Editors Picks gone? [Solved]

Is this a glitch or are other people experiencing it too? I don’t know whether to report it.

It’s gone on my end too.


So… not a glitch?

Still see the Editor’s Choice swimline, but yeah, it’s gone from the tab up top.

May be a side-wide glitch?

Hopefully it’ll be back soon. I use it to find stories because my recommended reads are just BTS and billionaires which I have no interest in. Hopefully it’s just down while it’s updated.


I’m still seeing it on my end so probably just a glitch unless I’m the one glitching :crazy_face:

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It’s a glitch of a glitch of a… glitch!

Maybe we’re actually in the Matrix :thinking:

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If two wrongs dont make a right, how about three.

BTS and Billionaires ironically sounds like the name of a story I’d see on the front page.