EFCDT(1) I! - The Cosmo Nova Tournament!



This took like 2 hours


I’m writing this as I go down your form.

The Empire State Building is 1250 ft (381 m) tall. Burj Khalifa is around 2.5x that standing at 2717 ft (828m) tall. Pick a rough estimate in-between if you want:)

I like the weapons, but I’d like to know some base data about them as well: what can they do (e.g. destroy a house in one fell swoop, cut a mountain in half, smash a planet with one blow, etc.), do the weapons come with any other abilities on the side, can they be broken and if so how.

Same goes for the armour: how much damage can it withstand(e.g. enough to destroy a city, a continent, a planet), [possible] weakspots/strongspots, additional abilities the armour may bring.

Tools/Consumables is for things like potions, elixirs, flasks, grenades, spell-scrolls, etc. The ammo is counted separately for all intents and purposes and it’s a little extraneous to state at this power level:)

As for abilities, I may be used to a different kind of form, so bear with me. It’d be useful if you could list them in bullet lists or numbered lists, for ease of access. It’s much easier for the mods to look up a certain ability like this. Another issue I see with the abilities is the same vagueness as before

a) She is an Eternal, not an Immortal, am I reading this right? This means she can’t die…whatsoever, right? I’m not sure I can allow this, since it’s literally against the very rules of this tournament. People need to be able to die to enter:) I understand that her body can be destroyed? How exactly is that achieved? What happens when her body gets destroyed?

b) She can harness these three elements? Meaning what, exactly? What can she control about them? What does controlling the Light and Dark allow her to do, precisely? Purify? Corrupt? Attack? Protect? Please detail these aspects.

Base data is things like strength, speed, reflexes, perception. You could think of the things on the side of a D&D character sheet if it helps.

That being said, I think if you clarify this, I can give my seal of approval. She may still be a little on the underpowered side because her abilities seem to have such a mismatched power level (She can wipe an entire army with an ability, but destroy a star with another…that’s a big leap).

Waiting on ya, other mod bois.


I literally stated she gets trapped in her realm

She can die, but it’s not a true death and it takes a super long time for her to come back from it


No clue what that is


Actually, her abilities progress from one another, she goes from able to do basic things (i.e. killing and such) to slowly working up to being able to destroy entire armies and from there she goes to destroying gods and goddesses (she mainly does this to other Divines) and consuming their power, this leads up to her destroying the stars (I just remembered something about her, it’s the whole reason she can do the star thing, she can take another person’s power and use it as her own, but only if she makes prolonged eye contact)

I will have to go back later and alter things (and point out her weaknesses since they seem to be nonexistent)


Done, working on making things not so vague


I don’t have anyone themed around creation, so not joining this one


@GrouchyPotato @Crimson_Scythe Thanks for manning the fort guys <3

It’ll probably be tuesday next week when I start spamming final/semi-final reviews.


Could be a lot you know.

Could make something, could control something.

Don’t you have those guys that make things spin? That would be awesome as fuck at this power level! :sparkles:

spins an entire planet for Ultimate


Not powerful enough to infuse an entire planet with spin. I already have less than five characters would reach this power level and four of them are way beyond.


Oh yeah you don’t like the nerf/buff system, huh.

It’s a bummer, but I guess it can’t be helped.







You could have made an AU for this kind of round. Like, when you submit someone to EBG, it’s essentially you expanding them in a situation that never happens on the story.

You liked making plot, you sure could take each of these rounds as actual spins-off but it’s actually a crossover consisting of many authors.


I’ll decide when I finish my rewrite


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Tbh I can’t wait to get things back on track. Felt out of my mind lately.


I can relate to that one, I am currently on a cleaning binge hoping it’ll get me back to normal (I have come to realize my room reflects my mental state, just a glance at it tells me if I’ve let go of myself or not)


For me it’s whether or not I am doing thins in order. Forcing them back in order should fix me.