Eilish Simple Covers and Aesthetics | Open


I’ll see what I can find


How is this?


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Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver your cover


Done! :smiley:


They are perfect, thank you so, so much.


Glad you like them!


Here is your cover! Let me know if you want any changes!


Thank you, it’s perfect!


Title: wanderlust
Author: overnity
Subtitle: let’s run away together
Short Summary: A story based around Shawn Mendes and my oc.
Ideas: A boy, any boy as long as he isn’t famous.
Pictures (optional): If you want to use this one, you can. However, I’d prefer if you could find a similar one since this one is pretty blurry.


accepted! payment is a follow :slight_smile:


ty, payment is complete.


Here is your cover, I had trouble finding a place for the subtitle so I hope it’s okay that I didn’t put it on

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TYSM, I love it and yeah, it’s okay.


Title: Snippets of Rejection
Author: Chloe Kaydee
Short Summary: A collection of my poetry and pieces of creative writing that has been rejected by literary journals or that no one has seen before.
Ideas: I don’t really have anything specific in mind so go wild! (:


What kind of theme are you looking for? Something somber, sad or happy? Do you want people on it or an object?

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Somber/Sad would be best I think and when it comes to object or people, idk. Would you be able to do one of each and I could choose? Or do whatever is easier for you?


Sure I can do that! Accepted, please complete the payment of a follow

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Done :blush: thank you so much!!


What do you think of this?

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I really like it! Thank you!!! :relaxed: