EFCDT(1) I! - The Cosmo Nova Tournament!



Cute, she has rainbow eyes :3

I DID have to look up Trico, it’s ok lol. Descriptions don’t have to be all that precise - just accurate.

Usually carries her sword, which turns out to be the sword of another Divine, it’s blade is pure black with purple forks of lightning along it (in the metal, not around it). She also has two huge war axes, a gift to her from the Divine, Detchris. These war axes are also her main weapon when using her Guardian/Divine side. She can also materialize a bow that used to be her father’s, it’s an Elemental Bow. It is black and very heavy, it only will respond to her (and her father). It is alive with fire, some parts of it looking like there is magma in it. The arrows she looses with it use the same magic as the bow, anything she does with the bow does not draw off of her.

Gonna need damage data for all these weapons, along with durability for each - since weapons do break, unless you wanna make them indestructible, which would cost you some power in another area.

ARMOUR: In her Divine of War form she has metal plates she gained when destroying an entire army, the metal melting down and reforming around her body. She can either wear it or not wear it. In human form she doesn’t wear much armor, but the clothing she wears is made with dragon scales (offered up by dragons who are shedding their scales as hatchlings). Her armour (the dragon scale stuff) can self heal (but only to a certain extent) she can be injured wearing this simply by the use of a sword, it’s real benefit is that it gives her some magical bonuses, namely against magic. Magic attacks deal only half the damage they would otherwise. Strong points, along the scales

Okay I need durability for the plate armour. For the dragon scale armour… yep it seems fine for now. :slight_smile:


Bullets. Arrows. Not much I can think of.

We don’t really worry about ammo anymore, we treat them as infinity unless specifically stated by the owner that there is a limit. Basically, this just means you have no tools or consumables - the power that isn’t here can be used in another area.

She is also a phoenix, she turns into this by setting herself on fire, either letting her Elemental fire consume her or by literally being lit on fire. It is extremely painful, and she either has to use more energy reassembling herself into the form of a phoenix or she can wait for a breeze to blow her ashes away, giving them the lift they need to start forming. This can be dangerous for her (turning into her phoenix form that is) because there is always the possibility of her not being able to complete the change and then her body will be forever destroyed, and she will be stuck in her realm: Evermore.

Okay I hope for the Phoenix dsata later, since this is a form for combat we need to know it’s capabilities.

Also, she is what I call and Eternal, which means she lives forever but can never die (I have my own version of Immortal: Can live forever but can also be killed). Her body however can be destroyed. (She gets stuck in her realm if this happens)

Okay this is like Aquihet who’s currently in EBG - gets dragged back to the goddess realm by the chains of binding when he runs out of magic.

She can control the Celestial Elements of Light and Dark. (These can create life, restore it or completely destroy it, she can also send out blasts of Light and Dark shards (like ice?). These can also be used offensively or defensively and she can wield them both at once but they can become out of her control if she doesn’t keep herself focused on them enough.

Always damage measurement, never forget it. Anything that can do harm must be measured, whether it be “capable of destroying this/that” or Low/Low-Average/Average/Average-High/Low-High/High/Very High

She can also control a third, unnamed one (it is the precursor to Light and Dark as neither one of them existed before the other). This third Celestial Element is highly unstable, it also manifests in the form the user can comprehend (for Angel, that is lightning). She is believed to be the first Divine to ever harness it (it kills those who cannot handle the power, or it rejects them and leaves a small bit of them with them, like Detchris who has purple lightning and her son, the King of Gods who has blue lightning).

Damage :wink:

Her being a phoenix also has to do with her being the Divine of War. In this form, she can actually incinerate an entire army, raise their ashes up and into her own army.

I see she can raise the dead. While I won’t allow use on other players or those on equal or higher power level, I will allow it to remain.

From this point I’ll be skipping the one where I’ll just tell you to measure the damage.

