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i like the second one
but it’s probably better if you do a couple and i can have some options? if that doesn’t trouble you of course

  • Title: Confessions of a crazy lady.
  • Author: Abellamy
  • Subtitle: …
  • Short Summary:11/04/2019. The day my therapist, Trish, told me to start writing down my feelings. The thing is I write down what first comes into my head, so if anybody ends up finding this diary I will more than likely end up in a mental institution. Which might not be so bad in the end.

Sorry, let me introduce myself, My name is Anne and I am twenty three years old. I’m depressed. I have Cyclic Vomiting syndrome, Anxiety and Borderline personality disorder. At least that’s what my doctor told me and every other person In my life. But what’s the big deal, isn’t everyone depressed? Doesn’t everyone have anxiety?

“You’ve been through a traumatic experience, which is what has triggered these mental disabilities.” Trish said through and empathetic face.

I looked up through my bright pink hair, attempting to make eye contact.

“I just want to be happy.” I managed to cough.

“You will be, this is a process, you have to work hard and be willing to do the impossible.”

“Then, let’s get started.” I attempted to smile and sat in a comfortable position.

Maybe I am a crazy lady. But maybe this normal lady can finally fix the broken parts of me.

  • Ideas: I’d like it to look like some sort of diary, but bright and colourful.

It’s perfect, thank you!! Love how vintage it looks.

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It’s no trouble!

What do you mean by you want it to look like some sort of diary?

The book is set out as if it’s written in a diary so i’d like the front page to look like it’s the diary she is writing in.

I could do like lined paper or a little open booklet with the title on it, but otherwise it’ll probably be more of a manip cover that you’re looking for

I like both ideas I’ll trust you to decide what’s best! :slight_smile:

Okay! Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on my story The Truth About Us before I deliver your cover

Title: Smerte
Author: Amanda Juhl
Subtitle: The Hollows-fanfiction
Short Summary: The world has changed a lot since the supernatural creatures stepped into the light and made themselves known to humans. That has made people of the city (mostly humans) split up the city in Lower Winsloor and Higher Winsloor (higher for humans, and lower for supernaturals).
Elizabeth is a early practitioner and works for EOV (Intelligent eye of supernatural corporation). She is a workaholic and very talented, everything a boss can dream of, but she also has a lust for blood. A lust she is doing everything to ignore. But that also makes her stay away from others, to not hurt them.
And then she meets David. He turns her life upside down when he drunkenly hires her to find his mother’s murder with only one lead: a red rose.
Because of the new mission Elizabeth’s life is in filled with stuff to do and not much time to herself. The hunger for blood is worse than ever, and her boss keeps pairing her up with a beautiful elf-girl called Luscinia, a woman who’s blood she has been lusting over for years.
Ideas: I would like something without blood (but the colour red is welcome of course), if you can do that. That’s all too cliché for me, but maybe it could be a view of the city or something. No wait, you have free hands. Do your magic! :smiley:
Pictures (optional): -

Accepted! Please complete the payment of a comment on my story The Truth About Us before I deliver

I will do that now :wink:

What about either of these?

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done :slight_smile:

The payment is a comment you voted, voting as payment isn’t allowed on the forums

Here is your cover! Let me know if you want any changes!

I love it! :smiley: But maybe you could do something about the title? I’m not quite loving that part, sadly :slight_smile:

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Yeah sure I’ll see what I can do

Awesome! ^-^

How’s this? Let me know if you want me to try something else?