As,you have already read the title,I am in desperate need of werewolf writer/readers friends,as I am writing one.I think we can be eachother motivation or maybe just give us some feedback for eachothers works.

Atlast,this is what are friends are for?Isn’t it

So,Let’s chit chat?


I’ll be your friend. What kind of werewolf story are you writing?

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Rn,I am writing"The alpha’s wicked queen"

“Your fate is sealed before you are born but what if you want to change it and explore the possibility of life against your destiny?”

Zariah is an outlawed luna. She is banned by her previous pack, due to the power and danger she possesses that’s how she learns to move forward stronger and better to earn the respect, she never got from her previous pack. After the physical and emotional traumas that wounded her soul, she is determined to know her true identity and her past with her new powers.

For Zane, it meant torturous years to spend without her luna blaming himself for their broken bond, and living with a heartache of not being with his soul mate, regret and sorrow is all over him, determined to get what is his.

Alaric, the Lunar Moon pack Alpha’s son, the future King, with his big dick and bank account.A man that gets what he wants. And what he wants…Is Zariah.

She has to make a choice of her destiny or love. Past is not supposed to control your future but, what if it chases you everywhere?

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Sound fun. So there’s a love triangle?


what about you?What are you writing about?

I am writing a couple of Werewolf books. And tbh, I have no idea why I said a couple. xD


I hate my brain. That’s why I do have so many ideas. Names Rissa. ^-^/

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I’m working on multiple projects. The genres are: Werewolf, romance, paranormal, fantasy, historic romance, vampire, and a cell phone novel.

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You should come say hi in the Haven (Werewolf readers, writers, and lovers thread) if you haven’t already :calmwolf:!

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I love reading and writing paranormal romance stories. This sounds interesting I’m going to add it to my reading list and take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, I call --> Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾 the Haven, because its were so many werewolf writes, readers, lovers, and friends that don’t fall into a werewolf category (the Pack) come to chat!


Hello !:smile:

It seems your post is more suited for the #https://www.wattpadwriters.com/c/story-services/co-writer-writing-buddies Club. I had to delete it, but if you scoot across, you will hopefully find what you’re looking for. .

Thank you for understanding!

Lina - Community Ambassador :lhansonauthor:


Hi! I’m down for this!

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Hello! I’m searching for a Lorien Legacies’s fan :sob:

Hello! I write werewolf romance stories and will love to be of help to you.

This is such a good idea. with the genre being so big its hard to break into but having our own small group could help us all :slight_smile: and have people to bounce ideas off of who understand the genre.

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