She is also an Elemental (all Elementals are Shapeshifters but not all Shapeshifters are Elementals, also she is only a Divine and a Shapeshifter due to her heritage, if you want, let me know and I can explain her bloodline as it only goes back to her great grandfather on her father’s father’s side. It only goes back to her grandfather on her mother’s side,) since she is an Elemental she can control all four Elements: fire, water, air and earth. She has a closer bond with fire. She can heal or destroy using the Elements. They are commonly used to destroy, she can also summon creatures made of the Elements to fight for her.

These creatures, give a standard expectation for them. They need to be noted for the battle as well, and a battle must be measured.

She has an extremely heightened sense (like unnaturally heightened).

I’m assuming this means the 5 senses that we have. This also needs to be measured, such as seeing for x miles, spelling for x miles etc. If not, this needs some more thorough explaining - because I am guessing you could also just mean some kind of instinct.

She also has…only thing I can call it is ‘super strength’ even among her kind.

You can measure this the same as attacks with any label from Low to Very high, or just give melee damage and lift weight values.

As War she can consume stars as well (not sure how far this ability will develop, this is new information to me that was revealed to me when I was thinking about how she had no Divine Form as War and how she was two different Divines mashed as one…yeah…that led to me seeing what her War form looks like)

The questions here are: what method she uses to do so, how long it takes and if the size of the star does not matter. Such a powerful move will require a cooldown to avoid spam and pace the battle well. She could for example open her mouth and begin to suck up the energy of the star and would be able to drain a sun-sized star within a minute - with a cooldown of 1 hour

But what does she do after that? Spit the energy back out like a beam? That would be cool.

Also, when she is using her War abilities, after being a phoenix is when this first happened, she can turn to ash and rematerialize elsewhere, traveling as ash at high speeds and rematerializing.

Needs a measurement as well, the standard at this power level would be Mach level speeds btw.

She can mimic and even turn the abilities of others into her own (requires prolonged eye contact and physical touch, be it their hands or even hair) she can do this intentionally or unintentionally, most of the time she isn’t even aware of it, but she doesn’t do it often, this is also how she can do the star thing, she gained it from her brother, Mordue who is known as The Devourer (that’s his Divine identity, he is Fated to consume all in existence, she stole the ability during an encounter with him when he begged her to stop him, he doesn’t want to destroy everything)

Alright she can Mimick, this will be a player only allowance - meaning it can’t be used against the boss that will come later and not on dead players. Other than that, at what level does she copy, as in how much contact would she need to use an ability as well as the original wielder? (Note that this would have to be a lot and my suggested ‘prolonged contact’ is half an hour.)

Oops, I forgot to add her scream…she has this scream which she can use to incapacitate or even kill other creatures/people (it has limitations) but it can cause extreme pain, but it also hurts her as well (not the sound though, actually performing it) and it is linked with her being a phoenix (actually the scream is the sound she makes in this form, which actually terrifies many people when they hear it, the reason why she screams as a phoenix is because it’s what she dies doing when she’s being burned alive during her first transformation when she was burned at the stake)

Well this is very vague, we need information concerning other on the power level. Definitely nobody here will just from that scream - unless you were to make it a very powerful one time move that does a lot of damage and COULD potentially kill someone. As it is I am not sure if it is a normal scream, if it does damage or if it is magic.

BASE DATA: She can throw someone into a very thick cement wall and cause the wall to crack. She can travel realms, consume the essence of another God or Goddess and in turn become that much more powerful. Not sure what all to put for her base data (yes, I looked, but I am having trouble thinking of her physical capabilities right now).

Her base data is dependent on that contact ability? I suppose in that case I can shorten half an hour to 15 minutes - since it would be a miracle to get anyone here pinned for 5 minutes.

Base data are actually physical expectations, treat it like a physical in some Super Power P.E class. How strong are you, how powerful are your melee attacks(without weapon) how fast can you run/fly/float, how flexible are you, how are your reaction times?

