Eilish Simple Covers and Aesthetics | Open


Excellent. Thanks, i’ll get it done

Payment complete! :smiley: I really enjoyed it

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Here is your cover! Hope you like it!

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Nice. Works well for a realistic Kris (given he’s from a game seeing an irl version is pretty nice) Thanks, i’ll keep this one :slight_smile:




Title: Return of the Princess
Author: Sherni_
Subtitle: " Your Time Has Come"
Short Summary: When 16 year old Salem thinks that everybody in her life hates her and it gets to a certain point when she tries to kill herself she finds out something that she had nightmares about ever since she was a kid and now she’s one of them, a wizard but not just any wizard very powerful one.

Will she lead the wizard world with her twin brother Gabriel?
Or will she stay on earth and live the life she hates?
And what will she do when she finds herself stuck between two guys that love her.
Who will she choose?

Ideas: Something magical dark and mysterious


I will need more ideas before I can accept. Do you want a girl on the cover? Scenery? Etc.


Hey girl! Didn’t realise you have an entire thread!

Title: A Life Less Average

Summary: Poppy Jameson has lived her life as an average. An average student. An average daughter. She isn’t the favourite child, or the best student, and she has never been in a relationship. She doesn’t want to fit in, but she doesn’t want to stand out. She just wants to fly under the radar until high school is over. And she’s almost there. That is, until she starts to fail biology and she’s put into the school’s tutoring programme. It’s there that she meets Lewis Fletcher, the captain of the school’s football team, and smartest guy in school.

They spend every Monday afternoon together and it isn’t long until Poppy realises that she’s been missing out. That she’s spent her entire high school career hating high school traditions when she should have been enjoying them.

Ideas: Just a girl on the cover, or a couple. The choice is yours. I’d love for the girl to have bright, colourful hair, but I can’t find any decent images myself.
For the text, just a simple block font. ‘A Life Less’ just a little smaller than ‘Average’ so that ‘Average’ stands out.

I suck at ideas, it’s why you made our covers lmao

Image Idea1
Image Idea2

^ They’re just ideas, if you can find a colourful hair pic that’d be ace. If not, a girl with bright blonde hair would do. The main character is based off Saoirse Ronan so :blush:


Accepted of course! What color hair are you thinking?


Literally anything bright. Maybe blue or pink?




I saw this picture and I thought it would be perfect! If you want any changes let me know! I wasn’t sure whether you wanted your name on it or not so I have one with and one without


omg I love it, thank you!!


Title: Never Found
Author: SummahRocks
Subtitle: Nephilim book 2
Short Summary: Cassidy Charleston suffered from horrible years in the foster care system. As an adult, she has learned to forgive those who mistreated her. Here is her story.
Ideas: none
Pictures (optional):


I will need ideas before I can accept. Do you want a girl on the cover? What does your main character look like? Etc.


Yes a girl on cover. Black hair, blue eyes, black glasses, tan skin


I just wanna say that your covers are truly gorgeous and I wish I would need one too just to see what you’d come up with xx you’re doing an amazing job! :wink:


Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver your cover


Thank you!


Payment complete

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Here is your cover!