Editing Settings for Dark Screen "night-time mode" for editing chapters



Hi! So I know there is a dark screen setting/mode for readers when reading chapters. I was wondering if anyone else wished there could be a “night-time”/dark screen mode for when we write our chapters at night so it is a little easier on the eyes.

Has anyone else found themselves wishing for an editing setting like this?


Me! :raising_hand_woman: I’d be so happy if we could get this.


I want the dark mode available on Web too :sob::sob::sob::sob:


I want a dark mode for all of Wattpad on the web (i don’t use the ap) honestly. I’m always having to squint even to read comments because of my dyslexic “dancing ants” around the letters. I didn’t actually know how much dark mode would help until these clubs. While the dancing ants still happen its not nearly as bad.




Yup :laughing: Became one in October so still very much a noob at it.


Oh my God, congratulations!
Good luck in your new post! (o^ ^o)/


I would love a night mode in general. :slight_smile: As I mentioned in another thread, the new update on the app is using too much white and makes it hard on the eyes.