EFCDT(1) I! - The Cosmo Nova Tournament!



Welcome to the EFCDT! A thread made BY fantasy writers, FOR fantasy writers! (And Sci-Fi writers alike!)

The EFCDT is a tournament that is held a few times each year, starting in January every time. This usually marks the four months of January, April, July, and October!

Once a character is entered, their skills, their will, and even their fortitude will be tested against many other amazing characters from other authors. Let loose, show us what you’ve got, and make yourself proud!

The Standard EFCDT Has:

  • A Power Level
  • A Special Rule
  • A Map
  • A Victor!
A Power Level is the standard level of power any participant will have, It’s what mods use to nerf your character or buff them to make sure that they are well TAILORED to the round and provide a FAIR FIGHT

A Map means that for every round the place where all the battles will unfold and all unique details are described for all the players - such as vehicles, map-based weapons. The setting certainly contributes to the battles that will unfold and is definitely not just for aesthetics. When a battle occurs there is a chance that both players will experience a hazard in the environment that they are fighting in. Such as a time bomb or even random magic fluxes!

A Special Rule is required for the fun of every match, It mainly affects what characters you submit based on theme or battle conditions. For example the special rule might be “Mages Only” this would mean your character submitted should depend on magic skill over physical abilities - the classic rpg mage. A special rule could also be “Villains” that would mean only Villains should be submitted.

Lastly we have a Victor! Of course, this is a tournament, and through glorious battle one character will claim the title of Victor by defeating all their opponents up to the finals. That Victor will be added to the Glory Hall and posted on the front of the EFCDT thread. They’ve earned it!

Some more information is necessary, however.

The first two weeks of the starting month are known as the submission period - as long as there is a minimum of 10 characters by the end of those two weeks, the submission period will end and no more submissions will be accepted.

The period known as the review period begins when the first form is submitted and ends when all forms are fully reviewed. Please note that only COMPLETE forms are accepted, and thus, only COMPLETE forms should be submitted.

Once the review period ends the Tournament finally begins! The stage is introduced, the map is revealed with all its information, and all players are spawned and paired with their opponents! Across the map, players will experience different Map benefits. If you’re lucky enough, that stage might even be a team tournament!

Once the game begins players/teams will battle each other until three or four players/teams remain. Once this number is achieved, the Siege Boss Mission will occur.

The Siege Boss is a powerful being, stronger than any player, so the only hope of beating such a powerful being is to work together! Players will work together, and if unfortunate enough some might even die. This comes with certain regulations:

  1. If only one player survives, then they are the victor.
  2. If all players die, the boss is the victor.
  3. Surviving players, if more than one, will move on to continue fighting for victory!



Mod Team


Honorary Mentions



When interacting with people here, be friendly, be courteous, or say nothing at all. Toxic and/or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. Love thy neighbour, if someone has dared to invalidate you, inform a mod, do not counter-attack. Each player is only allowed one submission during the submission week of the given starter month. Alts are not allowed to play. Players are to submit complete forms only as they are intended to be addressed immediately, any incomplete form is invalid. Players may not submit forms past the submission period, at all. Players will discuss battle with their opponents, then the mods will ask questions if any, about the characters. After this period of information gathering, the conclusion of the fight is made and the battle is written - there are no challenges to the battle scene. Given that all the necessary information should be provided on the form or during questioning, the battle scenes are never revisited. If you lose your match, be civil about it and remember its nothing personal, it’s just for fun. I’m sure they’ll do great anyway!

Map Rules!

Players who spawn in a certain benefit area will be granted the stated benefit - a benefit may be a vehicle or even a weapon. When spawned players are paired with one another, this is not done based on who is closest but is actually random. The map will visualize benefit areas, spawn zones and important landmarks. For every round of battles completed, another fantasy day shall pass. Some maps have time-gated events that happen after a certain amount of fantasy days have passed. This may be another benefit. To make things fair, after every battle players are respawned at a different location randomly - meaning you might just end up back where you were before anyway. Maps will always have a plot, every now and then between battles every player is given an NPC quest to complete which will contribute to the plot. NPC quests vary in number at different spawn locations.

Siege Rules!

Deeper into the match a special NPC quest is usually given to the last four remaining players. This quest will always involve a coordinated attack on an enemy fortress of some kind, of all the cryptids in an armed fortress there will always be a Siege Boss. A siege boss is stronger than each individual player, so teamwork is KEY! Try not to die here.

