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Okay great! So glad you like it!

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That will be perfect, I tried to make it myself early but this is how i ended up

anything other than this ^^ monstrosity is amazin, i appreciate your time

Title: Woman with a Frying Pan
Author: Addy Grasslands
Subtitle: None
Short Summary: A ghost writer gets hired by a very strange old reporter to write the story of her life. However very odd and weird happenings occur to the ghost writer while on the job.
Ideas: An image of a frying pan and the female silhouette.
Pictures (optional): None

Here is what I came up with, please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End. If you want me to try something else I can.

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I’m sorry denied, I couldn’t find a picture for that

It is okay. Thanks for trying. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will use this :))


Title: Our Last Night
Author: Iris
Subtitle: N/A
Short Summary: Twenty-three-year-old Tatum left her friends and family behind for a once in a lifetime opportunity to follow her dreams and see the world after graduating from high school, but it also meant she missed out on her friend’s lives for the past four years. Now her childhood best friend is engaged and planning her father’s funeral meaning Tatum will be returning home for the first time in four years since she left. Will she be able to reconnect with everyone including Jayce Logan, the boy who confessed his feelings to her and the singer of the band, Our Last Night or will she be an outsider?
Tattum knows that the next few weeks will define who she is and if her heart of ice will finally be melted by the boy who she’s always loved.
Ideas: The book is a spinoff from Fallen Angels and deals with another band, Jayce is played by Andy Biersack. It has the same dark and edgy feel as Fallen Angel has
Pictures (optional):
(https://i.pinimg.com/564x/41/29/ff/4129ffd907868d73e74d59ce36443166.jpg? Andy Biersack lockscreen blue eyes smile

☾ ωe αll нαve secяeтs // @badassqueen107 ☽

Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver your cover

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Here is your cover!

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I love it!

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Title: Hiraeth
Author: overnity
Short Summary: It’s based in a Zombie Apocalypse, the main character is a girl in her late teens, she has to struggle to protect the group of people she is with while trying to rebuild society.
Ideas: I really like the covers you did for: Therapy and In My Dream, so if it could be close to that, I’d love it.
Pictures (optional): I would love if you used the picture from Therapy, but without the filter that makes it have the grayish hue, maybe a filter that makes it dark and the blue in the background of the photo pop, and the font layout from In My Dream, I really like how the author’s font looks at the bottom in it, you can use any font for the actual title.

Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver your cover

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done, ty.

Here is your cover!

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Title: Jessebelle

Author: Suzan Denime

Subtitle: The High Thrones Book 1

Short Summary: The hot summer has come to an end and Jessebelle is brought back to the real world of homework, exams and a struggling family. Wishing for the summer to come back and take her away from her dull life, Jess is brought seemingly by fate to the manor of the brooding and cruel Ben East. Quickly wrapped up in Ben’s dark life, Jessebelle is determined to help him out of his dangerous thoughts - no matter the cost.
~Loosely based on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast~

Ideas: It’s a romance/YA book, so something to indicate that, and a girl on the front cover, but as long as you can’t see her face (brunette).

Pictures: (none)

Thanks! :smile:

Oo, I really like it, but, can you use that has a faceclaim that is Asian with black hair? I’d prefer someone who isn’t mega famous too.