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Title: Runaway
Author: LinaJ
Subtitle: A Novel
Short Summary: Basically, it’s about a girl who runs away from life in a small town cult after murdering someone (can’t give away who, sorry). It’s been two years and a guy from her past life shows up wanting her to come back because the cult has gotten worse. When they show up to the town, it is in ruins and they must figure out what happened and where everyone went.
Ideas: I would love a girl on a bus. I don’t know if you’ve see “The Pretties” cover, but I really like that and would like something similar to it. I want simple font, nothing that looks like writing or calligraphy. No bright colors either.
Pictures (optional): This is what I have currently, but I’m not convinced of it. However, I really enjoy the picture used initially. I will post both the cover I have and the picture I enjoy.


I’m not against using other pictures, this is just the one I found that I really liked.

Thanks so much for even considering!

Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on the first chapter of my story The Truth About Us before I deliver your cover

Here is your cover! I made a few options. Let me know if you want any changes :slight_smile:

I like the second one a lot. Could you make the font a little bit bigger?? And take out the “by” between novel and Lina J?

how’s this?

Title: The Great Game
Author: Sam Murphy
Subtitle: A Novel
Short Summary: Three college students and a college professor are pulled into the world of the United States Military by General Jack Fulsang to help track down Professor Richard Brooks, who claims to have a few lines of complex computer code that can unlock any lock in the world. Professor Brooks is looking to sell to the highest bidder.

The four will be pushed to their breaking points. Friendships will form and hearts will break.

Will they be able to survive the great game of war?

Ideas: Something to do with the US Army

Are you thinking something along the lines of a guy in uniform or more like a base?

Awesome!! Thank you so much!!

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Gah. I’m sorry, but can you make the title go thr full length of the photo and add “by” back?? I’m sorry.

I can see how that looks, the text might not be super visible because of the colors in the picture

How does this look?

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hey! your covers are wonderful.
can I request one?

title: How to Breathe
summary: Elias Malcom; a smile ceases to happen on his face, and if it did, it looks dead, lifeless. He stopped doing what he loved, stopped talking to who he cared, stopped dreaming. He felt hopeless, nothing mattered anymore. He’s drowning in a sea of emptiness. Rocks tied to his feet, yet the world stands by in lifeboats asking why he can’t stay afloat.

But then he meets a girl, Vivian Pierce, and even if they don’t always see eye to eye, they find that they understand each other. They aren’t each other’s saviours, just life vests to stay afloat until they can learn to swim. And sometimes, just having someone by your side makes saving yourself seem a little less suffocating.
subtitle: no subtitle please
ideas: I want a cover with a boy and cpgirl, but not a necessarily light cover (teens)
pictures : idk !

of course! what is a cpgirl?

oh sorry it was a type I meant ‘a girl’

oh okay! Any preference in looks?

This is much better!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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More of a base

not really