EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



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Don’t worry guys I’m still alive. We’re still progressing.


Again do I have to explain what Nadia reaction would be when she check out the bush?


No because i’d have to tell you what happens when the bush is opened, and the other person hasn’t answered yet. To the bush.


okay I’ll wait


progressing…very…s l o w l y


Sorry, my life sucks and I’m under a lot of stress.

[@iamnotasmartguy] [@thetrueterrydactyl] [@1213NR] [@wedergeboorte] [@r_u_okay] [@grouchypotato] [@cupcakesparkles101] [@lxoxgxixa]

Sorry. I can’t even write right now, I need to get my life together.

Anyway, Cryptid battle characters haven’t all responded to me right? @wedergeboorte is still MIA

I’m going to make it very clear next time that players need to be active at least once every three days and if they spend so much time away they need to quickly respond to me and give me the necessary information before they disappear again.


Mhmmm don’t mind me, I just wanna watch the progress of the game~





Then, EBG will be the one that progressed.

*goes back to writing he round intro *



Simple strat for NARR0W’s fight, SOUND GRENADE! MWAHAHAHAHA!


I understand



I have developed a hatred for waiting on players. Tbh idk who’s waiting on who anymore… I forgot.


Do I need to do anything? I forgot everything too lol


You already said you’re not doing the NPC quest so no.

Everything this round… I have to write it.

solution # make more npc quests next time Simon, lessen your workload

There’s progress but nobody can see it coz it’s in the book!
Expect everything(the next chapter) to be done tomorrow, k?


How many players did EBG first round have? On town square.


Why not get someone to help you write things if you’re too overworked? I’d be glad to help you write out things like the Cryptid battles.



I’ve been doing that. It would be good for you to help. Check the new chapter of the book, all the sections are separated. So it’s easy to tell where to write what.


Follow this account so you can stay updated fellas. https://www.wattpad.com/user/EFCDT_Official


I think people are being slow because the real action hasn’t come yet


I guess lol.

Y’all just wanna kill each other.