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Welcome to… whatever this thread is.

I think it is a chat thread, but you will have to check back with us after the dust from the chaos settles. Here, you will find the people who were responsible for once ending the world as well as the new friends they’ve made along the way.

Now that we’ve stumbled our way into Neo-Tokyo, we are determined to do things the right way this time to ensure past mistakes are not repeated.

If you’d like to make friends, come say hi! We’re a friendly bunch when we’re not sacrificing goats or summoning Eldritch horrors to destroy the fabric of reality as we know it.

We swear we aren’t crazy… just ask our goat friends!

They’ll vouch for us!

Description credit @astrophile

ECPU Code Of Conduct

  • don’t spam tag Nick
  • be nice to Nick
  • don’t be a dick to Nick (hey, that rhymed)
  • don’t rush Nick
  • be nice to each other in general
  • don’t make fakes claiming to be part of the ARG
  • if someone says, “The void, am I right?” or "The sun in Neo-Tokyo is so nice.” that means a line has been crossed and the subject must be dropped immediately
  • don’t roleplay

Tagging guidelines

  • Tag only if important
  • If in doubt, ask for a second opinion if there should be tagged
  • Make sure the purpose of the tag is clear, such a quoting the relevant post or explaining the situation.

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ECPU Taglist: Tag yourself

This is in alphabetical order .

@Anniewillams22 @AmnerisTenjo @AllAboutWordz @astrophile @BaguetteLauncher @blazingfire1012 @BlueFangirlStreak @bluespringlife @Bobbi_McAllister @Calmwolf @Chewton @clizbethh @CoLLoRBLiND @color_me_gone @DarlaCassic @darvruni @Dauner_Light @dayworlds @Deepthi_Shashidhar @DKDaisy @dreams_i_have @flyxity @MellDia1 @ea_paperbits @Ellen_Reese @FireAlwaysReturns @Gigibold @GreekMyth @HeartfeltLetters @IftiYousuf @KalesReclaim @LigerCat @LittleMinx94 @LuthienSeregon @matzeztam @misspopgoingnowhere @Nablai @NerdiAuthorGirl @nighted @Nonfictionism @noirdaisies @Oblivionyx @Queen-of-Quests @Rainwish14 @ReyenaScarr @rosebrown1k @Sam_le_fou @Serene_Breeze @shadowsettle @sky_is_limit @SmokeAndOranges @Spider-Hawk @SVTSwrites @the_blank_verse @theEnigmaticPrince @Theora @the_only_lizzybee @TheTrueTerrydactyl @tusd14005144 @UseofthePower @wildnature777 @wildwolf708 @Xenoclea @ZellaKay @ZoekieS @prince_pretence @RussianRiter

This is the taglist for the ECPU threads. If you are looking for the ARG taglist, join this group.

To those tagged twice, here’s a salad :green_salad:

List of Nicknames (feel free to add yourself)
Username Nickname Pronouns
@AllAboutWordz Wordz She/Her
@AmnerisTenjo Amneris/Ebony She/Her
@Anniewillams22 Annie They/Them
@Arkotract Chad/Armis He/Him
@astrophile Lumi :lumi: They/Them
@Azanthiel Hollie/Az She/her
@blazingfire1012 Sravani/S She/Her
@BlueFangirlStreak Blue/Sara She/Her
@bluespringlife Lauren She/Her
@Chewton Tanz She/her
@clizbethh Liz She/her
@CoLLoRBLiND Elyssa She/her
@color_me_gone Meg she/her
@Calmwolf Clam/Violet/Vi :calmwolf: She/her
@cynically Leah She/her
@darvruni Denise/Darv She/her
@DarlaCassic Dar Dar Binks She/her
@Dauner_Light D He/Him
@Deepthi_Shashidhar Dede/Deepthi She/Her
@DKDaisy Daisy She/Her
@dreams_i_have Dreams doesn’t matter to me
@DumDumPops4 Cayleigh/Cay She/Her
@ea_paperbits Paperbits she/her
@FireAlwaysReturns Jane :fox_face: She/her
@flyxity Couch She/her
@Gigibold Gigi She/her
@HeartfeltLetters Honey/Hemura She/Her
@IftiYousuf Ifti She/her
@InGeenious Gee She/Her
@inkwellheart Ink/Inky She/Her
@JesskyaBradbury Jess She/her
@JJJ000YYY Joy :rabbit: Doesn’t matter to me
@KalesReclaim Kales, Amalie She/her
@LailaLiliana Laila She/her
@LigerCat Liger/Michelle She/her
@LuthienSeregon Lúlu She/her
@MellDia1 Dia she/her
@misspopgoingnowhere Mia She/her
@Nablai Nabeela/Nab She/her
@NerdiAuthorGirl Nerdi She/her
@nighted Alix They/them
@Nonfictionism Lithe She/her
@Oblivionyx Ky/Frosty :snowflake: He/him
@prince_pretence Stark He/Him
@ReyenaScarr Reyena/Rey She/her
@rosebrown1k Rose :rose: She/her
@shadowsettle Shadow/Hell She/her
@SmokeAndOranges Smoke :fog: He/him
@Spider-Hawk Spidey/Jess She/her
@SVTSwrites Shree She/her
@SylviaWolfe Sylvia/V She/her
@Theora Theo/Ra :sunny: She/her
@the_blank_verse Charlie She/her
@wildwolf708 Layla/Lay/Wolfie She/her

