EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



Hey I’m back! I’ve been busy for the past few days so that’s why I’ve been MIA

Ah, I finally get to kill stuff XD

Since Natali can control ice, the golem’s ice blast will mean nothing to her. Also, her red bullets can probably break through it’s frozen tomb.

That being said, this would basically be the strategy:

  • Dodge ice blasts

  • Shoot green bullet, then launch into “Laser Light Show” mode and attempt to stab the golem with one of the lasers.

  • If it goes into a frozen tomb, then Natali would use the red grenade.


I’m bringing this to your attention guys, it’s important for those of us who want to preserve Wattpad.


Other than that, battle scenes are progressing nicely :smile: Anticipate it.


I’ve seen this, but I gotta say that as a small “creator” I don’t think I’ll have any voice in this. But I wholeheartedly agree that Wattpad has gone down in the dumps over the course of this year. So little transparency is reminiscent of politics rather than a damn website for story sharing…


“He who thinks himself voiceless, shall become so.” - Anon.


I actually have a throat sorer than I can bear. Oh no… The prophecy was real!

Also, is it ok if I look at previous battles to see how my monster acts/thinks?


Is burning down the entire field an option? Technically he cleared the snow.


Sure they’re right there in the book :smile:


You’re doing the Man Overboard NPC Quest. You’re saving the drowning men

So what do you mean?


I thought it was the one with the leeks


Mr Sorbo’s leek farm, I have to clear the snow or the leeks will die


No it’s the one under you not above you lol.

Btw, I picked leeks for that because they can be farmed and maintained in harshly cold temperatures.


Evidently my iq has dropped again





I highly doubt the validity of this test, it’s not a real iq test


I just wanted to make u feel smart :sob:

I know it’s rubbish.


Aight, I finished my cryptid battle. Rate my shitty writing:)


Question in the leek farm, does the farmer already has a growing leek and want Nadia to help collect them or wanted her to plant the leeks?


To help him take care of them or collect them, you can choose.