Victory Rules!

To achieve victory, a character has more than one choice. Other than simply destroying the opponent, a challenger may also seal the opponent using magic or even stealing their body! To be clear, a victory is achieved when the opponent is unable to pose a threat to a challenger any longer.

Mod Rules!

Mods are to be respectful(No name calling, No personal attacks) and professional towards all players, even if said player is not showing respect. This is because a mod withholds the power to remove any player from the tournament because of misconduct. When addressing the power level a mod must communicate with the author of the character in question, unless specifically requested by the author themselves. Mods reserve the right to extend the submission period in an emergency. Mods reserve the right to play in the game as well.

Founder Rules!

As the founder, all mod rules apply to myself save for a few exceptions. As the founder, when management decisions are being made and a tied vote is reached the founder is the deciding factor. In battle, players are only allowed one submission, however, as the founder, I may submit a character at any time to stabilize the tournament and I may do so repeatedly. The founder’s characters may not achieve victory, as the character submitted will forfeit the final match or sacrifice themselves during the Siege Boss Battle - however, the community may vote to force the founder to fight in the finals. As the founder, if any round manager is unable to fulfil battle writing then the duty falls upon me entirely to reassign or do it myself.

Submission Template!

Description: Tell us all about the character.

Appearance: Give us an idea of what the character looks like.

Weapons: What weapons do they use or carry?

Armour: What kind of armours did they bring?

Tools/Consumables: What useful stuff did they bring? You can have 5 tools and 10 consumables at the round’s power level.

Abilities: What kind of fantastic abilities do they possess?

Base Data: Give us a good idea of the character’s physical abilities.

Fighting Style: How do they go about battling?

Quotes: Optional, but keep the trash talk here and out of the chat.

Example Submission!!

Some of my favorite chill music. ^.^ I change it every now and then

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EFCDT Power Levels

I honestly don’t even know yet, might just say fuck it.
The second highest power level, crazy, huh? Allowance to destroy even whole stars!
The dinosaurs already went extinct, but that doesn’t mean we can’t destroy a hemisphere, let the planet hopping begin!
Rain down destruction capable of wrecking tectonic plates and rising even the seas.
Wreak havoc in cross country combat! Lord knows the one you start in won’t make it.
Destroy towns and cities!

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Let the submission period begin!

Submissions period is scheduled to end on the 14th if not earlier.
Please let me know if you would like to be added to the tag-list! ^-^



Reads the requirements for this round YESS, guess its time to unleash the GAMER.


Yeeeee booooi it’s here


Now i just need them submissions.

Please note that the test round WILL BE FINISHED. Just in that specific thread.


Can the character manipulate nature count?


Yeah, totally!

Hey welcome back btw.


Yeah sorry I was a little busy.


Yh, nobody really cared about the test round so it is pretty hard to write it without any inspiration. But I will definitely finish it this week, mark my words. Then I can devote all my attention here.


Okay so just like last time, we summit a character and wait until we get pair off and have a side quest. Correct?


No most of that’s changed. There are still NPC quests but there are a lot less now.

Like the stage poster said, “Battle Royale + Single Matchup Scoring”, this means the first fight in each stage is every man for himself, then they do 2 1v1 fights. After that, you MIGHT get an NPC Quest.

Right now we gotta get ourselves out there and get new players in.


what is the limit to our players power or abilities?


Can a character that is literally a goddess enter? She can create, destroy and even possibly consume stars :woman_shrugging:

As of what I currently have, her story I am writing though? Far from this point, but where she is at in my head, yeah, she’s about to eat a dang star


Like she eats dead stars.


no, any type of star


Oh but what does she gain of eating them?


The image is in my head, and now it’s moving on…I’ve seen 2k years worth of story in a year (probs because I stopped seeing it for awhile and I have noticed that generally, 1 of my years equates to 1k years of this story in my mind)

Click here to read this

Now she is about to eat a star (the reasoning is still blurred, has to do with her brother who I at first thought was just the World Eater…no…he’s what’s called the Devourer, meaning he will consume everything in existence…I know soon though her power consumption will lead her to turn into a dark, evil version of herself (not that she is perfect and good, she has done a lot of bad things) but yeah, she’s like at the tipping point of turning into a villain)


Power, energy


pretty cool