Eilish Simple Covers and Aesthetics | Open



Title: White Night
Author: hyperparadise
Subtitle: -
Short Summary: A very brief summary but it is a lead up to the wizarding war in HP, following a new protagonist, Hufflepuff Greta Coward through school at Hogwarts from year 5 to year 7. She is continually caught between both sides and must choose, while also navigating her heart.
Ideas: Either something dark and bleak with bold font with Hogwarts in the distance, or the complete opposite. A highly exposed image with hogwarts all white and the title in a bold font.
Pictures (optional):

Thank you :~)


Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on my story Until the End before I deliver your cover


payment complete :~)

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Okay! I’ll get your cover done ASAP!


Thank you


Title: WattPoetry
Author: SummahRocks
Subtitle: Poetry book 1
Short Summary: Poetry about every day life things
Ideas: a notebook
Pictures (optional):

Title: Miss Melissa’s Orphanage and Foster Home
Author: SummahRocks
Subtitle: Roleplay
Short Summary: roleplay about foster home and orphanage
Ideas: an orphanage
Pictures (optional):

Title: Haunted House
Author: SummahRocks
Subtitle: Haunting book 1
Short Summary: Two girls decide to have a Halloween Party in a haunted house.
Ideas: an abandoned, boarded up house
Pictures (optional):


Here is your cover, let me know if you want any changes. I’m not sure if it’s what you were looking for


I’m going to see what I can find for pictures before I accept


Title: Transcend
Author: AlastairFord
Subtitle: A story of coming out
Short Summary: Luke Robles is afraid. To the rest of the world he is Jessica Robles, a beautiful, teenage girl, but how does he tell the world thats not him?
Ideas: I would like a boy with short hair, opening a present.
Pictures (optional): http://resources3.news.com.au/images/2014/07/22/1226996/973439-b659d1e2-109f-11e4-ae81-95568c4ed36e.jpg


I’m sorry denied, I can’t seem to find a picture




All accepted! Please complete the payment of a follow




Follow payment is completed


Hi! Thank you!! I love the background and I like the cover! But is it possible for a different font, maybe something a bit more bolder? Have you heard of a font called Bebas Neue? Is it also possible to blend it in a little bit with the background? If not, thats more than okay :~)


Sure I’ll see what I can do!


I couldn’t seem to find that picture so I had to use a different one but I have two options for font.


Wow I love both they’re amazing thank you !! :~) I’m going to have a hard time in choosing haha

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Here are your covers!


Beautiful thanks