EFCDT! Battle Thread - I



Well :3 I’ve never forged a bazooka, but it sounds fun. :firecracker:


Sorry man, memelord is a tsundere now XD


Your boy just went to next level hard-ass. :wink: I made the protection feather do something I hope was fine :sweat_smile:


You should start the boss fight before telling me that, I can make it do whatever I want because they are the embodiment of plot armour.


It’s all good then ^.^ What I did should be all fine.


I thought he was dead


Lol, if you read the intro, he’s there.
This is a game after all, death only means a lack of victory, I can bring y’all back in the wackiest of ways.


oh lol i didnt read the intro



I only see one click on it… I guess only one person has read it :confused: This is very motivating.


The Siege Boss Encounter is also ready guys! Just waiting for grouchy to edit it. :slight_smile:


Get ready babies! It’s time to fight for your lives, literally, all of you CAN die here - in which case the boss wins.

[@iamnotasmartguy] [@thetrueterrydactyl] [@1213NR] [@The_Mad_Fox ] [@grouchypotato] [@cupcakesparkles101]

Once you’ve read all that, have a taste of the boss’ form :3 formulate your strategies and get back to me.

Siege Boss Data

Though the Kingdom perished, the bloodline of princess Lienne remained. Propagating her cursed genes, even today there are rare cases of men and women still afflicted with the curse. These men and women were called Wampyrs at first, nowadays they are called Vampires.

Of the bloodline of Lienne fell a man named Simon Tiersgate, from distant lands he came to his true origin. In hope of thrill and truth, but what Simon experienced the moment he stepped into the Castle was not the truth. The curse of Vladmir awoke within him and he became a Vampire, not only that, but the spirit of Vladmir possessed him.

Wild with vengeance, Vladmir took strong hold of Simon’s body and attacked his daughter, terrified and confused, the child ran in tears until she arrived back at the surrounding villages. There she stayed for 10 long years, as her father… as Vladmir… amassed an army of monsters to spread chaos and suffering.

Siege Boss: Simon Tiersgate [Vladmir]



Aghem! :eyes:




Just waiting for those strategies.


I spent 4 hours doing someone’s homework, gonna head home, do the same thing again, perhaps. Maybe I’ll sprinkle some strategies when I take a break.


I really wish you wouldn’t though, why do you do it for them anyway?


To keep the… things at bay.


Oh, I see. I guess you can’t do anything about that, then.


What do you even expect from Pate tho? Nothing he can do except shoot and hope for the best. The other players can do much more.


Teamwork makes the dream work they say, but true enough, he’ll still be very helpful though.

There are three keys necessary to win. Let’s see if you guys as a group can figure it out though.

The key in Poramore’s hands being his flash bang nut.