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Cover Form Title:
Short Summary:
Pictures (optional):

Character Aesthetic FormCharacter Appearance:
Character Name:
Include Name on Aesthetic: Yes No
Color Scheme:
Pictures (optional):


Title: Spiegel

Author: Cherry Due

Subtitle: -

Short Summary: (sorry for my poor english :pray:) it’s about old legend, and then brings a curse. Denisa (Kim So Hyun) lost her friends because some tragic murderer. When she thinks he found man (Cody Christian and Dylan O’Brien) who can loved her, she turns out he is the one who caused everything happen.

Ideas: I just want a male silhouette with splashes of blood around it. This story about obsessive love and murderer.

Pictures (optional): sorry I don’t have it.

Thank you in advance:)

@KateAnnee Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver your cover c:

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@Cherries_due I’m sorry this is more of a manipulated cover so I have to deny

Title: Isabel Mellark
Author: hufflepuff_clato
Subtitle: A Hunger Games fan fiction
Short summaries: It’s about Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark’s daughter going into the Hunger Games.
Ideas: I have no idea, maybe a picture of a girl alone?
Thanks in advance!

Payment completed:)

Here is your cover! Let me know if you’d like any changes!


@hufflepuff_clato Accepted please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver your cover!

I LIVe it but would it be possible to get another picture as the main female isnt Caucasian. She’s African American :smile: I love it though and thank you!

Title: Mixtape For the End of the World
Author: epichorn31
Subtitle: N/A
Short Summary: Everyone has that one friend who thinks that they’ve seen an intergalactic cobra, right?

It’s the summer of 1986, and Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta, and Brendon Urie just graduated from high school. All they want is to have a good time before all three of them go to separate colleges, but all of that changes when Gabe has a vision telling him everything that will happen in his life up until his untimely death. Pete and Brendon are initially skeptical, but then, Gabe’s visions start coming true.

Add in a pen pal from New Jersey, a singer who might be a little bit too ahead of his time, and the most adorable barista in the world, and Brendon, Gabe, and Pete are in for the summer of their lives.
Ideas: Must have Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta, and Brendon Urie on the cover. Also, maybe something to indicate that it’s an 80s AU?
Pictures (optional): I’ll let you be creative.

Thanks! :smiley:

Sure I’ll see what I can find

I’m sorry denied, this is a manipulated cover

Is this better?

here is your cover, if you’d like any minor changes please let me know


Title: apocalyptic apologies
Author: miluri_
Subtitle: a twd story
Short Summary: charlotte has survived. survival always comes with a cost, and as the world furthers into the end of days, she finds herself reaching for a reason to live.
Ideas: something kind of darker, to match the themes. caroline dhavernas is her faceclaim, so if that could be incorporated that would be wonderful. preferably not black and white, but still kind of monotone with a somewhat serious font- other than that, i’m open to any idea you have :slight_smile: I enjoyed the coloring and layout of the cover above my post, so maybe something similar?
Pictures (optional):

Title: We Lucky Few
Author: Wallace St. Vincent
Short Summary: A Clint Eastwood-type gunslinger (think the Man with No Name) escorts a psychic little girl (think Eleven from Stranger Things) across the desert.
Ideas: There is a lot of paranormal things in this book like ghosts, insectoid demons, etc. so that imagery would be encouraged
Pictures (optional):

Thanks so much!!! It’s perfect!!!

accepted! please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver your cover.

I’ll need more ideas before I can accept