EFCDT Planning Committee

This thread is for collective effort devoted to starting the EFCDT as soon as possible, for the premiere test match in the month of September. Refer to post #26

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But i do mind! lol

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Welcome… to the Epic Fantasy Character Battle Tournament!!


This thread was made BY fantasy writers FOR fantasy writers. Ever wanted to just have you character tossed into the fray, Guns-a-blazing, ready to take on other awesome characters!?

Well this is the place. Here at EFCDT a tournament is held every four months, starting at january every year. Marking the four months January, April, July, and October!

In each tournament we accept 14-20 characters, but this amount could always increase later. Every tournament has:

  • A Power Level
  • A Map
  • A Special Rule
  • A Victor!

Now I’m sure you have a few questions… and of course, I’m gonna answer them. I’m ready for my interview!

A Power Level is the standard level of power any participant should have, It’s what mods will use to nerf your character or buff them to make sure that they are well TAILORED to the round and provide a FAIR FIGHT :smile:

A Map :world_map: means that for every round the place where all the battles will unfold is described for all the players. The setting certainly contributes to the battles that will unfold and is definitely not just for aesthetics. One might think so, until they run right into a DANGER ZONE, when a battle occurs in a DZ both players experience hazard in the environment that they are fighting in. such as rising lava, falling rocks or even random magic fluxes!

A Special Rule is required for the fun of every match, It mainly affects what characters you submit based on theme or battle conditions. For example the special rule might be “Mages Only” this would mean your character submitted should depend on magic skill over physical abilities - the classic rpg mage. A special rule could also be “Villains” that would mean only Villains should be submitted.

Lastly we have a Victor! Of course, this is a tournament, and through glorious battle one character will claim the title of Victor by defeating all their opponents up to the finals. that Victor will be added to the Glory Hall and posted on front of the EFCDT thread. They’ve earned it!

Some more information is necessary though, such how exactly the tournament works. Well, on the first 7 days of a given starter month submissions are accepted up to the maximum amount allowed.During that time mods also work with the Authors to nerf or buff characters so that they are appropriate for the round. There is always the possibility that a match could get delayed however, because there is also a minimum value that can be accepted, and the total submissions must be an even number. For the next step all characters are paired off by random locations, yes, each character gets a spawn location on the map. Based on those spawn locations the first round pairs are established and characters fight to the death! The semi-finals occur when the character count falls as close to four as it will get, while the finals are held as the last two/three standing characters share and EPIC BATTLE for the #1 Spot!


@ImperialSun @blue_jay @Crimson_Scythe Tagging u guys coz ur the only of the mod team I know to be here.

This is what I’m talking about.


bump, I’m gonna do this starting october this year.

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I can’t o-o

I know i’m not a mod, but I might like to help with this, even if it’s just making maps or something like that, especially since it’s not as frequent as EBG.

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I know right having it infrequent is lovely, takes a lot of pressure off and gives more room for creativity on our side, I’d love to have you on the map maker team then lol

I’ve got quite a bit to sort out but gladly, I have until october.

We would definitely be using Inkarnate.


You cannot what?

Wait what when did that happen? Hmm…

Well of course your help is gonna be appreciated. I’d love to have us a fixed mod team by the months end. I think by then I should have sorted out all the “front page” type stuff.

Then the first round would be planned. The way I want this to work Is that there’s no head mod in practice. The council of mods would sort stuff out, but in the case of ties when it comes to votes and such I would get an extra vote[only when there’s a tie].

And then each round we would all make together based on the main idea of whoever’s turn it is. It’s gonna start on my turn in october so we’ll all word-in on the round I have planned. The danger zones, the map, the special rule, the power level and stuff.

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The original name, EFCT has been changed to EFCDT in honor of FCDB. Thus I have a lot of graphics to change.

got this for now at least.



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Great! I’d love to be on your creative team. I’m getting fairly good with Inkarnate. I also do freehand artwork that is fairly good, both online and offline, if you ever want some.


Oh because you’re on the white background right?

Imma have to figure out what color to use

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I changed the green a bit for the second part can you tell me if it’s still hard to see?

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aight i am a no-one. ignore me.

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I was apart of that thread myself, I had already been making this thread and now in their honor I am making permanent fixtures. If anything it’s who’s being insensitive, accusing me of not respecting the thread I ALMOST cried over.

I was a member once. Who the hell are you anyways?

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and there is no new thread, this was to show my friends the context of the tournament

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I will mourn and pay my respects in a way that suits me… cast your judgement elsewhere.


:cough coUgH:
'scuse me ~

If I was a bit more assuming I would say: Cai.

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