New ARG theories


Reserved for art showcase


ECPU world war records


Sign-Up List for Word War Tournament:

  1. LigerCat
  2. ZellaKay
  3. FireAlwaysReturns (#MobileOnly)
  4. Spider-Hawk
  5. JJJ000YYY
  6. Arkotract
  7. sarakbeeksma
  8. nighted
  9. shadowsettle
  10. Anniewillams
  11. Wildwolf708
  12. LuthienSeregon
  13. Angelikagrae
  14. Nablai

ARG Summaries


February 28 - April 18, 2019

Meta summary:

The City of Elgin ARG was the first ARG and started with ominous badges being handed out to people on the forums. The first ECPU was created once people started to notice. After much theorizing about the badges and a rumored curioshop, one actually appeared, with an NPC you could interact with. From here the actual plot began. A lot more happened and we can only recommend looking at the full timeline in the Codex to get a sense of how much. The game concluded with a worm god apocalypse roughly a week after people started theorizing.

Plot summary:

One by one, curious forum-goers showed up at the curioshop and bought one of three curious items from the vendor, Ambrose. Their selections gave them entrance to one of three cults and set them each upon one of three paths: the goat, the void, or the machine. Plenty of curious things happened after this, including the appearance of a mysterious woman named Lillith, who dropped off a key with Ambrose. The cops started investigating. Roch, a local do-gooder, became suspicious and took it upon himself to save the day. He decided to arrest Ambrose.

As Roch caught up to him, Ambrose dropped off a key with one of us. Roch arrested him. Public outrage broke out over this, and Roch was consequently fired. Meanwhile, the new key-carrier sought to find what the key unlocked. Three locks were found. When all were unlocked, Lillith declared that it was time to summon an eldritch god, but said a sacrifice was needed. Roch came to save the world as we know it, but unknowingly ran right into his own demise. He was sacrificed, the worm god arose, and the apocalypse became a reality. Elgin, and in fact the very reality it existed in, was eliminated.


July 9 - August 19, 2019

Meta summary:

Neo-Tokyo ARG was the second ARG run here, and started with Nick’s cryptic clues. The Neo-Tokyo category was created to be a ‘city’ in the forums, and Nick asked for ideas and art for the game. The city opened and the game officially began on July 9th. Soon, clues appeared and the plot began. People were able to join one of six different groups, and some groups got special pieces of information. There were NPCs you could interact with to get more clues. For more information we recommend looking at the full timeline or full story in the Repository. The game concluded in the middle of August 2019, this time without an apocalypse.

Plot summary:

The game was preceded by a series of ominous messages, including “Hominibus lives” and a promise that things would be different soon. After the city opened, different groups began to appear, each with a unique requirement for joining. Curious citizens took up the offer and become members of syndicates (Ironedge, Dawn, Kitsune) or knights (Dragon, Tiger, Fox).

Following a string of cryptic messages, we discovered a key buried in a book on Wattpad. NPCs appeared and asked for it, including Lina (a syndicate member) and Chas (a member of the mysterious city police). Soon, two more keys are handed to groups that solved special riddles. Faced with a final choice of who to give them to, we handed all three to Lina. The three combined opened the Dark Net. We got one glimpse of it: an interesting network domain revealing some information about some kind of tournament.

Meanwhile, the headmaster of Neo-Tokyo’s Academy discovered a sealed entrance to the academy’s archives. The archives turned out to be empty; an artifact recently present there had been stolen. In another part of the city, a teenage NPC named Veronika appeared to ask us for love advice. After receiving help, she gave us a mysterious note she had found about Hominibus. Meanwhile, mysterious notes asking for help started to appear around the city. We tracked them back to a hidden NPC, Ma, who we learned from Veronika was obsessed with illegal research and alternate realities. Aside from all of this, a mysterious thread appeared and disappeared in the city, again saying Hominibus lived.

In chatting with Veronika more, we discovered that the reality Ma had been studying had been Elgin. Ma had seen it destroyed, and had since taken up a new research project. We solved a riddle to gain access to her secret lab, where we helped her create a homunculus—an illegal use of magic. Unfortunately, our discovery of the lab alerted the police, who confiscated all of Ma’s work. She vowed revenge.

The tournament hinted at earlier in the game began, and we were invited to watch the touched ones (people with magic) compete. The finals were interrupted by a cryptic message from a group called The Order, mentioning the Hominibus again. The headmaster revealed himself to be a part of The Order and asked citizens to help him topple the gods that oppressed us and bring Hominibus—humanity—to glory.

It came down to a poll that we split 50-50. This was taken as a decision to report The Order to the police, so headmaster and his associates were arrested. Hominibus did not rise, but the headmaster promised The Order would rise again…


Who’s making next ECPU

ECPU XII - @Oblivionyx

Previous ECPU’s

ECPU - @Calmwolf
ECPU III - @KalesReclaim
ECPU IV - @FireAlwaysReturns
ECPU V - @LigerCat
ECPU VI - @Theora
ECPU VIII - @Spider-Hawk
ECPU IX - @Nablai
ECPU X - @Azanthiel
ECPU XI - @Rainwish14








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