144 @wildnature777 @wildwolf708 @Xenoclea

To those tagged twice, here’s a salad :green_salad:

Add those who I missed. (Alphabetical order. Remember that, people! :P)

List of nicknames

(Feel free to add more yourself! This is in alphabetical order too)

Username Nickname Pronouns
@Arkotract Chad/Armis He/Him
@astrophile Lumi They
@Azanthiel Az She/her
@color_me_gone Meg she/her
@Calmwolf Violet/Vi She/her
@MellDia1 Dia she/her
@FireAlwaysReturns Jane She/her
@JesskyaBradbury Jess She/her
@JJJ000YYY Joy Doesn’t matter to me
@KalesReclaim Kales, Amalie She/her
@LigerCat Liger/Michelle She/her
@LuthienSeregon Lúlu She/her
@Nablai Nabeela/Nab She/her
@Oblivionyx Ky He/him
@rosebrown1k Rose She/her
@Spider-Hawk Spidey She/her
@wildwolf708 Layla/Lay/Wolfie She/her

And go :smiley:

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How are you?

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just popping right in to say that the longer i put off getting caught up in the 8k+ posts on the other thread the more posts i’m going to need to get caught up on in this thread and i am aware of this fact, somebody remind me tomorrow to do it, also hi guys


Hi. Do you have a post goal?

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Doing okay. Just got onto the bus to head to daytime activities again, so I get to watch the countryside as it slides by. What about you?

Hey, welcome back :slight_smile: There really is no need to backlog all of that

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Hiya :wave:


i’m going to and nobody can stop me, also apparently yall made a discord and i’m gonna backlog that too cause i’m there now


I didn’t even think about backlogging discord. Way too much work


i mean, hopefully all of them tbh

Okay. What is backlogging

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just catching up on posts you missed while gone (in my case 9k+)

I might actually show up here more. Welcome back Bobbi :slight_smile:


Oh. Wait. Is ||| dead?

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i think so now, it got filled up

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