Eilish Simple Covers and Aesthetics | Open

Here is your cover!

thank u!

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I really like it, but could you try getting a picture without the face?

How is this?

Thank you! That’s great!

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  • Title: dearly beloved
  • Author: s.d
  • Subtitle: n/a
  • Short Summary: basically a bunch of sappy love poems for my boyfriend, the idea is express it through poetry and make him read it on our 2 years or so. :))
  • Ideas: something minimalistic, very simple, light-hearted and soft. I like the color scheme to be mainly white and pink, though other colors are fine too! i really like borders on covers, so if you could add a border too that would be amazing! but i want you do to what you think is best!
  • Pictures (optional): i don’t have any, sorry! but if you’d like me to look more i’ll try my best to!

Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on my story the Truth About Us before I deliver

payment completed! :))

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Title: The Boy Who Depended on Time Travel
Author: G.E.L
Subtitle: N/A
Short Summary: A boy who uses time travel to spend more time with his first love
Ideas: Space themed!
Pictures (optional):
Password: My favorite song is The City by Ola Gjello or Horizons by Peter Louis Van Dijk

  1. https://66.media.tumblr.com/ea0a259753ce476ac52aba6e48cef283/tumblr_nf5prbLU1i1rk1miho1_400.gif (possibly a frame from this gif)

Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on my story The Truth About Us before I deliver

Sure thing! Thank you!

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Payment completed! I can’t wait to read more!

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So glad you enjoyed it!

Here is your cover! I went with something super simple. If you want me to try something else just let me know

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Here is your cover! I made two versions, let me know if you want any changes

thank you!! i love it so much! it’s so pretty and simple, just what i was looking for!!

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So glad you like it!

  • Title: How I Wish
  • Author: petrifide
  • Subtitle:
  • Short Summary: dakota is always a pessimist until she finds herself in a town and with eli who teaches her it’s better see life as a glass half full.
  • Ideas: just a simple cover with either the picture linked below or anything with a girl and like a cloud or sky background
  • Pictures (optional): https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3480/3208096771_e4b4f69648_b.jpg?ref=weheartit

thank you so much if you can :heart:
oh and for the password I guess my favourite song rn is better - khalid

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Accepted! please complete the payment of a comment on my story The Truth About Us before I deliver your cover

  • Title: Painful Pleasure
  • Author: Dreamer9603
  • Subtitle: -
  • Short Summary: River has been suffering from chronic pain for a few years now. She’s hiding from the world not wanting to be a burden to other people. Until she meets Dawson who is having some struggles of his own. Their struggles raise some boundaries between the two of them.
  • Ideas: Just some warm colors. And a couple on the cover.