ELT (better than a BLT lol)

The ELT (easy life tweets) are great, and this is a place to enjoy them.

Tweet of the Year: Hall Of Fame


Calling on @JohnnyTuturro

:joy: You actually did it, this is great.


Yeah I did it lol. Because I have these on my phone anyway, and they amuse me.



Yeah, same. I would rofl if his Mam commented.

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Same lol.


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I want Murray :smirk:

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So do I :stuck_out_tongue:

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These tweets are stupid lol. They’re like crap Donny and Sad Boy would post. :joy:

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But they’re 10/10 on the amusement scale :joy:



Same :joy: .

That’s so me :smirk:

I feel like Donny would like their music.

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Is it now? :wink:

Then Donny has good taste and we can vibe :joy:



Yeah and I feel like Sad Boy would too.

LOL. :joy: So would Sad Boy. He prolly thinks he’s Dr. Doolittle.

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Lads have taste, woo!

Haha, Dr. DooLeettle :joy: that was a stretch lol.


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Sad Boy’s so messed up. He needs to meet Ari :joy:

That was awful, Dad.

LOL :joy: Yes! Hanging out.

Does the $250 include an evening with him? :smirk:
Screenshot at Mar 04 21-52-22

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Lol yeah, they should meet.

You’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know why he’s wearing his jeans open like that though :joy: can’t box when your trousers will fall down lol.

Ooh, why, want to rent-a-date? :wink:

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Sad Boy:


Hi, Kid.

LOL poser :wink: Murray is a poser!

:wink: I want food and entertainment for that money.

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Lol, two softies.

Yeah he is :joy:

Oh do you? :smirk:


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I feel like Spencer would come along to Sad Boy and start singing I’ll make a man out of you and Sad Boy’ll be like:

What? :rage: I like certain people, intellectually and platonically.

:joy: !! They’re right, it’s not that bad.

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Lol, they’re both men in their own ways.

I’m kidding :stuck_out_tongue: I know. So do I.

Lady Gaga just isn’t a fan lol.

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Of course. And Ari’s just enjoying it, laughing away.

Also, Elite is coming back in 9 days. You need to get Netflix

Screenshot at Mar 04 03-28-34

Yeah, you wanna be Katy-Noelle :wink: Katelle.

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