Encouraging feedback (open)



Wow… durp. I’ll have a full page review uploaded by tomorrow morning at the latest.


open for your amazing stories , come and share yours with me.


User name: PhoenixWritings
Title: Mr McFlibbit and the Curious Case of the Clockwork Children
Genre: Steampunk/Mystery/YA/Fantasy
Chapter you want me to read: Can you please read until the story is no longer engaging? There’s six chapters currently. If thas one chapter or six i don’t mind :slight_smile:
Comments or PM: Comments please
Story link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/163752956-mr-mcflibbit-and-the-curious-case-of-the-clockwork


Accepted,I will try to read until the last chapter ,but for sure I will read the first two chapters .
I will wait for the payment to be completed than I will start reviewing.


Sounds good! I’ll do your first chapter now and we can go from there depending on how many of my chapters you get through? Does that sound okay?


Agree ,don’t stress your self you have a week for you to read and add my story on your public list.


open any volunteers


Hey! I’d love to get a review from you.

User name: Escapethepeace
Title: Memories of Tomorrow
Genre: Action/Romance
Chapter you want me to read: 1
Comments or PM: Comments
Story link: Unable to Link its on my profile

Thanks for considering :slight_smile:




Hi! I would love to check out your story as well.
User name: @Ellamarck
Title: Profound Effect
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Chapter you want me to read: I have 11 chapters published currently, go as you may.
Comments or PM: Comments and vote ( That’s how i go as i read stories, you can use your own process )
Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/146008604-profound-effect-on-hold

I’m gonna start reading your story right now as i have free time.


Thanks :slight_smile: payment Complete.


I will read tow chapters


Hey! I hope you’re still open for feedback!

User name: Fandom-ho

Title: Rhythm of Love

Genre: Romance

Chapter you want me to read: 1&2

Comments or PM: Either one works!

Story link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173907866-rhythm-of-love

Thank you in advance for considering!


Payment completed :slight_smile:


Done with Guven. You can check. :smile:


The Review is done


Thank you.


open for suggestions


Still offering feedback?