EFCDT(1) I! - The Cosmo Nova Tournament!



More Submissions Please

Heck at this rate we won’t even make 16 good god.

If only there was some way to advertise ;-;


I still don’t know if I was approved or not


All of the submissions are gonna be approved one way or another so don’t worry lol.

Final word on Tuesday but know that the only person liable to take her from the round is you, the owner.


There is one… It’s shitty and scummy and generally ineffective, but there is a way.

Actually wait it’s not scummy, but may prove kinda ineffecfive.


Let’s hear what u got in mind in the mod chat.


this is so s h i n y

set-korim or even kavvy might fit here

speaking of which:



If you guys need more submission then I can throw myself something here.

Anyway will do the modding duty later, I need to sleep now.


Alrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrighty there, phew, that’s a nice guy. Couple of qualms, here and there, just listing.

I’m not very fond of the “may it be indestructible weapons, magic, energy, light, sound - anything.” I understand the limitation afterward is put into place to lessen the effect of this absolute, but I think there should be some more wiggle room. Is there really nothing that can withstand his Corruption?

Blight Wave is neat, but at the same time…“boundary.” I’m not sure what you mean by that. Like, he hits a wall and boom, no more Blight Wave? Or does it refer to something akin to mountain-sized barriers? Could you please elaborate?

Define “where there is corruption in the world.” Is it things like malintent, ill will, disdain, literal corruption, crime, bloodlust etc. or is it something a little on the magic/spiritual side of things? I believe it’d help in the writing:)

What exactly is the difference between Corrupted Beams and Corrupted Wrath? You made it sound like he charges for 1 minute for the same effect. Btw, does Corrupted Beams have a charge time as well?

I’m not sure I understand Wrath of Corruption (also, great naming scheme, btw:)). So he sacrifices defense so that he gains a life-draining ability in his hands? Is this basically Enigma of Corruption on steroids?

Again with the “no amount of power” and “none can escape.” I’m sure I can find something to defy it:)) Point is, you’re dealing in absolutes and I’d say that’s a big no-no. Give a condition through which some can escape/ destroy it. Even at this level of power there’s another level above it. There is a way:)

Other than that, may I say, cool concept. Come back to za mods with some clarifications I asked for (the other, more experienced mods may say these are extraneous, but oh well), and you’re all set to go.



Ou how many subs is this now, time to collect.


Subs: 3


I love making forms ^.^


Anyone still need this?

I’ll probably go underpowered af so I can get defeated easily.


You should enter if you want, right now we only have 3 submissions so one alone wouldn’t help yet lol. Let’s see how this goes.

You should enter to try to win though… I appreciate passion, that’s why I do this.

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Whenever I enter any tournament as a player (aside from the ye olden FCDB where I’m competitive as hell) I never focus on winning and just wanna have fun with everyone, but thank you for the reminder :3

EBG Chat Area - Edition XV / 15 - The Fifteenth Council Reunited

boops in

Okay let’s do this!

Well Set-Korim is an endgame enemy in the story, so that explains why Corruption is so ansolute. In the sense of a wiggle room, it would either be the time for it to happen at full force. Or if SK gets returned to its home.

Could be barriers made of energy or magic, but it must be strong like it can weather nukes or something like that. The size will have to matter as well. Maybe mountain-sized barriers.

In every kind of way.

Corrupted Wrath is actually just a version of Corrupted Beam, but numerous. It’s charge time is a minute.


There is a way to escape Call of Oblivion, they would just have to be far away from the area where it will take effect.

I hope this helped clear some things.

boops out


Creationist power…

I might gonna submit Cheron here because oh how much I waited for the right moment to share him to the forum, and the chance is finally here! ^-^/


do it crim!!!


I’m bringing Cheron

Time to crack the cold one with a terribly lazy but beautiful boy

(Preview of Cheron)


Okay boys it’s Tuesday!

The Founder has arrived to do his job.


Okay I see you’re buffing Lavi, take your time and have fun ^-^