EFCDT(1) I! - The Cosmo Nova Tournament!



A… World Eater…?

A certain being in my story has that title a well.


He was originally just that, now he is simply The Devourer, destined to devour the universe…yeah, I was so wrong about him


Interesting being there…


He isn’t even in the story yet, not for another…5 books at least if I were to guess, it is a massive story, I have covered a little over 1k years worth of story, up to 6k years worth in my head, nearing 7k



You do not need to bring a world eater!



His name is Mordue Oakenson


Okaaaaaay~ uwu


I have two characters i want to enter. One of them isn’t near the star level but i intend of having her reach that stage much later in the series. Ugh


Hmmm…should I do Mordue, or should I do his sister??? Or even Rashnaka, my dragon who is also a Divine as well? :thinking:


You should submit the dragon imo


I’m back guys! The last few days were a bit hectic for me, but let’s get to getting on shall we.

@1213nr Submit the character, it will be nerfed or it will be buffed, it’s not important to match the power level exactly because the General Mods’ job is to do that for you. The basic description I put in the power level post states that the most damage anyone can be capable of is destroying a star.

@PellinorLover2314 What she is isn’t important, she’s a valuable character nonetheless. Just submit, try to stay in the power level as much as you can, then we’ll pick up the rest and get her where she needs to be.

@Illness_of_mind1 Don’t worry that’s what Nerfs and Buffs are for after all.


As a general note, I cannot afford to waste time restating things I wrote in the first three posts.

Please Read Them

This is not to target any individual or group of individuals, but instead to prevent future hindrances that are very likely to occur. People like to skip things - so I’m asking you, please don’t.

I will ignore all questions concerning the first three posts by redirecting you to them are you to ask me something that is there. However, if you wish for clarification I am more than willing to respond. <3


Pardon me, it seems I made a mistake and DID NOT, in fact state the power level of Sun, Moons and Stars - a mistake happened and it was given the wrong definition as a whole power level somehow went missing.


Concerning this, I don’t even know what the hell happened here everything was copied and pasted from a perfectly fine source - and it all became shit. I’ll get to fixing it immediately.


What is the power level this time around?



Refer to post three.


Copy/pasting directly into wattpad messes with some characters like < and "


Oh, I thought you meant the power level wasn’t correct there


It literally raped all of the words into some jumbles, perhaps it was in tandem with my phone.


Nope, lol I fixed it no worries.