EFCDT Needs More Mods!



[This is in the Fantasy thread due to the nature of the EFCDT, as a part of the Fantasy Genre, it’s advertisements should also be there.]
The Epic Fantasy Character Death Tournament needs mods, and you just might fit the bill! One person can be more than one kind of mod at the same time.

General Mods

1 Needed.

  1. Be present frequently
  2. Assist with form reviews
  3. Assist in maintaining order
  4. Assist in decision making

Community Mods

1 needed.

  1. Be Present Frequently
  2. Maintain Order

Design Mods

1 needed.

  1. Assist in stage designing.

If you feel you have the qualities necessary to satisfy the requirements, please apply! :smile: We’d love to have you, even if you just want to see if you really CAN do it.

We’re not looking for the next J. R. R. Tolkien, we’re looking for normal people like you!
Here’s a link to the main thread!

EFCDT! Battle Thread - I

I’ll help with Cryptid battles and choice encounters. : D


Dood I will beat you with a bat. :bat:

You’re already a mod and you keep asking to be a mod lol, you can help me with whatever you want.

Seriously if you ask to be a mod one more time :joy:


I’m busy with many things, but I can help with most of these whenever I got the time.

You know my skill and seen it on the practice, so if you think I’ll be useful, just assign me to mod some of the stuff here and I’ll do my best to help.




I’ll initiate you and stuff soon. I’m not even in a rush since the next round is in January…

I kinda regret how far it is now…




walk in

oh hey