Also, she has her great grandfather earth-bound to her (not her choice or his). Anyway, Nightmare is his name, he’s an Original. When he takes control her eyes turn to his (which are black) and when he takes full control he can force her body to turn into his (which is the form he was in when he died, he is no longer dead or alive). This form is that of a wolf but it is twice the size of Angel in her wolf form. He can summon black vines and black flames. He gifted the Shapeshifters with the Elements, so when he uses them, they are black and ‘decayed’ or ‘corrupted’ even ‘twisted’ versions of themselves because he himself is a twisted version of himself (long story that one). She will often fall back to him (as they coexist in one body usually). They can even merge themselves and her eyes will turn black but will look like they have black flames trapped inside, when this happens they refer to their body (be it in her form that she is in when they merge or whether they shift into Nightmare’s body, which they usually do since he is so powerful) they refer to themselves as ‘they’ (Example: They leaped forward, ripping out the soldier’s throat. They let out a bone chilling, hair raising howl that sent terror ripping through the minds of their enemies.)

We are assuming no physical changes, are their elements stronger like this? Ofc, that would only make sense though… gotta put the damage measurements on all the things on your form that do damage.

Also, she has an Elemental horse (he appeared way before I realized just what the hell she was. His name is War.) His Element is fire (Elemental horses have only one Element) and he has a lot of attitude.

We’re destroying a lot here, planets will be going (and possibly coming) like cheap toys. If this horse can’t fly or isn’t strong enough to withstand the destruction of a planet its toast.

Most of her actions are limited by one thing: energy. If she cannot muster up the energy to do a thing, she cannot do it. This is what consuming the life force of other gods and goddesses as well as consuming stars does, it gives her the energy to perform massive feats.

Ah, I see so she eats it just for the energy to keep fighting. I will treat it as that she enters the battle with the energy equivalent of a small star (smaller than the sun) and she would take occasional moments to attempt absorbing some energy from one of the surrounding stars.

Conclusion: This is a great character, I think I’ll have fun writing her :smile: But she’s definitely lacking her measurements.


This has nothing to do with her mimicking, this is literaly taking what they are and using it to strengthen herself (may or may not be applicable here, but she can only do it if she kills them)

Also, I’m not good at measuring damage or doing stats, I usually just describe what happens when she does these things


I was just putting anything and everything :woman_shrugging:


Not sure about surviving planets being destroyed, but he once lost his leg in battle, then appeared later with it back :woman_shrugging: no clue where he goes to or where he comes from


Aww~ He’s adorable.

Set-Korim has no gender.

Ono, then everyone will be assuming his gender and the assuming gender meme will spread like wildfire. XD I’m just kidding

Set-Korim’s appearance is similar to a human’s but its body is really long and stretched out. Its body is pale white and ashen. It has no face - merely a place where the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are supposed to be and its arms are longer than its body. Set-Korim stands at an impressive 100 meters, or as tall as a football stadium in comparison.

He should play basketball tbh. :3

I enjoyed the backstory and description a lot, they weren’t too long or too short :+1:

However, once touched by Set-Korim’s corruption, there is no way to heal it - not even with the power of the Genesis Box can refill the void of corruption Set-Korim’s touch had caused.

We’ll be limiting this to match duration for the tournament. I believe this is the better option (the other is making it so weak it wouldn’t be that bad to enter the next match partly corrupted)

Armory: Set-Korim has no armor, however, its body is durable enough to withstand an attack that can destroy small planets the size of Mercury - that is for both physical and magical and energy-based. Its body is also not affected by any attack that has the power to corrupt things and other life forms. Dark powers are lessened by a half if it hits its body. It is advised that purifying powers would be applicable to defeat and/or wound it.

Alright nice and well put, as expected of a veteran Fantasy Battler :smile: Based on his defense so far he seems like the Glass Canon type.

