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Title: In the Spotlight

Author: Munchkinsaurus

Subtitle: Sometimes life takes unexpected turns in the right direction

Short Summary: Wanting to spend her summer at home with her boyfriend and best friends, Clara gets forced to travel the country as an opening act for a popular band. After a summer filled with boys, arguments, laughter, and performing, Clara realizes her perfect life at home wasn’t so perfect.

Ideas: I don’t want any people on the cover at all. I was thinking mostly a microphone in the spotlight but it has to be a concert like setting.


Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver


Hey! I’m here to request a cover to the sequel of ‘Heartache Hotline’ (which you also made the cover for) :smile:

Title: Midnight Messages

Author: Chloe Kaydee

Short Summary: Elicia - Ellie - Wilson is a University student who lives a pretty normal, guy-less life until one night changes everything; or the story of how a girl drunkenly exchanges numbers with a guy she doesn’t know at her best friends 21st and they start swapping midnight messages.

Ideas: Something similar to ‘Heartache Hotline’ as this is the sequel, but a different colour. Maybe instead of the shape of a telephone, you could put one of those speech bubbles with an ellipsis inside (examples shown in screenshot below) and just like the telephone on the cover of HH (all stays in the realm of the colour pink), the speech bubble could match the colour palette of the background for MM?Maybe since it’s called ‘Midnight Messages’, the colour palette could be a dark blue or black? I don’t know haha just an idea!



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Thank you! Can’t wait! x


Here is your cover! Let me know if you’d like any changes!

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Title: Hero’s Descent: Act IV (weird title but okay…)
Author: Chad Smith

Subtitle: A Perfect Storm (It’s the name of the Act)

Short summary: Kris, a man corrupted by a ruthless demon, has finally snapped and gone rogue. With the end goal in sight now this journey has become a sprint to the finish. Kris must be stopped before he can release the demon he carries. Even then, maybe it isn’t enough to save him, maybe Kris has become a demon himself. Either way, this is the end, the main event, good stories always have blood and tears.

Ideas: Alright so i was thinking a similar format to your ‘Lady of Charms’ cover but modified while keeping the dark, distressing tone. I was thinking something relatively simple. A fiery, almost literally hellish background fits well then, but most of it in shadow, taking up most of the space on the cover is Kris himself, but only something like a half-body. Just make sure he is what draws your eyes to the cover please. Details of his appearance below.

He has pale skin, brown, unruly hair and has a maniacal expression, sorta like the Joker but a little worse. the guy’s possessed. Hiding his eyes and forehead, bar his red irises would work well. If you could work a knife through the letters for the title or somewhere dramatic, preferably bloodstained, that would work well too.

Either way, a dark, gloomy, hopeless colour palette, so mixing intensities of black with bloody red where you see fit. Having the font for the title be decaying or dramatic works too. Then, finally, a staple for the 4 covers i need to get made is the T in Descent being a Cross, still fitting with the gloomy atmosphere. Up for this? If not, don’t hesitate to refuse.

If you don’t want to do this, then don’t hesitate to refuse. Have a nice day


I want to try this before I accept :slight_smile:

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Your choice, you’re the expert :slight_smile:


Accepted! Please complete the payment of a follow and comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver

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Certainly. I appreciate you taking on the challenge :slight_smile: Have a nice day.


I like it but is there a way you can make the speech bubble more noticeable? :blush:


Sure I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!


How is this?

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Perfect! Thank you!!! :blush:

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Your cover is ready when you complete the payment

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