EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



EBG test round on the town square? Just four peoples.

Truth to be told, you did your test round faaar better than how I did my test round. At least you’re far more prepared.


Well I would only have a few too, but EBG players came.

I only got about 4 new players.


Really sorry to drop out like this, but I’m in the midst of a serious medical situation, so unfortunately I have to drop out. Again I’m really sorry, I obviously didn’t see this coming at all. Sorry I didn’t say anything sooner, I just haven’t had the chance to think about any hobbies at all let alone Wattpad. Good luck.


Well, I hope everything turns out OK. Thank you for notifying us you will not be available.

We regret you must leave EFCDT and hope you can join us next time.


Okay, good luck brother.

I’ll officialize it later.


Now uh… what the fuck am I gonna do about this?

I guess I’ll put Poramore in stasis. He won’t fight until the siege boss.


cough cough

Shouldn’t we be continuing the tournament by now?


3.3 Well, I would, If I had finished the chapter.


So… any progress yet?


[@iamnotasmartguy] [@thetrueterrydactyl] [@1213NR] [@wedergeboorte] [@r_u_okay] [@grouchypotato] [@cupcakesparkles101] [@lxoxgxixa]

You guys have been waiting for a long time, for that, I apologized. I’ll be honest and say that it could have been managed better. I take the responsibility for the delay.

So without further a due!


It’s ready now everyone! I hope you all enjoy reading it :smile: Don’t be shy, drop a star :star2:


[@iamnotasmartguy] [@thetrueterrydactyl] [@1213NR] [@wedergeboorte] [@r_u_okay] [@grouchypotato] [@cupcakesparkles101] [@lxoxgxixa]


Why yes, there is. :smile:

Status corner updates in a few hours everyone! :fountain_pen:


I’m kinda disappointed my character got bitten, but it’s okay.


Lol, some bushes are bad, some bushes are good. But good bushes have the best stuff :wink:




[@iamnotasmartguy] [@thetrueterrydactyl] [@1213NR] [@wedergeboorte] [@r_u_okay] [@grouchypotato] [@cupcakesparkles101] [@lxoxgxixa]

Are you ready guys?




What a crowd, huh? :sweat_smile:


What are we doing?


Moving on to the next fantasy day.

Have you guys made all changes to your items?