EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



You guys did mostly horrible on the last fantasy day XD.

That was wretched, most of you got nothing or got nothing and got injured.


Poor, unfortunate souls…


Start working on your Cryptid battle.


I…have nothing to trade. Damn bush.

I guess MemeOverlord will just rest in the village and heal.


So my character trade something in the store?


No you have an NPC Quest.


sorry got confused of the list


So if I help the farmer, he will give his child to my character as a squire?


No… I don’t tell you what the reward is.


okay gotcha, I’ll write it but it might take long because I am still working on other stuff.



Tell us your fighting strategy.

@Crimson_Scythe When she answers you’ll write this one I guess.

This round we got out all the NPC quests so most of the writing is initially the player’s, though if they forfeit it one of us will write for them.


With all this new information, by January all the rules will have been finalized and the final front page code release.

I estimate drastic changes will have been made to the game.


Write which one?


So I write this one?


Yes, yes you do.


Cupcake sparkle’s cryptid battle with the Ice Golem, the information is on the list I posted before.


Ayeee okay I could do that with no problem

There’s no additional stuff about the setting/monster/player for me to read before writing the battle later when the time comes?


Oh you don’t have that stuff eh… I’ll take you to the overview.


hey sorry to interrupt but, it might take longer to write my quest.


It’s fine.

This game wasn’t intended to move very fast. So that people who have to work and so forth could still play.