EFCDT(1) I! - The Cosmo Nova Tournament!



I am done, tell me if it’s too much or not enough.


I’ll mod ya in a second, just you wait:)


By the way I am not good with scifi stuff.


Damn, I’m reading through and…he looks sort of underpowered for stellar warfare…

You could try to buff him up a bit:))


Okay here it is.


This is fantasy though, not Sci-Fi :slight_smile:


oh I thought it was scifi because of all the space stuff you introduce.



The Epic Fantasy Character Death Tournament will ALWAYS be primarily fantasy.


Can I still have my Lavi?


Still felt underpowered, although this one thing right here looks OP if we took the words literally:

  • The laser gun, shoot laser ray that penetrate through any armor.

It should be okay as long as it’s not taken literally.

Although since he’s still pretty underpowered, then it’s okay I guess.


What do you mean?


If it’s taken literally, then “penetrate through ANY armor” could be OP as hell.

However I’m sure that we don’t need to take it as something literal. Though the decision is in the head mod on whether this need to be changed or not.


What should I add to make him not under-powered?


We’re at a VERY HIGH power level, in a round that accept world-destroying deities, monsters that could blow open the planet, superheroes that can move faster than lightning…

You’re going to compete among such characters. His weapons would barely cause a scratch, and his armor could break with a single hit. He’s below the power level.


Hmm… so I needed to add more to his power and weapon. And since this is fantasy can I actually change his background and let him be a god or demi god?


Yes, or you could bring a much stronger character than this guy.




it might take me a while to rewrite him.


Isokay, we got time:)