EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f4zrye7otI Basically this entire song


My speakers are busted and my bluetooth earphones are charging :sweat_smile:

But neat it’s guns and roses I know them… their name at least.

Okay listening now.


Has no women to cry over me except my mom and aunts :sob:

I thought you wanted this civil war?

I actually listened to all of it.


The comments are full of fake woke people


But we don’t need their civil war.


XD saw them.


We need EFCDT civil war tho :wink:


I will submit a character directly based off the song I swear


hey how’s are you? Do you feel okay to write the story?


Not really, but I’ll write it anyway. Like I said it’ll most likely be done tomorrow - if not then the day after that.


Good luck


Now, I wish I had applied for that Creative Assistant/ Writing Assistant position instead. Truth be told that was my initial aim, but then you got me as a mod trainee and I thought (and still think) this was just an intermediary position. Hope I can help a little more in the near future:))


Those positions are time gated.

Sticking around for one round is the requirement, that way I know I can trust the person in question. So you can get one of those positions, or two if you want. Once our first round is over.

~Stuff is critical in the mod chat, which you will also get access to once this test round is over. So will whoever else joins quickly enough.

N.B The current mods are all friends I’ve known since months ago so they got biased treatment and became full on mods immediately. They are also used to this environment.

Trainee Mod --> Real Mod


Btw, you can still help if you want to. Write up one of them and let me see.

I assume you’ve gotten a hold of my email address? Share the document with me that way.


I don’t think so. I know you’ve edited that NPC quest a while back, but that’s about it. I’ve got your…whatever Google wants to call that, I guess Google Docs username, but no email.




Does it matter which one I write?


Yes because Terry is already writing Pate and NARR0W.

You can’t write yours either.


I kinda figured that out:))

Problem is the only one remaining is @wedergeboorte’s and they haven’t given any indications as to what strategy should their character follow. So…I’m not sure I should wing it.


Yeah, If he isn’t here by tomorrow, just do it.