EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



Should i still answer those i’m kinda dead lol


No only the tagged ones young sir.

ML is in heaven now apparently, at least according to my improv writing.


No, not particularly but a man’s gotta eat. No, he sleeps with one eye open most of the time. If there is no need to speak, Carter won’t speak.


He eats human flesh, what do you think he doesn’t eat or do any more?

Pate talks just as much as all of us do.


Thanks guys.

I did not get to write yesterday because my mom… Kidnapped the charger.

I think she did it again…

She did it again! ;-;

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I was wondering if it’s possible to withdraw from a round.

As you may have seen, I don’t have a lot of time to be on EDFC and I know that in the next few weeks I’m going to get even busier (midterms, holidays,). I think it would be best to withdraw from the round so I’m not holding up progress.


I literally cant do that at this point. Even if you can’t participate I’ve lost one player already, so I’ll have to use your character without your input for the rest of the test stage.

Unless of course you have a serious problem with that.


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My laptop charger has been returned! I’ll be able to finish the siege boss intro!


Alright that’s fine


Just a reminder, I haven’t forgotten. Sorry it’s taking so long though.


Sneak Peek!

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Natali hummed as she ate breakfast downstairs. “Kale soup and bread, yum!” However, knocks on the door interrupted her.

“Good morning.” An old man entered the Inn with a small entourage behind him. He wore the same simple thick clothing as other villagers. But the shimmering ring on his index finger, and the jewel on top of the rod he carried proved that he was somehow more Important.

He had spoken to Natali, who replied with a bright smile. “Good morning!”

Catching on to her bright smile, the old man smiled as well. “A pleasure to meet you, they call me Mayor around here. Might you be one of the foreigners who has popped up here recently?”

Carter was looking down from upstairs and replied before Natali could. “What’s it to you?”

The Mayor paused. “We need your help.”


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Hiii guys!

I’ve got what you want!

I’m sorry it took so long, but we’re back on track now. The Siege boss Encounter approaches!


Hell ye nigga


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Preview! <3 :eyeglasses:

Nadia moved to the side as NR0 came up beside her. “Huh, what are you up to?” The robot smashed the window, clearing space for him to climb out and begin scaling the building.

“Objective Confirmed.”

Poramore turned to the gasping Mayor. “Well, as you can see it looks like it’s time for business! Sorry for the property damage.” He ran up to the window and smiled before jumping through backwards.

Memelord followed behind and puffed a circle of smoke, “Time to rekt some level 1 slimes!” He grabbed the top of the window and swung out through the smoke circle.

Natali complained. “What? Is this is a thing now!? Really…”

The others went out the window one by one as well, the Mayor too shaken to do anything but stare. “B-but… the door?”

NR0 aimed his rifle from the comfort of the roof, it was duck hunting time. With his technologically advanced optics, the robot aimed right between the eyes of the enemies that were hundreds of meters away.

The group ran along the ground, Carter, Poramore, Natali, Memelord and Nadia. They looked above, noticing the shots NR0 fired.

Carter grinned. “Almost makes me glad I never fought ‘im!”

Meme got impatient, “Looks like my people need me.” He hopped several meters in the air and glided off towards the incoming militia.

Poramore followed suit and used the Stab Grapple to swing from building to building using wooden columns. “Gotta thank those cute blacksmith ladies for fixing up Grappy later.”

Natali and Nadia ran together and kept up the pace. “I hope you go as hard on those monsters as you did on me!” the half-pixie said to the half-dwarf, who smirked.

The chubby girl readied her pistol and shotgun. “I’m gonna wreck the shit out of them, of course.”


Note that it’s always a first draft until my bff @GrouchyPotato Gets to editing it. :sweat_smile:


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