EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



Oh wait I died?


Hm. That’s surprising.

But…Logia…when they’re returned to their original locations…it wouldn’t negate gravity lol. Why would MemeOverlord be frozen in the air? Like…what?!?


NARR0W with a NARR0W hole in its head, cool writing my dood, GG \m/


Slow motion. It wasn’t literal. It was for comedic effect.


Oh my bad lol


Twas a nice fight, tho. Poor meme got rekt by a beginning skrublord…


You see one thing I didn’t take into consideration was where they were fighting. In hindsight, it seems kinda obvious, but MemeOverlord would obviously have enough sense to try and shoot THROUGH the trees with his rifle- its a 50 caliber rifle after all :rofl:

Anyway, Good fight.


I mean, Carter won because of the light grenade.

Also Meme’s eye got fucked up throughout that whole match lol.


Hi everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed the battle scene. Next up is the siege boss mission, I’ll be preparing the prologue any time now! but please remember I’m balancing this with my own book - I might take a little while. Plz B Patient :heart:

And hey, If you liked this round, imagine how much you’ll like the first fully planned round in January!


Wouldn’t Carter also have been affected by his own light grenade though? Since he shot it when it was close to Carter anyway idk


So my character died.

Far enough since @cupcakesparkles101 did have a lot of artillery.


throws his own grenade

ducks and covers


[@thetrueterrydactyl] [@1213NR] [@r_u_okay]

You all did great in your battles! Don’t feel down. Your characters tried their best, and showed their stuff. The ace just wasn’t in their hands this time.

But hey… who knows about next time! No matter what happens, remember we’re all here to have fun. That’s why after every battle, make sure to give your opponent a firm handshake as a sign of brotherhood.

I’ll actually be adding that to the rules of formality. Win or lose, you all did great.


It was very interesting and I wanted to do it again. Once everyone is done and wish good luck of the other players!


@R_U_Okay firm handshake NR0 did good, if anybody else had taken that shot they’d probably have been goners.


@cupcakesparkles101 you were a tough gal but, I wish you luck on your next battle.




[@iamnotasmartguy] [@grouchypotato] [@cupcakesparkles101] [@lxoxgxixa]

Tomorrow, I will post the Siege Boss Mission! He’s definitely going to be a powerful foe, but with a teaspoon teamwork, I’m sure you will all succeed.

Hopefully nobody dies :skull_and_crossbones:


This is just a battle songs for them


Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna ride the hype train choooo~


[@iamnotasmartguy] [@grouchypotato] [@cupcakesparkles101]

I know I said I would have posted yesterday, I’m really sorry. I’m trying to get it done as we speak.

Right now I have some questions.

Does Natali like vegetarian food? Does she sleep in? How talkative is she?

Same question for everyone, just for each of your characters.