EDITING FOR EDITING? Chapter by Chapter

I’m in dire need of getting my chapters edited, and I see a lot of people with the same problem. Would anyone be interested in doing an edit for an edit, meaning we both editing one chapter at a time extremely well to help each other out?


I can help you. I’m writing something like autobiography but I feel it needs some tidying. What genre are you writing?

I’d be willing to do it, if there’s anyone else willing to? (Fantasy writer here)


I am up too. I have a Mature Romance that needs some touch up.

I’m sorry, but I’m really bad with romance, so I probably won’t be able to help much! I hope you manage to find someone though!

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Yeah I will.

I’M up for it as long as its fantasy fiction :sweat_smile:

Same here

Dark urban fantasy! I’d be willing to do any fantasy, paranormal, horror, etccc

I’m game if you are? The more the merrier!

I’m game! It’s a YA fiction…here’s a description:
Description: Caleigh (Cal) has vague memories of death when a man named Artemius gives her the choice to become a guardian angel. A light-wielding being meant to protect and serve. In making this choice, she’s left with no memories of her past, save for one that she won’t recall until after her hundred years of training. Added to this, she runs the risk of dying as an angel and becoming one of the countless and isolated stars in the sky. Regardless, she agrees, and even without her memories, Cal is forced to realize that her soul remembers darkness well. As she and her partner, Allete, fight their way through training, they realize that the darkness residing in Cal may very well be her end, even before she gets to earth.

Get back to me when you can!
Nicole Goodspeed

Did you want to then? (If yes, perhaps PM each other so we don’t take up this entire thread? All good if not!)

i can help

I’m also in need of an editor and I can do the same in exchange.

Its a Romance Action if anyone is interested PM me.

I’m interested


I have an action adventure story that really need some editing and plot help. Please let me know if you would be interested.

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