Abilities: Corruption - is Set-Korim’s passive ability. Corruption destabilizes reality, making it fragile and unusable. Anything in the realm of reality, may it be indestructible weapons, magic, energy, light, sound - anything - will be affected by Corruption (aside from Set-Korim) even flesh. Corruption will turn it fragile enough that a single touch from Set-Korim can break it. This ability, however, has a buildup time of 5 hours for the full effect of it to happen.

@GrouchyPotato It’s okay :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll just have a range put on it.

Ricy, just as the damage level maximums at large stars, effective ranges will be similar. A certain entity present in the Tournament - for plot sauce, instead of removing such a cool ability - will monitor Set-Korim and limit his corruption to inside the arena grounds and about a planet radius around him. Yes, this being is quite powerful, you guys will get to meet it soon.

Blight - another passive ability of Set-Korim. Whenever Set-Korim enters a world or a reality, everything around it… fails. Plants will die wherever it steps on, the earth will crack and turn black, and the air around it will be poisonous to breathe, and above, dark clouds will form around it–in the case of deep space it would just produce dark matter and reality fluctuations. Basically, Set-Korim is poison to the world. Any kind of world. That poison also manifests in some kind of dark miasma that surrounds Set-Korim’s body - and if ever it touches flesh or flesh touches it, the flesh will be corrupted, and that corruption will spread throughout the body. No amount of healing and regenerative abilities can stop it. Only purifying power - strong purifying power - would be enough to stop the corruption from spreading.

Okay, I’m thinking. This is mostly fine. However, as before it will be limited to inside the Arena - also this ability just like any damaging move [This is how it works here.] Will be affected by body durability and possibly armour buffs.

By that, I mean that if someone is as durable as a large planet, to cause fatal harm to this person the blight would have to be enough to actually almost destroy a large planet. So it is very direct here. I have also interpreted corruption as a passive that decreases the durability of the enemy over time until it degrades to nothing - hopefully, this was your intention?

Enigma of Corruption - as a being made of pure Corruption, anything that is corrupted and involves corruption - he can feed on to for life and power. Set-Korim can never die as long as there is corruption in the world or the place it is in and its body would keep on regenerating, slowly of course, but it cannot be stopped.

The setting of this Tournament is sadly in such an innocent place that has yet to be touched, he’s barely gonna regenerate unless by some other character so this seem A-Okay.

Dead Scream - One of the moves Set-Korim has in possession that can alter its featureless face. If used, the face of Set-Korim will form a large, cavernous mouth that will release a piercing scream throughout the world. It can even make gods deaf and mortal’s dead upon hearing its scream. However, this move is only for self-defence, and will only activate if someone has a very powerful malice to kill Set-Korim and is a meter close to it already. Has a cooldown of 5 minutes, the duration of the scream is also 5 minutes and once it finishes, the mouth will disappear as well.

Well, I won’t allow anybody to be deaf for an indefinite duration. I’ll allow the deafness to last for 5 minutes in the form of hearing returning to normal over time. So i’m guessing your intention is to have the enemy flinch and back off?

Force of Corruption - by pointing its hands on an object, Set-Korim can use a little bit of Corruption on it to make it fragile. It is most effective on magical and energy barriers but less effective on physical ones. It takes a long time for this move to settle in, usually, however, for barriers that can only weather attacks that can destroy mountains, it takes 5 minutes to do it.

I doubt anyone will have shields or weapons this weak on this power level - they would pretty much have to pile all their power into the other aspects that would have been in their Weapon and Armour department. So, I’m allowing you to increase this to weathering moon destruction.

Wrath of Corruption - is one of Set-Korim’s ultimates. By sacrificing its defense so that an attack that can destroy the moon will be enough to kill it, Set-Korim’s hands will become totally dark with its Blight miasma. One touch from this move will turn anything into corrupted energy in which Set-Korim can feed upon to restore its defense once again. The problem with that is, the more corruption there is, the Wrath of Corruption’s power is lessened bit by bit. Wrath of Corruption has a cooldown of 25 minutes.

