EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



I still can’t believe I lost the character forms :confused: Nobody try anything sneaky, I remember every nerf I give


Hell yeah nigga the real action has begun

Oh wait I have no one. Looks like he continues trudging through the snow.




I looked it up already, but thanks. Here’s mine:

Shall we discuss some hot ass strategy?


Lol sorry. Since we’re in a rush this happened. You’ll be in the siege battle though which is a plus, you won’t risk dying before then.


Sure thing, he can just spend the time waiting for another ammo pouch to spawn randomly.


Guys what’s going on? Nobody’s discussing lol.

@R_U_Okay you ready m8?


Okay @GrouchyPotato Ready to fite me m9?!?

Okay, so, first, I have a question about the strength of Mona’s pistol. While I know MemeOverlord can be hit with Carter’s pistol (I’ll assume “heavy duty” is above 25 caliber, if it isn’t than correct me)

Also, I wonder if the blindless caused by the flash of the flashbang would be somewhat lessened because of his thug lyfe sunglasses? :thinking:

While the Purifier’s Cloak could be used for a quick getaway, MemeOverlord would most likely notice the shimmering effect the cloak leaves eventually, so it would be better to not stay in it too long (which is probably something Carter wouldn’t know to do).

Lover’s Demise seems highly unlikely to hit MemeOverlord. As I’ve said, he’s very agile and moves around a lot. Not to mention with slowly freezing that if you stand still too long you’ll freeze and get shrekt :3

Purifier’s Rage seems largely useless since they’d be too weak to bypass the cloak’s defenses, however it would still be good to put pressure on MemeOverlord or maybe even aim at the environment instead. Of course, I dont know if Carter would come to this conclusion on his own, I’m just saying.

I have to admit, Rapid Learning is probably what I’m worried about the most. Before then, Carter wouldn’t know what would/wouldn’t be good against MemeOverlord, but he could come to the conclusion that only his pistol is strong enough to damage MemeOverlord and act accordingly. Again, I’m just saying, this is speculation, I’ll wait for your confirmation but I’m judging this based on what I’ve seen from Carter and how he acts so far.

His Increased Awareness would also give him an edge against MemeOverlord’s combat experience and wisdom on how to fight and play your opponent.

In fact, the biggest worry I can see is you getting outranged. MemeOverlord could still shoot relatively accurately outside of the reach of Carter’s Pistol and avoid getting hit, especially if he uses a Sm0k W33D and/or a Mtn Dewritos.

MLG Remix would also screw him over big time if he manages to pull it off- it would confuse him and maybe even allow MemeOverlord to get close enough for Dorito Desperado, which would punch through Carter’s leather armor with supreme super duper ease.


Don’t forget that you guys are slowly freezing. @GrouchyPotato The explanation of the hazard is under it on your matchup.


Well MemeOverlord moves around a lot anyway so that isn’t much of a problem for him anyway


It means if Carter figures it out(Which he will) :3 He’ll try use it in the battle for his advantage.


Aight, first your questions and some more info.

All the bullets fired are the same caliber, but only the damage they inflict is different as so: All pistols are firing bullets around .45 ACP. A .25 is a lot weaker than that:) The difference doesn’t come in speed or in penetration power, they’re all the same. The difference comes that each pistol has a different way of using light, and therefore damage is reduced or routed in different ways. In Purifier’s Rage the bullets are just spending less time in the barrel of the gun so that, even though you’d be hit by one, it’ll feel like a pellet gun. But imagine being hit by around 20 pellets in various spots around the body.

It’s a regular flashbang, so you’d need a welding mask to nullify the effects. Assuming the Thug Lyfe shades are around 2-5x as thick as a regular pair (or 2-5x as effective at blocking light) it may be lessened, but there’d still be an initial moment of blindness Carter can use to surprise him or escape if in a pickle.

Yeah, Carter’s Rapid Learning is akin to that of a slightly worse Taskmaster (Marvel villain–>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taskmaster_(comics)) As the fight progresses, anyone’s odds of surprising him go down. True, common sense would say that if Carter sees MemeOverlord looking at him while he’s “in stealth” he’d probably drop the charade.

With Slowly Freezing in place I think Lovers’ Demise will be used solely as a finisher. It makes no sense to use it any way else, especially against an agile opponent.

I’m thinking Carter will soon notice the “360 before every shot” thing Meme does and he’ll just dodge to the opposite direction he spun in, but I’m not sure how correct that info is:))

I’m also not sure at how range your weapons are accurate at. I struggle to believe that he can consistently hit targets up to as far as he can see (175 m). Could you give some info on that (e.g. how close the target needs to be for him to be 99% sure he’ll hit?)

As per battle strategy, I think Carter will try to not get in CQC with Meme, seeing that he is 5’ taller and a whole of a lot stronger. I don’t think Meme will use the Dubstep Remix since that’s literally a free hit for Carter and his Lover’s Demise, but I’ll wait on a confirmation on that. The biggest worry I see is Sm0k W33D. Moving at a slower pace, while your opponent is a lot more accurate is costly on a non-defensive type such as Carter. If he uses it before getting in Carter’s line of sight…we’re looking at an easy win for you. If, however he uses it in front of Carter, then he’s the one that’s about to die (it takes 3 seconds to both smoke the joint and Carter to load up his Lovers demise)

And I’m not sure about MLG Remix. If you use it at an early stage, maybe. If you use it later on, I think Carter would have an easy time figuring out the real Meme. Everything beyond late-game is pretty much useless on Carter, but early on he’s weak AF.

Another worry I have is Dance Dance Revo, since if it lands then it’s pretty much GG. I’m thinking he’d resort to using his cloak to hide and bandage himself, but with Slowly Freezing that’d have to be for at best 10 seconds before he moves again, at which point he’ll just run away until fully recovered.

That’s about it on my part, hope I’ve been thorough:)


Dance Dance Revolution should be basically useless, a small rock. You should be fine, just dodge or deflect.

Unless somehow that changed. It’s just a meme.

Which it had best not have been.


Link me ur character sheet



OKay then, thanks for the clarification :+1:

Yeah that makes sense, lol, they’re just sunglasses. That being said, if MemeOverlord sees the flashbang, common sense would tell him to look away from the flash to mitigate blindness.

Yes, Carter would notice the 360 part, but in order for him to be able to move far enough around MemeOverlord he’d have to be pretty close. Which you even said yourself was not a good idea. You also have to realize that he could just…keep going until he’s facing you then shoot you. Also, he doesn’t have to 360 with Dorito Desperado, so that might catch him off guard at first.


Fair point, I didn’t think about that. It’d be funny seeing him rolling like a top:) Now, all being justified what’s next?


@cupcakesparkles101 hey I got distracted a bit, sorry so I’ll send you my battle strategy tomorrow or the day after it.


Hey it’s totally fine! I’ve been busy lately anyway XD


Also, you do realize MemeOverlord can still move while using Sm0k W33D right?