EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



No, no I do not apparently. I was thinking he’d do like a full on smoke break, but apparently that’s overrated:))

"Hold on, hold on, can we get a time out for a moment? Thanks." *smokes*

Nah that would be funny though


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How’s it going fellas? It’s about time to get this wrapped up, ya know.

I’m giving it a time limit of two days, discuss your battle with your opponent here before the deadline. Or I’ll come to a conclusion on my own. :slight_smile:

If enough of you ask for an extension I’ll grant it!


So This might not be perfect but, it’s all I can come up.



NARR0W’s sound grenade will throw off Poramore if it gets flanked, giving it a chance to distance itself while invisible. With the factor of being a robot, it has no emotions or mind to mess with. While also having a protective barrier, its going to take many hits to destroy it before being able to kill it. It doesn’t plan on getting close though, so Poramore would need to find a way to get close and need to be able to keep up with NARR0W’s actions to survive


Poramore has high mobility, add that to use of the stab grapple he’s no easy target and highly durable one at that.

Punches and kicks will be the main method of disarming the barrier, guns being used at the closest range to spam the 3 bullets per second and quicker wear down the barrier.

Though Poramore’s love magic won’t work he’ll know immediately since it’s clearly a machine. So he’ll just fight otherwise.

A very nice move is where he grabs NR0 with the stab grapple and just flails him around before slamming him into a nice rock. He would of course need to get the shield down.

Keeping up with narrows actions after the sound grenade would be a bit of an issue, but what if he uses the stab grapple to toss it away first. It’s a grenade so he won’t think twice about getting rid of it. Depending on how fast it explodes or releases the sonar Pora would be in the clear.

Since that data isn’t on you form it is assumed as a standard grenade. 3-5 seconds, we’ll be nice and give it three seconds. Poramore will have that long to discard it. Which is more than enough time.

The big gest problem here is getting hit with the plasma shots, being in close range to deal with the shield puts him in a nice position to be shot, though I think he’ll manage.

Especially with his painkillers.

I think NR0s downfall will be the head-on nature of this fight. Even if he manages a charge shot, Poramore is tough enough to fight afterwards i think.


The outcome of the fight will mostly depend on the range of battle and terrain, but im thinking Poramore would win since hes more open-minded than the NARR0W minded to win. NARR0W is just going to try keep distancing itself for good shots


I guess you could say he’s…

NARR0W-minded. bahd uhm tss



Lol, you’re talking about a guy with CRIPPLING homophobia here. Probably not as open minded as you think :joy:

Say though, this is why Crim doesn’t submit characters to his own game. It feels weird.


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The time has come! My children!

Strategy Discussions are Closed! The battle scene writing will begin shortly.




Something to hold you off in the meanwhile.

Amidst the raging blizzards and calm snowy hills spread across the land of Wynter, 7 heroes remain, persevering through the harshest of conditions. Frostbite, hunger, thirst, injury, homesickness… loneliness.

Why do they do it you ask? Why go out of their way to come to somewhere they’ve never been before? Why risk the skin off their back to keep trudging through the deep snow?

BATTLE! That’s why.

They came here for one thing, and one thing only. The thrill that melts the frostbite, the passion that fills their hunger, the excitement that quenches their thirst, the adrenaline that trivializes injury, the brotherhood that shatters homesickness!

The time of their lives they will remember in their loneliest of hours.

This isn’t just a game. This is a lifestyle.


I am ready!!


I have like, 0% strategy from cupcake, and 20% from 1213nr.

So this fight is gonna be a little longer to write.


I’m sorry if I lack the battle strategy detail I am not good at this.


You’ll get better as time goes on :smile:


Do you want me to add more in the form?


I already wrote most of it, don’t worry this is my job lol. I’m good at it.


The Battle Scene – is Ready!!

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Should have edited some more first lol.

You guys might want to consider reading the whole thing… otherwise you’ve only seen half your fight.

Be sure to point out any typos you see! :heart: