EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



Important Announcement!
After seeing and feeling the results of this test round I have finalized the way this game will work. There is no reason to drag things on in the current situation. Given the way the final rules and regulations are, it will become a much shorter and more exciting experience!

We are moving on to the opponent matchups immediately! I will now randomly generate all the data necessary.


Compact Version

@R_U_Okay vs @LxOxGxIxA
@GrouchyPotato vs @TheTrueTerrydactyl
@cupcakesparkles101 vs @1213NR
Stasis! @iamnotasmartguy


Now all I have to do is generate the hazards zones, if any, and we will move on to the showdown!

Due to wedergeboort’s disqualification, we are down one player. The player intended to fight him will now be put in ‘stasis’ until we all face the SIege Boss.

Player In Stasis: @iamnotasmartguy


Hazard :biohazard: : No Hazard!


Hazard :biohazard: : Slowly Freezing :snowman_with_snow:

  • Slowly Freezing: A magic flux that encases characters in ice over time. Staying too still would turn one into a block of ice within 1 minute


Hazard :biohazard: : No Hazard!


[@iamnotasmartguy] [@thetrueterrydactyl] [@1213NR] [@wedergeboorte] [@r_u_okay] [@grouchypotato] [@cupcakesparkles101] [@lxoxgxixa]

Let the matches, BEGIN! :confetti_ball::crossed_swords::boom::exploding_head::skull::warning::balloon:


Wait what?


You and @cupcakesparkles101 will have a character battle! Read her form and come up with battle strategies to discuss with her.


I’ll get the forms for everybody.


okay but, do we discuss our battle plans.


Yes, discuss the battle with your opponent.

I seem to be having trouble finding the forms.

@1213NR @cupcakesparkles101 Please show each other your character forms :blush: I kinda Misplaced a few forms and Idk what’s correct anymore :sweat:


@1213NR here’s my character form:



but wouldn’t that give it away?


No…you two are battling anyway


@cupcakesparkles101 My form:


No, you guys can’t discuss strategy if you don’t know each other’s moves. I know it’s a bit weird but that’s how it works :smile:


I’ll take a look and try to form a strategy


me too but, if some is too much and might be overpowered. Just tell me!


You’re already nerfed, you’re both capable of having a fair fight.


Damn, Terry, I’m facing your Memelord. If it wasn’t for Carter’s stern and uptight personality we’d have had some great laughs:)