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  • Title: Words Left Unsaid
  • Author: awrxtxr
  • Subtitles: /
  • Short Summary: Hana never thought she would lose her mother so soon. As she tries to work her way through grief, loneliness and sorrow, she meets Zacharia.
    Zach is her polar opposite. Outgoing, lively and the life of the party, he tries to help her through her rough period. Little did he know she was to become his lifeboat.
  • Ideas: I was thinking of a simple cover that conveys this idea of vulnerability and fragility.
  • Pictures: none, sorry

Thank you in advance ! :slight_smile:

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This sounds interesting! I’ll just need a little more information. Are you thinking something minimalist with an object on the cover or just something simple with like a girl on the cover?

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I have two main characters: a girl and a boy. Either one of them works for me :slight_smile:
Additional information (might be useful?): Hana is yemeni-turkish and Zach is french-american.

Actually, could I contact you via message to talk about this more in depth?


I think that information will be fine but you can message me if you think there’s more information I should know. Please complete the payment of a comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver your cover.


Will do!



White Lips, Pale Face
“I’m trying”
Short Summary:
Sea Share Park has been here as long as anyone can remember and the moments I’ve visited Sea Share nothing ever seem to amaze me anymore; of course, until a boy showed up to me in a chicken costume.

this is a story about loss and breakdowns but most importantly how love conquers all.


That is what I placed on the book but basically, this is a story of a girl going through her life normally but what the readers know so far is that she’s sick, she has an illness shes trying to fight through. She goes for a walk and bumps into someone (of course, the love interest) in their quiet neighborhood, she meets a guy in a chicken costume!

The story goes through the ups and downs of the protagonist’s life with her illness and she continues to find the normal in her life. She finds love in the process of losing herself to the illness shes fighting. Will she lose hope and push away everyone or will the people that surround her help her get through it when all she wants is to stop?

ajdhuifheiu basically that’s my short summary of the story hehe

the series was inspired by colors and the first book, which is this one, is inspired by the color white.
so that has to be there, also I was thinking that there would be lips on the book cover since it is called “White Lips, Pale Face” or whatever suits your creative flow, I trust you with any idea you have for the cover! also, hoping that it wouldn’t be too crowded on the cover, keep it minimal/simple!

thank you!


I have a bunch of requests if that’s okay. I’d love for all my books to match, so I might come back here later. I’ve been looking through a few cover shops, but I just keep coming back here because your covers are, as you say, so simple, yet beautiful.
I really love the covers that are just simple picture with prominent text in the middle <3
If there’s one thing I’d really like to request then it is that the covers have the same type of font. Color and size doesn’t really matter that much.

Request 1

  • Title: Writing Contests
  • Author: fanfic_vic
  • Subtitle: Nope.
  • Short Summary: It is exactly what it sounds like, just a place for me to put the stories that I write for different writing contests on Wattpad.
  • Ideas: A light cover perhaps. Maybe some light bulb of some sorts? But honestly it might have anything on it. People, places, things, animals or whatever. I’d just like it to be simple that’s all.
  • Pictures (optional): Nope.

Request 2

  • Title: Training like a K-pop Idol
  • Author: fanfic_vic
  • Subtitle: a month long experiment
  • Short Summary: I want to try to document a month living like a k-pop idol, so that is what this story is about. Me documenting how it’s going.
  • Ideas: a k-pop band would be cool, but it doesn’t matter which one. I don’t really want a close up of a specific face, because the challenge is for the general genre of ‘k-pop’, and not about a specific person. Anything simple and easy really would be amazing. it really does not have to be a k-pop band, it’s not a criteria.
  • Pictures (optional): Nope

Request 3

  • Title: Short Stories 2019
  • Author: fanfic_vic
  • Subtitle: Nope
  • Short Summary: A place to put my short stories that I write in 2019. I want to write one every month with a theme connected to that month.
  • Ideas: I really like having the ‘no internet dinosaur’ on the cover, but I’d also like the covers to match each other, so if you want to tweak it and put your own text or spin on it that would be amazing. You don’t need to do this one if you don’t want to.
  • Pictures (optional): The 'no internet dinosaur from google chrome

Thank you so much, I hope you have fun with this if you decide to do it.


Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver your cover

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Are they a series?


The Loss


Struggling of a lost loved one, they make new relationships. They make new relationships and fix old relationships. Dodging the press, they go to the Canyon to carry out Arrow’s last/final request.

not have too many words on the cover, don’t have the author name on it, typewriter font (no fun/no cursive) look sad, really sad, so sad, very sad, pills on the cover maybe. Have a blurry picture of someone that’s kinda streaky.


Accepted, please complete the payment of a comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver your cover

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No, not a series :blush:




Alright accepted, please complete the payment of a follow and comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver your covers

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Here is your cover, let me know if you’d like any changes

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Okay, thank you!!!

  • Title: Surviving Social Anxiety
  • Author: Jada Woods
  • Subtitle: The truth about Social Anxiety
  • Short Summary: Nia Lincoln was your normal, typical, happy average teenager. She loves the flavors of strawberries and apples, she has a vast collection of books and drawings. She loves writing and always has fresh new ideas. Nia started her first year of high school, hopeful, She wasn’t the new kid and she wasn’t unfamiliar to Elk Springs Highschool. She loved her town of Doldon, where everyone knew everyone and everyone kept their boundaries. Nia arrives early at school, hopeful for new opportunities and paths, exploring new books and new worlds. Nia always had the nauseous feeling in the bottom of her stomach, tugging at her, telling her certain things didn’t feel right. Nia takes a nasty spill in the cafeteria and wakes up in her bedroom surrounded by loved ones. "We know you’ve been anxious about high school, we think the cafeteria was a little too overwhelming so we think we could take a visit to a psychologist see if there’s a reason for your syncope?"
  • Ideas: I don’t know how to explain but like and wrist in the position it sits when it rests by your side and the hospital bracelet would read “surviving social anxiety” or something like that
  • Pictures (optional): white-hospital-wristband-with-almond-nails
    DjEwrV5VsAAfnx3 Mina-Sundwall-Biography-Wiki-Birthday-HeightWeight- V1

Title: Of Love and Faith
Subtitle*: The Cassidy Chronicles (This is book one in a series)
Author name: Madison Kunzler
Genre/Theme: Historical Fiction/ Romance
Summary: When Jacob Cassidy returned from California to his hometown in Iowa, he was expecting to move into his childhood home and farm and settle down from his cowboy life. But when Rosie Farnsworth’s cornsilk hair catches his attention, all his plans seem to go down the drain. With her brother fighting their love at every chance, and with questions of faith plaguing the cowboy’s mind, will he and Rosie be able to make it work?

Color Scheme: Nothing bright or neon, but not just all dark colors either. I want colors naturally found in nature.

Other Notes: This is set in the 1800s, and is a little western, so it just has to fit that time frame. When Calls the Heart, Love Comes Softly, and Love’s Enduring Promises are all good examples.

Thank you!