Editing Offer

I am offering editing and serious proofreading, plus suggestions.

In exchange maybe a fresh set of eyes to read my full book (10 chapters so far) and point out plot roles, grammar, and make suggestions, as I will do the same for you.

Info: Its a romance drama, action. If you’re interested to know more Pm me.



Cara, a broken girl is forced to marry Neil Nolland, the ruthless billionaire.
Having faced torturous treatments before, she is sure he is going to hurt her.

As opposed to her belief, Neil isn’t going to hurt her. He might even be in love with her.
Will she accept him, knowing his dark past, crushed by her own?

Will she fall for this self-confessed monster?

Trope, billionaire cliché?
I think not, Messieurs & Mademoisellez.

Mature Romance - Mature Audience [18+] - Strong Language - Sexual Content - Trigger Warning

#187 in Romance ❧

Burn For You

Note: This is my baby I started writing last month. It already has 4K reads.

Do you want to do a edit/read for edit/read?

I might be interested come join my writers group on Facebook: anewdayanewstory there author giving review exchange too

Thnaks for the offer! But sorry, I don’t use FB.

I would be interested in an editing pair of eyes! I’m currently trying to give my MC some more of the character traits I envision for her. I’ll post the synopsis and the link below:

Years after a worldwide, near-extinction crisis, humanity has rebuilt itself under the watchful eye of an artificial intelligence more commonly referred to as the Supreme Intelligence. This world knows no hunger, pain, or disease. Even death is rare, but it’s not impossible.

Enter Evangeline, a young adult struggling to find her place within this supposed perfect world. After being found on the brink of death and deemed unsavable by the Supreme Intelligence, she is granted what is called the ‘last phone call’ in which a dying human’s consciousness is linked to the person of their choosing in order to say their final goodbyes. But when Evangeline’s choice defies the impossible in both life and death, she is forced to face the consequences of her decision including a deal with Death itself that she cannot refuse.


Hey there! I’ve been looking for someone to do some review and editing for a story I haven’t posted yet. I’ve taken a bit of a break from working on it, so I’d love some direction and feedback before I start up again. If possible I’d love to send it to you over google docs, and I can read your story however you want! I think I have about 7 chapters right now, but I’d love to read all of your story. let me know if you’re interested!

Sure! PM Me.

Okay, PM me.

Are you still looking for an edit/read for edit/read? I’d be really interested.

I have a lot of requests now, but if you want to wait till I’m done, Id still be down.

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