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  • Title: Of Love and Faith
  • Author: Madison Kunzler
  • Subtitle: The Cassidy Chronicles
  • Short Summary: When Jacob Cassidy returned from California to his hometown in Iowa, he was expecting to move into his childhood home and farm and settle down from his cowboy life. But when Rosie Farnsworth’s cornsilk hair catches his attention, all his plans seem to go down the drain. With her brother fighting their love at every chance, and with questions of faith plaguing the cowboy’s mind, will he and Rosie be able to make it work?
  • Ideas: : Nothing bright or neon, but not just all dark colors either. I want colors naturally found in nature. This is set in the 1800s, and is a little western, so it just has to fit that time frame. When Calls the Heart, Love Comes Softly, and Love’s Enduring Promises are all good examples
  • Pictures (optional):

Here is your cover! I made a few options, if you want any changes let me know!

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Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on the most recent chapter of my story Until the End before I deliver your cover

I can’t seem to find any good images for the kpop cover, could you be more specific?


Here is your cover! If you want any minor changes let me know!

Thank you so much! I love them all! I appreciate your work

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Awesome! So glad you like them!

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Love them! Thank you so much!

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Oh help, I’m not sure what to say haha. It seems like Mamamoo, TWICE, BIGBANG and BtoB have a lot of good pictures you might maybe use? I’d like a photo that pictures a group, preferably more than 4 members. They don’t have to be doing anything special. If we could have the band like, on the lower part of the cover, and text on the top that would be amazing. I’m not sure if this helps at all.

  • Title: The Compliment Book
  • Author: positivity-
  • Subtitle: (none)
  • Short Summary: A book used to post anonymous (or non-anonymous) compliments to people on Wattpad. Spreading positivity, yo. :sparkles:
  • Ideas: Cute, bright colours (maybe a light blue/yellow colour scheme), simple, friendly-looking. Nothing too complex.
  • Pictures (optional): Here’s a link to the current book/cover for inspo

haven’t logged in my wattpad for a while, that’s why I haven’t responded! will be doing the payment right now

completed! :heart_eyes:

Okay! I’ll deliver your cover asap!

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I’ll need more of a solid idea before I can accept

I’m sorry I just don’t feel like I would do it justice, denied

Title: A Paper Memory
Author name: Chloe Kaydee
Genre/Theme: Young Adult/Romance
Summary: Liam Hayes has been through a lot - a lot of which no one knows. His mother left when he was six, he used to have a twin who died during birth, and a year ago; His father died of cancer. His dad wrote him a letter before he passed but Liam can’t bring himself to open it. He’s too jaded, too cold, too busy pushing everyone away in his life who ever cared.

He has another secret. One that has also left a letter for him.

This secret goes by the name of Ivy Bradley, the girl who he pushed away two years before his dad died. The girl who made him feel something for the first time since his heart got broken. The girl he hooked up with on her sixteenth birthday. The girl he shut out.

The girl who left him a letter full of confessions two years later that he can’t let go.

The question is, does the now-bad boy Liam chase after the girl who’s leaving for University in four months? Or does he let her go without involving her in his broken world?
Color Scheme: Nothing too bright.
Ideas: My only idea is to have it sort of similar to the first two books. Other than that, I don’t really know, I’m not that fussy.
Other Notes: This is the third book in a series, you can either choose to create it similar to the past two or not, I don’t mind. For reference, it’s the third book after ‘The Diary of Hazel’ and ‘Dear Hazel’ which are both on my profile. Also, I currently have a cover for this if you want to look at it for inspo. I just want a better cover.

Hi hun, could you please use my form or add an ideas section to the one you’ve used detailing what you’d like on the cover?

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