If “turns star into corrupted energy” is basically what this is, once per battle would be acceptable. Other than that, it needs a duration for how long the Ability will last - it also needs a maximum capacity to turn anything into corrupted energy. For example, no insta-kills, a player with durability above a certain level would survive this - a reasonable level for this being about a large planet.

Call of Oblivion - is one of Set-Korim’s ultimates. When using this move, Set-Korim must feel the malice at a very critical level. Once that happens, a large rip in reality forms around Set-Korim, a portal to the Third Plane of Chaos and the Void, as large as the Hagia Sophia dome, that will suck and destroy anything in a 300 meter radius. None can escape this unless you are far away, and no amount of power can destroy this move. It has a duration of 2 minutes and once it ends, Set-Korim is sucked into that portal and return to the Third Plane of Chaos.

He would get disqualified that way since he can’t come back, he can’t come back right? So this is a suicide move. Hm, I guess it’s fine given how specific the condition is.

Blight Rising - is one of Set-Korim’s ultimates. Using this move, Set-Korim injects the Blight ability deep into a realm’s core. It usually takes an hour for it to set, but once finished, the world becomes corrupted. Set-Korim can then feed off of the corruption and become basically immortal and powerful. Set-Korim’s stats will be increased tenfold and it can use all its abilities (aside from this one) without the need for cooldown and charge time. Blight Rising lasts for 60 seconds.

The effect of this will be force adjusted by the same Powerful Entity mentioned earlier, it will be restricted to inside the Arena. It will be fine seeing as things only become fragile for Set-Korim.

Corruption’s Bulwark - is one of Set-Korim’s ultimates. One thousand Corrupted Beams are ejected out of its face, that will merge into one, powerful and destructive beam capable of razing planets the size of Jupiter to stellar dust. This move allows five shots each with a minute of interval. The beams will hone in on enemies. Has a cooldown of 1 hour.

Well, now I’m not sure if he’s a glass Canon or not. Sure, he also has the durability decreasing effect on his opponent and also blight… hm.

Okay definitely a glass Canon, for now, just worry about the reviews above.


Lol take control of your characters.

Okay so, you won’t mind me placing the measurement values for you right? I’ll get her to standard.


Question can my character backstory have some greek gods his relative or parents?


The backstory is never altered by the mods. Just everything that regards combat.

Be free:)


Yup. The backstory is all just for some entertainment after all. Not an official part of the form.


Can we go from your measurements? If I think they are too low or high can I adjust them?


My backstory is long for Oakenson…but I can always simplify it


Well I wouldn’t make too low or too high in the first place. But if you wanted it changed in any way you could still always ask.

Well the backstory is all your choice, as long as you’d enjoy writing it.


I meant for what is too low or high based on how I think of them


Yeah feel free to ask that stuff, like when you want the character to focus more on some aspect than another. coz if you’re not pleased with the form then there’ll be no point


I kinda thought about the two doing their own separate things, converging into one. Blight would make everything corrupted, thus sustaining SK and Corruption would literally wreck people given long enough time (within liited bounds of course). But I believe this is good as well.

Yus. I thought about that but forgot the thing about returned hearing haha.


The duration would be that the more SK corrupts things, the lesser the ability’s power would be until it disappears. Of course, I’ll make sure it doesn’t affect character that gravely.

Yes, it cannot come back.

Also, i agree to the other things you suggested about limiting SK’s power and area of effect.


Ah so the more he corrupts the less of i he has, so it’s like a battery. It will use up energy to do it’s job.

I kinda forgot about the feeding on corruption part midway I’ll have to look back.


I’ve change it


Nice! Seems like he fits better to the round now, but there’s still few things to tweak around if needed.

Let me ask the head mod @Logia-senpai anything in Lavi Volo that you want me to nerf/buff?


thank you.


This is on the same document right? Hopefully.